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Xcite Automotive Appoints Andy McBride as Chief Commercial Officer to Propel Global Tech Leadership


Benjamin Hughes

May 10, 2024 - 12:49 pm


Xcite Automotive Ushers in New Era With Strategic Leadership Appointment

CHICAGO, May 10, 2024 - Xcite Automotive, a distinguished leader in the realm of automotive technology solutions, has proudly announced the latest enhancement to their executive team with the appointment of Andy McBride as Chief Commercial Officer. Andy McBride, a profoundly experienced figure in the automotive industry, brings with him over nearly two decades of proficient leadership garnered at HomeNet Automotive, a Cox Automotive brand.

This strategic appointment marks a significant milestone for Xcite Automotive as McBride is celebrated for his in-depth comprehension of the automotive market landscape. His expertise is poised to be a catalyst in propelling Xcite's growth, fostering pivotal partnerships, and driving the company's innovative technology platforms towards a global presence.

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Phil Penton, Xcite Automotive's CEO, shed light on the aspirations behind the induction of McBride, stating, "Andy's appointment demonstrates our unwavering dedication to pioneering in automotive technology." He further elaborated on the pivotal role McBride is expected to undertake by asserting, "His established track record in nurturing partnerships, complemented by his extensive industry acumen and foresight, will be indispensable as we escalate our global business ventures."

Andy McBride expressed his exhilaration about his new journey with Xcite Automotive, declaring, “I am excited to be part of Xcite Automotive's vibrant team." McBride went on to share, "The company’s emphasis on technologically advanced solutions like Automated Quality Assurance and Enterprise Inventory AI resonates with the evolving demands of the industry. I am eager to champion the adoption of Xcite's pioneering platforms, which are set to redefine operational practices across businesses."

Comprehensive Solutions for Dealerships and Manufacturers

Xcite Automotive doesn't merely concentrate on technology; it provides an all-encompassing array of services that encompass professional photography, videography, as well as vehicle reconditioning and preparation via ReconLogic. This expansive scope of services ensures vehicles present themselves as market-ready on multiple fronts, amalgamating high-caliber visual content with unmatched operational efficiency.

The integration of cutting-edge technology and such extensive services presents a unified, potent solution that simplifies the complete lifecycle of vehicles for dealers and OEMs. By doing so, both dealerships and manufacturing giants can amplify their profit margins and leverage the opportunities afforded by the ever-dynamic automotive market.

The Vanguard of Automotive Technology Services

Xcite Automotive stands as a paragon in automotive technology offerings, committed to fortifying enterprises within the automotive sector via customization and state-of-the-art platforms. Xcite's pivotal focus encompasses the simplification of inventory management, automation of compliance, and enhancement of customer experiences. These priority areas are chosen to decisively confront the most pressing obstacles within the industry.

The persistent thrust towards international expansion and the pursuit of tech-centric partnerships solidifies Xcite Automotive's status as a trailblazer at the vanguard of automotive innovation.

Pioneering Change Through Leadership and Innovation

Andy McBride - Chief Commercial Officer

Andy McBride's role as the new Chief Commercial Officer is expected to be a driving force in Xcite Automotive's growth trajectory. With a proven expertise in leveraging technology to optimize operations and drive market growth, McBride is poised to steer the company through the complex currents of the global automotive market.

Under McBride's direction, Xcite is anticipated to scale new heights by cultivating essential partnerships that underline the company's commitment to leading through innovation. These relationships will be pivotal in adapting Xcite's groundbreaking solutions to a range of market environments, subsequently facilitating an accelerated pace of growth and market penetration for the company's technological offerings.

Holistic Approach to Market Readiness

Equipped with a suite that extends beyond software platforms, Xcite Automotive is redefining what it means to be market-ready. The integration of services like professional photography, videography, and ReconLogic's top-tier reconditioning practices optimizes the visual and physical appeal of the inventory. As a result, dealerships and OEMs are provided with an unparalleled competitive edge. The synergy of these services ensures that vehicles are not merely operationally sound but also presented in a manner that captivates the consumer's eye.

