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VanTrust's Historic Milestone: Reimagining The Salt Lake Lumber Building for Modern Business


Michael Chen

May 9, 2024 - 22:47 pm


Revitalizing History: VanTrust's Impressive Plan for The Salt Lake Lumber Building

VanTrust Real Estate, a company renowned for its pioneering developments, has recently completed a transaction that is set to leave a significant imprint on Salt Lake City's architectural heritage. The firm has proudly taken ownership of the iconic Salt Lake Lumber Building, a structure that encapsulates the historical essence of downtown Salt Lake City.

"We are thrilled to have made this investment in downtown Salt Lake City," remarked Chris McCluskey, VanTrust's Executive Vice President of Development for Salt Lake City. He further conveyed the importance of the building, emphasizing the rare opportunity to rejuvenate a building of such historic significance and adapt it to the modern demands of contemporary office spaces for the dynamic Utah business landscape.

The Salt Lake Lumber Building, which stands three stories tall and spans over 26,997 square feet of brickwork, has stood at 205 North 400 West since its construction in 1909. This impressive structure boasts a rich array of architectural features including exposed timber, brickwork, and stone walls, maple flooring, a wood staircase, and exposed wood ceilings. Its windows are framed by stunning brick arches, resonant of the building's initial purpose and period.

Chris McCluskey expressed profound enthusiasm about the building's intrinsic value. "The Salt Lake Lumber Building has history, authenticity, and an amazing story," he said. He shared his vision where thoughtful contemporary design elements will merge seamlessly with the building's historical features. This combination, he expounds, will create a workspace that not only inspires originality and industriousness but is simultaneously a pleasure to work in.

The historical edifice was originally commissioned as the Morrison-Merrill Lumber Company Office, a pivotal establishment in Utah's lumber industry. It marked the inauguration of Morrison-Merrill's substantial expansion in both the physical and economic spectrums, cementing its status as a major regional provider of wood products.

"We love the story behind this building and what it meant to the Morrison-Merrill Lumber Company," expressed VanTrust President Dave Harrison. He articulated the added layer of prestige VanTrust experiences by incorporating this monument into its legacy. As the corporation's new regional headquarters, the Salt Lake Lumber Building is set to underscore VanTrust's commitment to the Salt Lake City area. The company's development philosophy, 'developing with a difference,' aims to preserve and enhance the city's rich architectural and historical texture while simultaneously fueling downtown's economic vitality and expansion.

The extensive development plan includes a thorough demolition and interior overhaul scheduled to commence this summer. The aim is for the refurbished building to be fully operational and open for business occupancy by early 2025, transforming it into a nexus of professional activity that merges the past with the present.

VanTrust Real Estate, headquartered in Kansas City, has swiftly risen to prominence since its inception in 2010 and is now recognized as one of the nation's preeminent privately-held commercial real estate enterprises. The organization specializes in a variety of development areas, including office complexes, industrial sites, multifamily housing, science and technology centers, as well as mixed-use projects.

VanTrust's significant accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. It was recently honored with the prestigious title of NAIOP's 2023 Developer of the Year. This endorsement highlights the company's continued contribution to the real estate industry and its commitment to excellence. To date, VanTrust has successfully developed properties exceeding $6.8 billion in value across the nation, demonstrating its extensive capability and influence as a developer.

The company's operations extend far beyond its Kansas City base, with regional offices strategically located in Columbus, Dallas, Phoenix, Jacksonville, and now, Salt Lake City. These branches facilitate VanTrust's capacity to implement its distinctive brand of development across various markets, adapting to regional needs while maintaining a commitment to innovation and quality.

For those interested in learning more about VanTrust Real Estate and its projects, the company offers an extensive digital presence. Their website,, provides an informative portal for all stakeholders seeking insight into VanTrust's philosophy, portfolio, and upcoming projects.

In conclusion, the acquisition of the Salt Lake Lumber Building by VanTrust Real Estate heralds a new era for one of Salt Lake City's treasured historical landmarks. The conversion of this venerable building into a modern office space serves as a testament to VanTrust's commitment to community engagement, architectural preservation, and innovative development. The company's investment is a meaningful contribution to sustaining the city's economic growth and cherishing its historic past. Through this development, VanTrust Real Estate does not merely create structures; it weaves the essence of history into the fabric of contemporary workspaces, epitomizing a dedication to enhancing humanity's interaction with the spaces we inhabit.

As we await the transformation of the Salt Lake Lumber Building into a beacon of modernity rich with historical resonance, it stands as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact thoughtful development can have on a city's identity and heritage. With VanTrust Real Estate at the helm, we can anticipate a future where the past is not overridden but is reinvigorated and celebrated within the evolving urban landscape.

(SOURCE VanTrust Real Estate)

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