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wheelhouse dmg revolutionizes healthcare digital marketing with high impact new executive 23


Wheelhouse DMG Revolutionizes Healthcare Digital Marketing with High-Impact New Executive


Lauren Miller

April 8, 2024 - 14:24 pm


Wheelhouse DMG Bolsters Its Digital Marketing Domination for Healthcare Clients with Strategic New Hire

SEATTLE, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a pivotal development that further cements its status as a pioneering force in digital marketing, Wheelhouse DMG revealed the latest expansion of its executive team with the induction of Laura Chase. Chase has embraced the role of Senior MarTech Strategist, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that promises to infuse fresh vigor into the company's healthcare sector initiatives.

Laura Chase, an visionary figure noted for her foray into privacy-first data strategies, transitions into this strategic role following her tenure as Senior Director of Web Analytics & Insights at Providence. The impressive trajectory of her career has seen her through an array of pivotal positions at vanguard companies in the realms of enterprise analytics and technology. Her resume flourishes with roles as Head of Website Testing & Analytics at Amazon Web Services, Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization at T-Mobile, and Director of Analytics at Furthermore, she has strategized at the highest echelons as the SVP & Global Analytics Best Practices Leader for Citi, supplemented by an insightful tenure of five years as a Senior Consultant with Adobe.

A Testament to Wheelhouse DMG's Commitment to Excellence in Healthcare Marketing

There is much to be gleaned from her vast array of experiences, furnishing her with a multifaceted understanding and an unparalleled acumen in data strategy, MarTech, web analytics, and business intelligence. This insightful background stands to propel the marketing strategies for healthcare clients navigating the complexities of a stringently regulated industry.

"We are truly gratified that Laura has chosen to join our ranks," articulated Aaron Burnett, CEO of Wheelhouse DMG. He extolled her profound grasp of the digital healthcare ecosystem and her innovative prowess that adeptly bridges the chasm between stringent privacy regulations, the critical needs of enterprises, and the purview of technical feasibility.

Chase reciprocated the sentiment, lauding Wheelhouse DMG for its perceptive understanding of healthcare analytics and MarTech intricacies. "The milestones Wheelhouse DMG has attained in HIPAA-compliant data strategy are quite remarkable," she acknowledged. "The prospect of not only joining but also furthering the accomplishments of such a forward-thinking team fills me with anticipation and excitement."

A Decade of Success and a Vision Forward

Wheelhouse DMG stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the arena of digital marketing, nestled within the tech-savvy environs of Seattle, WA. The agency uniquely combines a profound grasp of healthcare marketing, cutting-edge purpose-built technology, and an inventive flair that has been instrumental in fostering the success of some of the world's most groundbreaking healthcare and medical device brands. Spanning over a decade of service, Wheelhouse's unparalleled approach has consistently steered clients through their most daunting digital challenges, propelling them to the pinnacle of success.

Their secret to thriving in an ever-evolving landscape lies not only in solving digital marketing puzzles but also in their deep-seated healthcare marketing know-how that is seamlessly integrated with their ingenious technological solutions. The collective talent and creativity fueling Wheelhouse DMG continue to act as the guiding force behind brands that aspire to excel within the digital space.

The Wheelhouse DMG Philosophy: Where Strategy Meets Innovation

Underpinning the success of Wheelhouse DMG is their unwavering dedication to understanding the intricacies of digital marketing within the healthcare industry. Indeed, the integration of Laura Chase into the leadership fabric of Wheelhouse DMG promises to augment this dedication. Her past endeavors portray a resume studded with transformative roles, where each position has contributed significantly to her comprehensive viewpoint on data manipulation and strategic marketing technologies.

At the heart of Laura Chase's expertise lies her passion for extricating viable solutions within the confines of data privacy—a challenge that the healthcare industry continues to grapple with. Her previous undertakings illustrate a clear trajectory of combating such challenges through shrewd analytical skills and insightful strategies that ensure the sanctity of user data while fostering growth and innovation.

Burnett has openly expressed his confidence in Chase's capabilities to heighten Wheelhouse DMG's prowess in navigating the multifaceted digital healthcare landscape. He envisions her role as catalytic, enhancing the agency’s ability to dissect and understand the unique needs of healthcare clients while ensuring adherence to privacy protocols. Her history of driving analytics and technology initiatives forward at renowned enterprises provides a glimpse into the strategic depth she will bring to the table.

