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voopoo wins big with drag s2 at vapexpo 2024 a triumph of innovation 23


VOOPOO Wins Big with DRAG S2 at VAPEXPO 2024 - A Triumph of Innovation


Lauren Miller

March 30, 2024 - 12:16 pm


VOOPOO Triumphs at VAPEXPO 2024 with Award-Winning DRAG S2

In a grand showcase of innovation and excellence, VOOPOO, a globally recognized leader in the vaping market, garnered top honors with its distinguished DRAG S2 device at VAPEXPO 2024. The event, which drew to a close on March 25th, provided the ideal setting for VOOPOO to present their cutting-edge products and network with vaping aficionados from across the globe.

Celebrating Innovation in Paris

PARIS, March 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The vaping universe congregated in Paris to witness an array of breakthrough products and the latest technology in nicotine delivery systems. VOOPOO's impressive display culminated in them achieving the prestigious Best Box Award, further solidifying their status as a vanguard of the vaping industry.

VOOPOO Wins Best Box at VAPEXPO France for DRAG S2

A Showcase of Leading Innovations

Beyond the triumph of the DRAG S2, VOOPOO presented a multitude of pioneering solutions that captivated the audience. The company's first vape that doubles as a powerbank, the DORIC Galaxy, made its debut to considerable interest from the crowd. Moreover, the ARGUS Pod Family and ARGUS PRO, along with other high-caliber products, garnered focused attention from event-goers and stalwarts of the industry.

Engaging Interactions and Exclusive Rewards

Adding to the thrill and fervor of VAPEXPO 2024, VOOPOO launched an exhilarating interactive spinning game. This captivating attraction offered enthusiasts the chance to snag exclusive gifts from VOOPOO. The game's popularity soared as participants lined up to spin the wheel, each hoping to secure one of the coveted special gifts offered by the brand.

VOOPOO: A Beacon of Vaping Excellence

VOOPOO’s notable achievements at VAPEXPO 2024 underscore their unwavering dedication to spearheading innovation within the vaping realm. The brand's relentless commitment to enhancing the user experience has propelled them to considerable heights in popularity not only among vaping connoisseurs but also within the insider circle of the industry. The vaping community eagerly anticipates VOOPOO's next appearance on the international stage, expecting to be enthralled once more by their revolutionary contributions.

For a visual glimpse into VOOPOO's win, the following link to their award-winning DRAG S2 photo is provided:

VOOPOO Wins Best Box at VAPEXPO France for DRAG S2


As the curtains fell on VAPEXPO 2024, the event not only showcased innovative technologies but also provided an insightful platform for vaping enthusiasts to connect. VOOPOO, with its latest accolades and remarkable industry presence, has once again demonstrated that it is at the forefront of delivering high-quality, innovative vaping products and experiences. Their success is a testament to their ability to continuously evolve and serve the rapidly changing needs and desires of the global vaping community.

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