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tech titan persistent systems appoints vinit teredesai as cfo in strategic growth drive 23


Tech Titan Persistent Systems Appoints Vinit Teredesai as CFO in Strategic Growth Drive


Michael Chen

May 15, 2024 - 17:52 pm


Persistent Systems Announces New CFO Amidst Financial Triumphs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., and PUNE, India, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent press release, Persistent Systems, a stalwart in the global services and solutions landscape, revealed a significant change in their executive branch with the immediate appointment of Vinit Teredesai as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Vinit Teredesai Takes the Financial Helm at Persistent Systems

In a vital stride towards fortifying its leadership base, Persistent Systems has welcomed seasoned finance veteran Vinit Teredesai to the fold, entrusting him with the role of Chief Financial Officer. Teredesai assumes this key position backed by an impressive track record of over 28 years peppered with accomplishments in critical financial areas such as finance, accounting, auditing, and taxation. His resume boasts of indispensable experience in key sectors including fund raising, risk management, as well as mergers and acquisitions, believing firmly in steering companies through monumental corporate restructuring.

The appointment comes as a befitting handover from Sunil Sapre, the Executive Director, who will be embracing retirement later this year. Vinit, a certified practitioner of finance décor, holds professional qualifications that include being a Chartered Accountant, a Cost and Management Accountant, and also holds the title of a Certified Public Accountant in the United States. Besides his professional certifications, Teredesai has also expanded his knowledge and skills through an intensive General Management program completed at the prestigious Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where the curriculum included a focus on strategy, innovation, and technology.

Leadership Expectations and the Journey Forward

Persistent Systems' Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Sandeep Kalra, articulated great enthusiasm for the company's future, as he officially welcomed Vinit to the Persistent team. With perspicuity, he noted that the expertise Vinit brings to the finance domain would serve as an indispensable resource for the executive team as they endeavor to scale new heights in their growth trajectory. Kalra highlights the ambitious target of reaching $2 billion in revenue and advancing even further, while maintaining a keen focus on amplifying stakeholder value. In the same breath, he extended sincere gratitude to Sunil Sapre for his invaluable contribution over the last 9 years. Santosh underscored that Sapre's wisdom would continue to be leveraged both on the Persistent executive team and the board until his retirement.

A Transition with Grace and Gratitude

Complementing the sentiments, Sunil Sapre himself shared his contentment with Vinit’s accession, pledging to aid in executing a seamless transition. Sapre did not miss the chance to convey his profound thankfulness to the Board for their unwavering trust and support throughout his tenure. Additionally, he expressed his heartfelt appreciation towards the company’s clientele, partners, investors, analysts, vendors, and other stakeholders for their continuing backing throughout his journey with Persistent Systems.

Persistent Systems: A Chronicle of Growth and Global Presence

Within the larger tapestry of Persistent Systems' operations, the company postures itself as a towering beacon in the realms of Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization. The organization proudly employs over 23,800 individuals across 21 countries. Committed to upholding the tenets of the United Nations Global Compact, Persistent Systems aligns its business strategies and operations with universal principles that venerate human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and simultaneously strides toward promoting societal objectives.

A remarkable marker of their success is the astronomical 268% growth the company has seen since 2020, a feat that has anointed Persistent Systems as the fastest-growing Indian IT Services brand by Brand Finance. For further insight into the company's services, philosophy, and achievements, you can visit their website at

The Trajectory of Transparency: Forward-Looking Statements

In recognizing the intrinsic uncertainties and risks associated with predicting future outcomes, Persistent Systems cautions readers with regards to any forward-looking statements, which can be found in detail at This measure ensures a transparent and prudent approach to conveying the company's future-oriented disclosures, allowing stakeholders to properly assess the relevance of such information.

Visual Identity and the Persistent Brand

To further appreciate the brand and its visual impact, one can view the logo of Persistent Systems, a representation of the company's identity and its forward-thinking ethos. The logo symbolizes the innovative spirit and the dynamic growth of Persistent Systems, paying homage to its roots while also looking toward the future of technology and service solutions. The logo can be viewed at Persistent Systems Logo.

