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Virgin Atlantic Skyrockets Indian Connectivity with Additional Daily Flights


Lauren Miller

April 3, 2024 - 18:56 pm


Virgin Atlantic Expands Its Wings Over India with Enhanced Flight Services

ATLANTA, April 3, 2024 – In a significant expansion of its Indian network, Virgin Atlantic announces the launch of its second daily direct flight service from London Heathrow to Mumbai starting in October 2024. This move underscores the airline's strategy to strengthen its presence in one of its most important markets - India - following the UK and the US.

Virgin Atlantic: Commitment to Connect

The introduction of the second daily flight to Mumbai bolsters Virgin Atlantic’s dedication to India, where it already operates services to Delhi and Mumbai, along with the recently inaugurated flights to Bengaluru. The enhancement will now see the airline operating five daily flights to India, emphasizing its commitment to one of its fastest-growing markets.

In line with their growth ambitions, Virgin Atlantic has initiated a second daily non-stop service, commencing from London Heathrow that will cater to both passenger and cargo operations. This strategic move is aimed at delivering substantial connectivity and uninterrupted long-haul travel comforts to US-based customers flying to India.

Not only does the new service supplement the existing Virgin Atlantic routes to Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, but it also furnishes a convenient travel option for those venturing to the startup capital of India, Bengaluru. The direct flights provide seamless connection times, typically ranging from one to two hours, making it particularly suitable for business travelers and tourists seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant life of India's third most populous city.

A Synergistic Codeshare Partnership

In collaboration with IndiGo, India's leading airline, Virgin Atlantic has established a codeshare agreement offering 36 additional connections from major Indian hubs, creating an expansive travel network. This partnership has proven fruitful in connecting over 80,000 customers to a wide array of Indian locales including Ahmedabad, Goa, and Hyderabad, allowing travelers to book under a single itinerary for hassle-free transfers across multiple destinations.

The Sky's the Limit: Elevating Capacity and Cargo

By 2025, the British airline plans to supply the Indian market with over one million seats, signifying a staggering 350% growth in capacity since 2019. This positions India as a strategic market for its business and highlights it as the largest area of development outside the United States. The surge in services not only offers an array of choices to customers but also gives a substantial impetus to cargo operations. Virgin Atlantic Cargo is expected to transport an additional 25,000 tons of cargo annually, comprising goods from the fashion, pharmaceutical, and technology industries. Thanks to the five daily services, the cargo division will provide an overwhelming 42.1 million kg of cargo space to and from India, marking a 336% boost in capacity from what was available in 2019.

Premium Experience: From Take-off to Landing

The upcoming second daily Mumbai flight will commence on October 27, 2024, and ticket sales will begin on April 6 of the same year. Operated by the modern Airbus A350-1000, Virgin Atlantic flaunts a luxurious travel experience divided across categories such as Upper Class, Premium, and Economy Delight, Classic, and Light cabins. The service will also feature the airline’s trademark Upper Class social space, promoting interactions and a sense of community among the passengers. Additionally, the airline assures smooth connections and a premium long-haul journey for customers using major US gateways like San Francisco, New York JFK, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles, in association with Delta Air Lines, their transatlantic joint venture partner.

Broadening Horizons: The US-India Connection

Virgin Atlantic's enhanced flight schedule not only connects US travelers directly to three prominent Indian cities but through its strategic alliance with IndiGo, renders onward journeys to 36 more destinations across the subcontinent. Ease and efficiency are central to this endeavor, with US cities like San Francisco and Seattle becoming prime launch pads for tech professionals and entrepreneurs flying to India.

Celebrating a Milestone: Virgin Atlantic's 25 Years in India

Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Atlantic, expresses enthusiasm over the potential growth in the Indian travel sector. With India's economy burgeoning at a dynamic pace, he foresees a soaring demand for international travel in the region.

Upgraded Scheduling: A New Chapter for Mumbai Services

The airline is set to elevate its Mumbai services with the advent of flight number VS358 on October 27, 2024, signifying a crucial milestone in its history. A state-of-the-art Airbus A350-1000 will operate the route, departing London Heathrow at 11:15 and arriving in Mumbai the following day at 01:55*. Return flights will commence on October 28, 2024, with flight number VS359 leaving Mumbai at 04:10 and landing back in London at 08:55.

