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Zinzino Group's Revenue Soars by 35% - A Testament to Global Growth Resilience


Benjamin Hughes

May 6, 2024 - 08:21 am


Zinzino Group Celebrates Remarkable 35% Surge in Revenue

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, May 6, 2024 (PRNewswire) – Zinzino, an esteemed player in the global wellness market, has just disclosed an impressive rise in its group revenue. The latest financial figures reveal that the Scandinavian-based company witnessed a substantial 35% increase compared with the fiscal data from the previous year.

This vibrant growth trajectory in April points to an uplift in Zinzino's sales markets by 34%, culminating in a SEK 155.7 million yield, a notable improvement from the SEK 116.0 million reported in the same month of the previous year. Similarly, Faun Pharma, which manages external sales for Zinzino, has also made great strides, marking a 54% hike and closing at SEK 8.0 million in comparison to last year’s SEK 5.2 million. Cumulatively, the group's progress signifies an impressive expansion with overall revenues up by 35% to SEK 163.7 million from SEK 121.2 million.

The robust growth is not a mere flash in the pan but a consistent pattern as the accumulated revenue from January to April 2024 also climbed by 20%, amounting to SEK 618.2 million versus SEK 514.9 million during the same period in the previous year.

A Deep Dive into Zinzino’s Financials

The financial revelation demonstrates that Zinzino had an exceptional performance, particularly in the following geographical regions:

Performance by Region:

  • The Nordics experienced a 15% increase, achieving SEK 24.7 million up from SEK 21.5 million the prior year. Though the year-to-date (YTD) figures slightly declined by 2%, standing at SEK 92.8 million from SEK 95.0 million.

  • Central Europe showcased remarkable growth of 53%, with revenues surging to SEK 44.9 million from SEK 29.3 million. The YTD growth also impressed with a robust 37% increase.

  • East Europe reported a modest 2% growth, registering SEK 31.1 million against the previous year's SEK 30.6 million, maintaining stability in this market with a slight YTD increase of 1%.

  • South & West Europe leaped ahead with a resounding 63% increase in revenue, totaling SEK 25.5 million as compared to SEK 15.6 million. This region also saw an outstanding YTD growth of 49%.

  • The Baltics saw a solid 16% rise in revenue while North America made an impressive entry with a skyrocketing increase of 159%, demonstrating the vast potential of the American markets for Zinzino’s products.

  • The Asia-Pacific region, despite a modest annual growth, encountered a YTD dip of 15%, indicating a need for strategic realignment in this diverse market to unleash its full potential.

  • Africa recorded a welcome 10% growth, albeit from a relatively smaller base, underlining the region's emerging potential in Zinzino's portfolio.

Global Outreach and Performance Metrics

Zinzino’s remarkable performance can be attributed to its robust presence across various continents:

  • The Nordics: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands.
  • Central Europe: Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
  • East Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.
  • South & West Europe: Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, and Turkey.
  • The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • North America: Canada, USA, and Mexico.
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
  • Africa: South Africa.

This geographical spread reinforces Zinzino’s strategic plan for diversified growth and resilience against regional market volatilities.

All eyes are set on Zinzino's next move, as stakeholders and market analysts alike anticipate how the trends will play out over the subsequent quarters. The firm, leveraging its expansive market reach and cutting-edge health products, seems poised for sustained growth and penetrating new demographics.

For additional insights into the company’s dynamics and strategic outlook, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Dag Bergheim Pettersen, CEO of Zinzino, who can be contacted at +47 (0) 932 25 700. More detailed information is available on Zinzino's official website at

Enhanced Media Resources and Stakeholder Engagement

Complementing the financial report, Zinzino provides a suite of multimedia assets to further enrich the comprehensiveness of the announcement. High-quality images suitable for publication have been made available and can be accessed free of charge. For media professionals and stakeholders interested in obtaining these resources for editorial purposes, requests can be directed to the following email address: [email protected]

Moreover, Zinzino upholds transparency and investor relations through its partnership with Carnegie Investment Bank AB, which acts as its Certified Adviser, ensuring compliance, due diligence, and systematic reporting in alignment with financial regulations and standards.

This pivotal financial information and accompanying resources have been disseminated by Cision, a trusted global provider of media platforms and news distribution services. Interested readers and investors can view the original Cision release at

Furthermore, the complete preliminary sales report for April 2024 is available for review at,c3973683.

For those who prefer to delve into the granular details of Zinzino's financial performance, the complete sales report can be downloaded in PDF format. The document intensively breaks down the figures, offering a clear picture of the company’s short-term and long-term trajectories. The report is accessible directly through the following link:

This document, titled "2404 Press release Salesreport EN," offers a succinct summary of the sales report, creating an indispensable resource for financial analysts, investors, and enthusiasts who track the company's market influence and financial health.

Conclusion: Rising Momentum Amid Global Challenges

In an era of economic uncertainty and volatile international markets, Zinzino stands out as a beacon of growth and stability. Its commendable revenue increase echoes the company’s operational excellence and the successful execution of its strategic initiatives. The diversified portfolio and geographical presence of Zinzino have not only hedged against risks but have also positioned the company to craft a narrative of enduring success.

The latest financial numbers are not just reflective of profit margins; they embody the trust that consumers and partners place in Zinzino. Such numbers articulate the untold stories of product satisfaction, innovation, and community impact which resonate with the core values of Zinzino.

Anticipation swells for the financial year ahead as Zinzino continues to ride the wave of accelerated growth, foster robust partnerships, and deliver exceptional value to its customers and shareholders alike. Observers remain poised to witness how Zinzino will maneuver through the rest of 2024, scaling new heights in a landscape ripe with opportunity and innovation.

To conclude, Zinzino’s trajectory serves as a case study for robust international business growth and resilience. The impressive financial results not only highlight Zinzino’s strong market presence but also reaffirm the company’s dedication to quality, consumer health, and sustainable business practices. As Zinzino continues to evolve and adapt to the changing global demands, it simultaneously upholds its commitment to excellence, ensuring it remains a key player in the global wellness industry for years to come.