Centered on Customer Experience

The customer sits at the heart of Xcite Automotive's mission. By emphasizing customer experience in its technology development, Xcite ensures that dealerships and OEMs equipped with their solutions can offer consumers seamless and memorable interactions. From browsing online listings to the final steps of purchase, the end-user benefits from a consistent and elevated experience, enabling Xcite's partners to foster loyalty and satisfaction among their clientele.

Invitation for Media Inquiries

Xcite Automotive invites media professionals to delve further into the company's vision and future plans through their provided contact. Media inquiries can be directed towards:

Randy Santellana (779) 292-4830 Email Randy Santellana

Understanding Xcite's Enterprise Technology Platforms

Xcite's Enterprise Technology Platforms stand at the core of its value proposition. These platforms include state-of-the-art features such as Automated Quality Assurance, which ensures that each vehicle meets the highest standards before it reaches the consumer, and Enterprise Inventory AI, which gives insights into inventory management that are both predictive and prescriptive. These technology solutions present a quantum leap in how dealers and OEMs manage their operations and inventory.

Global Expansion: A Strategic Movement

Xcite's intentions for global expansion reflect a strategic decision to engage with the ever-globalizing marketplace. By establishing a presence in key international markets, Xcite is set to not only extend the reach of its technology solutions but also to cultivate a deeper understanding of regional market dynamics. This global perspective enables Xcite to tailor its offerings in a way that resonates with diverse customer needs across the world.

Moving Forward with McBride's Vision

Andy McBride's vision for Xcite Automotive integrates a forward-thinking approach to the automotive world. His ambition is to see Xcite not just as a provider of technology solutions but as a partner that understands the holistic journey of a vehicle from manufacturing floor to consumer hands. With this comprehensive view, Xcite is working to create systems that encapsulate every aspect of the vehicle lifecycle – a vision realized under McBride's stewardship.

A Future-Focused Automotive Pioneer

As the automotive industry continues its rapid evolution towards electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and enhanced connectivity, Xcite stands ready with solutions that anticipate these shifts. McBride's appointment and Xcite's robust suite of services are a testament to a future-focused approach that aims to prepare the automotive industry for the forthcoming advancements that will define the next generation of transportation.

Navigating a Dynamic Industry

The automotive industry is characterized by its dynamic nature, with consumer preferences, environmental regulations, and technological advancements constantly reshaping the landscape. Xcite Automotive's offerings are strategically designed to provide agility and adaptability to businesses, enabling them to navigate these shifts with confidence and strategic foresight.

An Invitation to Maximize Profitability

For dealers and OEMs looking to enhance their market position, Xcite Automotive extends an invitation to collaborate. By partnering with Xcite, businesses can maximize their profitability through a combination of innovative technology platforms and comprehensive services. Xcite's solutions are crafted to deliver operational excellence and high-quality customer engagements – fundamental aspects that contribute to business success and higher returns.

Fostered Success Through Partnerships

The underlying strength of Xcite Automotive is its dedication to fostering long-term success through partnerships. Whether it's through collaborating with dealerships to refine customer experiences or enabling OEMs to maintain a competitive edge, Xcite's adaptive technology platforms are the groundwork for building and nurturing these relationships.

Conclusion: A New Chapter

The appointment of Andy McBride as Xcite Automotive's Chief Commercial Officer starts a new chapter for the company, characterized by innovation, global expansion, and an unwavering commitment to technology-driven solutions. Xcite's concerted effort to push the boundaries of automotive technology sets the stage for transformative changes in the industry, driving efficiency and empowering customers worldwide.

Under the leadership of Andy McBride and the strategic direction of Phil Penton, Xcite Automotive is well-positioned to make a remarkable impact on the world of automotive services and technology. As the industry evolves, Xcite's persistent pursuit of excellence and innovation ensures it remains at the forefront, shaping the future of automotive technology and services.


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