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Voler Strategic Advisors Bolsters Leadership With Alexandra Céspedes Kent as Marketing Maven


Michael Chen

May 8, 2024 - 15:58 pm


Voler Strategic Advisors Appoints Alexandra Céspedes Kent as New Communications & Marketing Director

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an ambitious move to fortify its executive team, Voler Strategic Advisors (VSA), a distinguished communications consultancy based in California, has announced the election of Alexandra Céspedes Kent to the freshly minted position of Communications & Marketing Director.

A New Chapter in Leadership

With unparalleled expertise in cause marketing and a storied involvement in executive storytelling initiatives, Céspedes Kent steps into her new role with a prestigious background. She is recognized for her decades of service as a trusted adviser for CEOs, boards, and public leaders, reflecting her far-reaching influence across the sphere of Bay Area nonprofits. In the past, she has notably functioned as a chief fundraising and communications officer, building a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Perla Rodríguez, CEO of Voler Strategic Advisors, remarked on the appointment, "Alexandra brings a forward-thinking approach to cause marketing, coupled with extensive experience as a reliable counselor to key figures in leadership across various sectors. Her incorporation into our team marks a renewed dedication to amplify our client services and broaden our scope, especially towards our public sector and nonprofit clientele."

Excellence in Strategic Communications Embodied

Voler Strategic Advisors, at a juncture of considerable growth and client demand, especially for its award-winning video productions, has strategically placed Céspedes Kent at the helm of its creative narratives. She is anticipated to manage an array of client-dedicated storytelling projects along with a spectrum of marketing campaigns, including captivating social media engagements, videos, curated written content, and additional innovative collateral.

The Purpose Prize - A Legacy of Influence

Previously, Céspedes Kent played a pivotal role in The Purpose Prize initiative. This noteworthy $17 million storytelling enterprise reenvisioned the American perspective on aging. Through her direction, the initiative offered $100,000 prizes yearly to senior social innovators, with national recognition akin to a "Genius Prize" for the elderly. Notably, both NPR and the Wall Street Journal lauded the initiative for altering the country's dialogue surrounding aging.

Activating Change for Youth and Immigrants

Beyond her involvement with The Purpose Prize, her leadership extended to the development and communications sectors of nonprofits focusing on youth and immigration concerns. At the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, she spearheaded the doubling of the center's financial capacity. Her fundraising efforts also materialized in a $2.5 million preschool construction endeavor. Amidst the global pandemic, she launched potent social media campaigns that triumphantly garnered $400,000 in direct relief for immigrant families in need.

Céspedes Kent, an esteemed alumna of Amherst College, expressed her excitement about her new endeavors, stating, "Joining Voler's bilingual and multicultural team of communicators and strategists is an invigorating prospect. I look forward to elevating our clients to unparalleled levels of success."

Perla Rodríguez anticipates that this strategic addition to their team will allow her to focus more intently on growing the company, while simultaneously maintaining a strong commitment to providing in-depth support to their clients.

About Voler Strategic Advisors

Voler Strategic Advisors stands as a preeminent full-service communications firm. It prides itself on providing a wide array of services, including sophisticated public relations, adept crisis management, and visionary strategic solutions engineered to empower organizations of all types. The company's bedrock belief—that effective communication is the cornerstone of success—drives it to execute client-centric strategies fostering beneficial outcomes for the multi-faceted communities it serves.

For additional information on Voler Strategic Advisors and their services, please visit: Voler Strategic Advisors.

Transforming Communication Strategies Across Industries

The collective capabilities of Voler Strategic Advisors have positioned the company as a beacon of progression within the communications industry. Their services encompass a broad spectrum of strategic interests such as strategic communications planning, stakeholder engagement, branding, and digital influence campaigns. At the foundation of these services lies a commitment to tailoring unique, effective solutions that reflect the specific goals and challenges of each client they champion.