Harnessing Innovations in MarTech and Web Analytics for Healthcare Brands

Chase's tenure at Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile, and involved pioneering web analytics systems and optimization protocols that have deeply influenced her approach to data strategy. Being at the forefront of the evolution of MarTech and the internet's analytics landscape, she has developed a keen eye for trends that herald significant transformations in the way healthcare brands engage with their audiences. This insight is invaluable in an industry where brands must not only attract but also maintain trust with their consumer base.

Leveraging her background in navigating enterprise challenges—especially within the tightly knit framework of privacy laws and regulations—Chase stands poised to fortify the digital marketing endeavors of Wheelhouse DMG. As they ascend through collaborative efforts, Wheelhouse is set to not just keep pace with, but also set new benchmarks in an industry under constant pressure from regulatory scrutiny and market demands.

A fundamental aspect of Chase’s professional ethos has been her involvement with Citi as the Global Analytics Best Practices Leader. Here, she honed an acute awareness of global market dynamics and forged methodologies that could transmute voluminous data into concise, actionable insights, a quality that is profoundly critical in the analysis-heavy domain of digital healthcare marketing. This expertise is poised to enhance the strategic insights that Wheelhouse DMG can offer its healthcare clients.

The Path Ahead for Wheelhouse DMG and the Impact of Strategic Data

The arrival of Laura Chase at Wheelhouse DMG heralds a period of invigorated strategic growth that could redefine the scope of healthcare digital marketing. Her extensive experience in honing privacy-first data strategies and deep dives into web analytics align with the cutting-edge principles that Wheelhouse DMG has upheld since its inception. Chase's perspective is anticipated to be a driving force in championing advanced analytics and MarTech strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of healthcare businesses.

For Wheelhouse DMG, a company that prides itself on solving complex digital challenges, the imperative has always been to provide solutions that not only address current market needs but also preempt future trends. This forward-looking vision ensures that healthcare brands are equipped with the strategic tools necessary to flourish in the digital age.

Chase's approach to the confluence of privacy concerns, enterprise requirements, and the practical application of technology becomes crucial in helping Wheelhouse DMG advance its mission. Her perspective on data-driven decision-making will amplify the company’s initiatives to craft HIPAA-compliant data strategies that bolster clients' performance amidst stringent regulations.

Celebrating a Legacy and Anticipating Growth with the New Strategic Vision

As Wheelhouse DMG welcomes Laura Chase into their fold, it is more than just the sum of her past contributions that they celebrate—it is the promise of continued excellence and innovation she embodies. Chase's joining of Wheelhouse DMG marks a bridging of the agency's esteemed legacy with a reinvigorated strategy for the future. Her depth of knowledge and versatile experience are anticipated to synergize perfectly with Wheelhouse's existing framework of healthcare marketing.

Her passion for analytics and demonstrable success in consulting roles, particularly with Adobe, further underscores her ability to dissect complex problems and devise strategic solutions that resonate with clients. Wheelhouse DMG's commitment to driving value through strategic marketing endeavors has become visibly strengthened with Chase's arrival, setting the stage for new benchmarks in healthcare marketing.

In conclusion, the blend of Wheelhouse DMG's decade-long expertise with Laura Chase's strategic depth heralds a new chapter in the realm of healthcare digital marketing. With such a powerhouse guiding the helm of data strategies and MarTech integration, there is a palpable anticipation of the innovative strides Wheelhouse DMG is bound to make in the healthcare industry.

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As we witness this appointment, there stands a robust opportunity for healthcare brands to benefit from the augmented proficiency that Laura Chase infuses into Wheelhouse DMG's already dynamic marketing apparatus. The Seattle-based digital marketing powerhouse continues its ascent with this strategic positioning, poised to redefine the standards of healthcare marketing with principled, innovative, and data-driven solutions.

With Laura Chase now part of the strategic vanguard, Wheelhouse DMG is set to navigate the complex seas of digital healthcare marketing with more agility and foresight than ever. The agency remains steadfast in its mission to deliver exceptional business value and to turn challenging digital obstacles into opportunities for growth for healthcare brands worldwide.