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TELUS Elects Diverse Expertise to Board of Directors: A Vision of Connectivity and Growth


Michael Chen

May 10, 2024 - 00:49 am


TELUS Announces Newly Elected Board of Directors in Recent Annual Meeting

VANCOUVER, BC, May 9, 2024 – TELUS Corporation (TELUS) (TSX: T) (NYSE: TU), a leading telecommunications company, made an important announcement today regarding the outcome of the voting process that took place during their annual meeting. The meeting saw the election of new board members who were nominated as per TELUS' 2024 information circular details. This development in the corporate leadership is a significant move for the company.

The electoral outcome showcased strong support for the 14 management-nominated nominees. These individuals were elected as directors of TELUS, bringing with them a diversity of experience and expertise. The voting results reflected an overwhelming approval of the candidates, reinforcing the confidence stakeholders have in the leadership and direction of the corporation.

Nominee Raymond T. Chan received a staggering 618,094,359 votes in favor, which amounts to 97.85% of the votes cast. On the other hand, only a minimal 13,548,940 votes were withheld, representing just 2.15% of the vote. Another nominee who garnered significant support was Hazel Claxton, obtaining 620,923,600 votes in favor, hence achieving an impressive 98.31% approval rating, and a mere 1.69% of votes withheld.

Further down the list, Lisa De Wilde earned the endorsement of 97.97% of voters, with 618,791,949 votes. There was also notable support for nominees Victor Dodig and Darren Entwistle, receiving vote percentages of 98.39% and 99.59% respectively. This signals a strong vote of confidence from shareholders in the capabilities and vision these leaders present for TELUS' future.

Thomas Flynn also demonstrated a strong backing, securing approval from 99.63% of the votes. Another nominee, Mary Jo Haddad, despite receiving a slightly lower percentage of votes for at 96.05%, still showcased a majority endorsement from the voting shareholders. Martha Hall Findlay also received an overwhelming majority of votes in her favor amounting to 99.56%, further evidencing the shareholder's trust in TELUS' direction.

Other members that rounded off the appointments were Christine Magee, John Manley, David Mowat, Marc Parent, Denise Pickett, and W. Sean Willy. All these candidates received significant support ranging from 98.00% to 99.63% in favor, marking a solid foundation for TELUS' future endeavors under their guidance.

Detailed voting results for all matters, including the election of these directors at the Meeting, will be published and made available at TELUS' official website on the dedicated annual general meeting webpage, offering transparency and insights into the decisions affecting the company's trajectory. These results will also be filed with Canadian and U.S. securities regulators, ensuring regulatory compliance and stakeholder awareness.

An Overview of TELUS Corporation

TELUS exemplifies a progressive and dominant entity in the field of communications technology, boasting a considerable annual revenue north of $20 billion and managing a customer base comprising over 19 million connections that cover a broad spectrum of services including wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security. The corporation stands out for its unwavering commitment to customer service excellence, which is a key driver of their success and the distinguishable loyalty they enjoy from their users.

The company has continuously received esteem and recognition from independent industry-leading firms for their strong and swift network. These accolades underscore TELUS’ focus on providing distinguished technology that ultimately enhances and contributes positively to the day-to-day lives of Canadians.

TELUS has shown its global presence by operating in 32 countries and through TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT), it has emerged as an innovator in digital customer experience. It excels in crafting and supplying next-gen solutions such as AI and content moderation for influential brands across various sectors, including technology, communications, e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare.

In the healthcare sector, TELUS Health positions itself as a leader offering primary, preventive healthcare, and well-being solutions for employees and families. TELUS' digital and data analytics capabilities, along with its premium client service, are transforming health outcomes across nearly 72 million lives and counting. TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods holds the flag in ensuring sustainable and traceable production from farm to retail, enhancing food safety and quality for consumers everywhere.

Notably, TELUS is driven by a strong social purpose, which is evident through its efforts to leverage technology to foster social change and deliver exceptional human outcomes. Their credo, ‘give where we live,’ has reverberated through their actions over the years as TELUS and its team members have collectively donated a remarkable $1.7 billion, including 2.2 million days of service since the turn of the millennium. This admirable level of corporate philanthropy has not gone unnoticed, cementing TELUS' reputation as the most giving company globally.

The company's ethos of connecting citizens for the greater good continues to be the driving force behind their agenda. The corporate philosophy has inspired a culture of giving within TELUS, manifesting in various initiatives and contributions to the community. TELUS’ commitment to fostering a friendly future is deeply entwined with their corporate practices and strategies.

For further information on TELUS, interested parties are encouraged to visit, which serves as a comprehensive resource for insights into the company's operations, services, and community involvement. You can also follow their latest updates on Twitter @TELUSNews and catch a glimpse into the executive initiatives by the CEO Darren Entwistle on his Instagram @Darren_Entwistle.

Inquiries regarding the company and its recent annual meeting outcomes can be directed to Ms. Jacinthe Beaulieu, who is available for contact at 418-318-6102 or via email at [email protected]

This news article is sourced from TELUS Communications Inc.

Looking Ahead with The New Board

As TELUS ushers in this new cadre of leadership, the vision for the company's growth and innovation seems stronger than ever. Each elected board member brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of excellence. Their collective expertise spans a range of industries and functions, promising to bolster TELUS’ position in the market and shape the company’s strategy in the years to come.

The election results resonate a clear mandate from the shareholders, setting a positive precedent for corporate governance and stewardship at TELUS. With the eyes of its customers, stakeholders, and industry watchers firmly fixed on them, the company is poised for transformation and further success.

With new leadership on board, TELUS stands ready to navigate the dynamically changing telecom landscape. The company's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and its dedication to social responsibility will certainly continue guiding TELUS toward achieving its goals of connecting people and enabling remarkable human outcomes.

Through the lens of the most recent annual meeting results, TELUS emerges not only as a powerhouse in communications technology but also as a beacon of corporate social responsibility. The new board members are stepping into their roles at a time when both challenges and opportunities in technology and global connectivity have never been greater.

Looking forward, TELUS continues to promise innovation, responsibility, and service excellence as it embarks on its mission to make the future friendly. With the steadfast leadership of its newly elected directors, TELUS is charting a course towards a brighter and more connected tomorrow.