The company's expertise extends well beyond mere message development; it entails comprehensive management of a client's public persona, including responses to crises and unforeseen challenges. Their adept maneuvering in such scenarios has time and again solidified brand reputations and managed to turn potential adversities into opportunities for client growth and increased public trust.

Fostering Positive Social Impact Through Communication

The ethos of Voler Strategic Advisors centers around the impact that well-crafted communications can engender within communities and amongst stakeholders. By promoting transparency, dialogue, and understanding, they've repeatedly showcased their ability to guide clients through complex socio-political landscapes. The firm's unique approach marries cultural sensitivity with industry acumen, ensuring that messages resonate with diverse audiences while upholding the integrity and goals of the organizations they represent.

Their commitment to forging connections through storytelling and cause-related marketing endeavors, such as those previously led by Céspedes Kent, echoes the shared human experiences that can unify disparate groups. Through thought-provoking narratives, VSA has successfully amplified the voices of nonprofits, businesses, and government entities alike, translating their missions into the collective consciousness of the public sphere.

Nurturing Leadership for Scalable Impact

The induction of Alexandra Céspedes Kent into a strategic leadership role is an expression of Voler Strategic Advisors' foresight in investing in their executive infrastructure. This move is anticipated to forge pathways for amplified creativity in their offerings and augmented efficiency in client relations and project execution. Given Céspedes Kent's martialled experience with nonprofit sectors and her passion for utilizing communication as a tool for societal betterment, this collaboration is poised for significant contributions to the communication industry at large.

Rodríguez's strategic recalibration of her focus towards company expansion endeavors underscores a leadership style that is both innovative and thoughtfully attuned to the organization's ongoing journey. It speaks to an expectant future in which Voler Strategic Advisors continues to evolve and adapt, embodying the dynamism reflective of the ever-changing communications landscape.

Elevating Client Success Through Integrated Strategies

Voler Strategic Advisors’ philosophy revolves around the belief that an integrated approach melding various communication disciplines can yield powerful outcomes. Their expertise in melding traditional public relations with digital innovation creates an alchemy that is particularly potent in the modern media environment. Clients benefit from this holistic approach, enjoying bespoke strategies that are deftly crafted to make use of each medium's specific advantages.

Whether it's shaping narratives in the press, crafting meaningful content for digital platforms, orchestrating community outreach programs, or implementing crisis management protocols, VSA's proficiency in converting communication into tangible success is well-documented. Their capacity to navigate the intricacies of media relations, public opinion, and policy development stands as a testament to their role as architects of influence within the communication domain.

Through a thorough understanding of the forces that shape public discourse, alongside an ability to discern and harness those dynamics, VSA consistently delivers strategies that empower their clients' voices. Their tactics don't merely broadcast messages; they resonate and engage, fostering an environment where dialogue leads to progress and successful outcomes.

Navigating a World Connected by Stories

The universal language of storytelling remains a foundational aspect of VSA's methodology. By cultivating compelling narratives that speak to the values and aspirations of a brand or organization, they effectively connect with target audiences on a profound level. It's through these emotionally resonant stories that clients find their messages breaking through the noise, capturing the attention, and inspiring the hearts of their audiences.

Ultimately, the role of communicators and strategists, as exemplified by the seasoned experts at Voler Strategic Advisors, is to bridge gaps—not only between organizations and their publics but also between visions and realities. With thought leaders like Alexandra Céspedes Kent at the wheel, VSA sets sail towards a horizon filled with promise, purpose, and the potential for meaningful impact through the art of communication.


As Voler Strategic Advisors celebrates the arrival of Alexandra Céspedes Kent and looks to its future, it does so with the confidence of a company sure in its mission and unrivaled in its expertise. With a clear strategy and a renewed leadership team, VSA is poised to continue its tradition of excellence in providing creative, impactful communications solutions that resonate across diverse landscapes and help shape the narratives of tomorrow.

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