Persistent Systems stands as a paragon of unwavering commitment to excellence, with military precision in strategy execution and unyielding adherence to global standards of ethical practices. As Vinit Teredesai steps into his new role, bringing with him a trove of experience and insight, the financial future of Persistent Systems appears to be in adept hands. The company's staunch dedication to expanding its global footprint while nurturing core values creates a resonant echo in the industry, setting a precedent for ethical growth and innovation in the technology and service solution spaces.

As Persistent Systems continues to build upon its legacy, with a view to craft superior value for all stakeholders involved, the journey forward, backed by a robust executive team and a clear vision for growth, seems more promising than ever. The company's story remains one of an incessant quest for excellence, a drive to exceed benchmarks, and a commitment to make progressive strides for the betterment of business, society, and the global community at large. With new stewardship in its financial ranks and a blueprint for ongoing success, Persistent Systems is well-positioned to not just meet their goals but to surpass them, blazing a trail of innovation and transformation in the digital world.

As the firm marches towards the coveted $2 billion revenue mark, it seems poised to redefine the thresholds of success, all the while embracing changes in executive leadership with an air of gratitude for past service and anticipation of future achievements.

With strategic financial guidance now in the hands of Vinit Teredesai, the roadmap for Persistent Systems' expansion and stakeholder value enhancement lays bare a future rich with potential. It is in this vein that the company continues to evolve, anchored by a legacy of growth, amped by an entrepreneurial spirit, and bolstered by a foundation as solid as the values it stands for.

As news of this executive transition disseminates through the corridors of the global IT services sector, industry pundits, analysts, and stakeholders alike will no doubt keep a keen eye on Persistent Systems' next moves. In the temple of high technology and digital solutions, change is the only constant, and with this change in its leadership guard, Persistent Systems reaffirms its readiness to not only adapt but to lead the way into an ever-evolving future.

Persistent Systems remains a pertinent reminder that in the rapidly evolving landscapes of technology and digital solutions, innovative thought leadership and solid financial management remain paramount. Its brand story continues to inspire, as its operational narrative enters new chapters. This story is not just one of revenue goals and market expansion but of creating a lasting impact on the technology community and beyond.

In closing, it is with great acknowledgement of the past and optimism for the future that Persistent Systems steps into a new era with Vinit Teredesai as its Chief Financial Officer. The corporate world watches, perhaps with a sense of intrigue, as a tried and true veteran takes the helm, charting the course toward uncharted waters of growth and enduring stakeholder prosperity.

Persistent Systems, with a clear vision for growth and an unyielding commitment to ethical values, continues its journey upon a foundation of strategic innovation and financial prudence. Today, as Santa Clara and Pune hark the news of Vinit Teredesai's ascension to the CFO role, we bear witness to yet another pivotal moment in the company's storied existence. Through sustainable practices and impactful technological contributions, Persistent Systems champions the art of business as much as it does the technology that facilitates it. Industry watchers, be it on Wall Street or Silicon Valley's fast-paced corridors, remain eager to see how this venerable institution will navigate its next phase of enterprise. For them, and for the markets at large, the message is unequivocal: the charging bull icon of Persistent Systems, under a fresh financial steward, is far from done leaving its indelible mark upon the world.

SOURCE: Persistent Systems

Indeed, the measure of a company's legacy is not just in the revenue it generates or the products it crafts, but in the stories it tells. And as Persistent Systems turns another page in its narrative anthology, a new chapter on financial leadership begins with Vinit Teredesai, a character charged with the gravitas and wisdom to shepherd the company to its next grand epoch.

Today, the announcement of a new CFO is not merely a corporate bulletin; it represents the symbol of transition—a persistent pursuit of excellence. As Teredesai dons the CFO mantle, he heralds a continuation of the Persistent Systems saga, one that boasts a profound storyline, remarkable cast, and most importantly, an unfaltering mission to leave a legacy of innovation and transformation that resonates for generations to come.

Persistent Systems has announced the unveiling of Vinit Teredesai as the new CFO, casting fresh vigor upon its executive cadre. This move sets the stage for the next act in Persistent's storied march towards growth, ingenuity, and comprehensive stakeholder enrichment. In this symphony of progress, the maestro has taken the podium, ready to conduct a crescendo of financial mastery and strategic foresight.