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vaporesso spearheads vaping innovation with strategic expansion in europe 23


VAPORESSO Spearheads Vaping Innovation with Strategic Expansion in Europe


Lauren Miller

March 31, 2024 - 12:21 pm


VAPORESSO Embarks on a Strategic Evolution Driving Innovation in the European Vaping Industry

Expanding Product Categories to Meet Evolving Consumer Demands

PARIS, March 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- VAPORESSO, a renowned player in the global vaping landscape, has recently unveiled a comprehensive strategic upgrade at the European VAPORESSO Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference held in Paris, France on March 24. At the heart of this ambitious upgrade is the expansion of the brand's product categories, aiming to satisfy a broad array of consumer needs. In an industry driven by personal preference and diverse requirements, VAPORESSO is pushing the envelope by offering a carefully curated selection of products, each designed to cater to specific vaping experiences and preferences.

This strategic shift is not only about expanding product lines but also about knitting a rich tapestry of services to create a coherent and seamless experience for consumers across Europe. The company's focused attention on localization further reinforces its commitment to the European market, with a new branch set to be established in Europe. This enhanced local operation is a testament to VAPORESSO's promise of delivering quality, variety, and service excellence to consumers.

VAPORESSO Unveils Upgrade at Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference

Nurturing a High-Quality Vaping Experience Since 2015

Since its inception in 2015, VAPORESSO has been at the forefront of innovation within the open-system vaping sector, lending high-quality vaping experiences to consumers around the world. The company's vigilant approach to consumer trends, coupled with a steadfast commitment to addressing their evolving needs, forms the foundation of VAPORESSO's strategic upgrade. Setting its sights on going above and beyond, VAPORESSO assures the delivery of superior products and unparalleled service that align with its core philosophy.

Central to the innovation in product development is the realm of e-liquid, which stands as a pillar of category innovation and device advancement. Recognizing its vital role in shaping consumer tastes and preferences, VAPORESSO is broadening its horizons by stepping into the e-liquid space. Under the brand DELICIU, VAPORESSO aims to provide consumers with an unmatched taste experience. DELICIU, flourishing under the VAPORESSO umbrella, is well-positioned as a leading global e-liquid service brand, with a laser focus on authenticity and quality. Only the finest raw materials and the highest manufacturing standards are utilized to replicate original flavors, ensuring compatibility across an array of vaping devices.

This comprehensive ecosystem is VAPORESSO's strategic move to extend its dominance across various categories, all the while continuing to enhance service quality, pursue new product innovations, and offer a widening collection of top-tier vaping products to its customer base.

VAPORESSO at Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference

Establishing a New European Branch - The Heart of VAPORESSO's Regional Operations

As VAPORESSO continues its relentless pursuit of excellence, a strategic development is unfolding with the establishment of a European branch. This branch is slated to function as the beating heart of VAPORESSO's operations in the continent, housing the core strategies for market development. Embracing the concept of localization, the company's European arm will work synergistically with the Shenzhen headquarters. This concerted endeavor will bolster support for partners, thereby playing a pivotal role in their success.

The newly established branch will cater to the market by setting up three specialized centers. These include the European Flavor and Sensory Research Center, the European Product Design Center, and the European Marketing Center. Each of these facilities will be focused on various aspects crucial to growth, such as taste preferences, product standards, and marketing tactics, adding to the brand's comprehensive efforts to deepen its roots in the European market and deliver products that resonate with consumer predilections.

Harmonious Advancement in the European Vaping Scene

VAPORESSO's fresh strategic plan symbolizes a bold leap in exploring the abundant possibilities within the vaping sector. This plan lays the groundwork for establishing an extensive service ecosystem and finesses the brand’s localization tactics in Europe. Eager to collaborate, VAPORESSO gears up to champion a new wave of business partnerships, sharing insights, and leveraging market opportunities alongside its partners.

The firm’s commitment to the vaping industry's sustainable growth in Europe begins with its supply chain, promising steadfast delivery of high-quality products to maintain trust and standardization. In tandem, VAPORESSO plots to connect with various partners to concoct new avenues for collaboration, thus fortifying industry-wide solidarity. Further, it envisions empowering retail stores, elevating the shopping experience to new heights, and nurturing the prosperity of its retail associates. By zeroing in on the local European needs and constructing a robust service ecosystem, VAPORESSO casts itself as an active participant in the thriving European vaping market.

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