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Maintaining the Momentum: Existing India Schedules

Virgin Atlantic maintains a robust flight schedule beyond the newly added Mumbai services. With a diverse array of flight timings and consistent utilization of efficient Boeing 787-9 aircraft, the airline ensures a smooth and pleasing journey for patrons traveling to and from Indian metropolises.

Bridging Continents: US to India Connection Times at a Glance

The integration of US gateways with Indian destinations via London Heathrow offers an array of connection timings to best suit travelers’ diverse itineraries. Whether it is business or leisure, the coordinated timings render intercontinental air travel a synchronized and time-efficient experience.

For More Information

For further queries, Virgin Atlantic has made detailed information readily accessible. Reporters and interested parties may contact their press office or peruse their website ( for comprehensive insights into their operations, milestones, and contact details.

Virgin Atlantic: The Epitome of British Elegance in Air Travel

Established in 1984 by the visionary Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic has been synonymous with innovative services and exceptional customer care. Based in London, the airline boasts a significant workforce and operates flights to a multitude of destinations across the globe. Voted as Britain's lone Global Five Star Airline for seven consecutive years, it is demonstrative of the airline's service excellence.

A Transatlantic Titan: Virgin Atlantic and the Delta Air Lines Joint Venture

In collaboration with its shareholder and joint venture partner, Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic presents a formidable transatlantic network. The expansive and strategically designed network facilitates optimal flight schedules, competitive fares, and rewarding frequent flyer benefits, hence providing an impeccable service suite.


As a newly inducted member of the SkyTeam Alliance in March 2023, Virgin Atlantic broadens the alliance's extensive transatlantic service offerings. Entry into this prestigious alliance as the sole representative from the UK marks a commendable achievement for Virgin Atlantic and spells enhanced connectivity for travelers using major hubs like Heathrow and Manchester Airport.


Pioneering Sustainable Aviation

Virgin Atlantic, a leader in sustainable aviation practices for over 15 years, remains dedicated to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Ecological stewardship is deeply ingrained within the airline, visible through initiatives such as operating a youthful and eco-friendly fleet, and spearheading the commercial adoption of 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel ahead of the 2030 milestone.


The Future of Air Travel with Virgin Atlantic

By integrating the newest Airbus A330-900neos into its fleet and eyeing a transition to exclusively next-generation aircraft by 2028, Virgin Atlantic remains at the vanguard of the aviation industry. This strategic foresight exemplifies the airline’s mission to redefine air travel, making it more sustainable, luxurious, and accessible across continents.


Bridging the Global Business and Tourism Communities

The relentless pursuit of excellence and expansion by Virgin Atlantic serves as a testament to its commitment to fulfilling the evolving travel needs of global businesses and tourists. With strategic partnerships, comprehensive networks, sustainable innovations, and customer-centric services, the airline continues to soar high, connecting the world one flight at a time.


In essence, Virgin Atlantic is gearing up to reinforce its presence in the Indian market and expand its international connectivity. As it turns the page on a new chapter with the launch of additional flights, the carrier remains poised to deliver unparalleled travel experiences, fostering connections, and creating opportunities for both business and leisure travelers across the globe.


With the additional capacity, improved cargo operations, and ongoing commitment to sustainability, Virgin Atlantic sets an industry benchmark in terms of growth, innovation, and customer experience. Looking towards the future, the airline's reinforcing of its Indian routes not only celebrates its long-standing affinity with the destination but also anticipates the new horizons that await in the world of aviation.


As Virgin Atlantic broadens its horizon over India with boosted flight services, the airline promises enhanced connectivity and an enriching travel experience, benefiting passengers and commerce alike. Its renewed emphasis on the Indian aviation market reaffirms the country’s significance and the airline's growth trajectory in the international arena.


In the spirit of connectivity and customer dedication, Virgin Atlantic continues to champion convenient transit, superior in-flight experiences, and a widespread network. As the airline marks a quarter-century legacy of flight services to India, it is all set to fly higher than ever before, connecting dreams, opportunities, and destinations with the world.