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Skanska Advances Eco-Friendly Industrial Growth with New Lokomotion Technology Center


Lauren Miller

June 3, 2024 - 07:22 am


Skanska Embarks on a Groundbreaking Lokomotion Technology Center Project in Tampere

STOCKHOLM, June 3, 2024 – In a significant development for Finland's industrial infrastructure, the renowned global construction company Skanska has announced a contractual agreement with industrial machinery company Metso Oyj. The deal paves the way for the construction of phase one of the Lokomotion Technology Center located in the industrial hub of Tampere, Finland. Representing a substantial investment of EUR 99 million - approximately SEK 1.1 billion - this project promises to bolster technological advancement and environmental sustainability in the region. The committed amount will be duly recorded in the Nordic order bookings, featuring in the financial summary for the second quarter of 2024.

The scope of the initial phase includes constructing the AGG Lokotrack factory and accompanying warehouses, expanding around 34,000 gross square meters. As a foundational component of the Lokomotion Technology Center, the purpose-built facilities will play an integral role in designing, testing, and manufacturing the latest aggregates, sand production technology, and their respective components. Matching modern construction standards, the entire development is taking a leap towards sustainability by targeting the prestigious BREEAM environmental classification. This initiative marks a bold step in manifesting environmentally responsible industrial complexes.

The meticulously planned construction phase is set to commence within the third quarter of 2024 and is projected to reach completion in the corresponding third quarter of 2027. Throughout this period, industry observers and stakeholders anticipate substantial contributions to local employment opportunities and fostering technological development.

For those seeking additional insights and particulars regarding the project, Skanska has made provisions for further communication through its designated representatives. Contact Pilvimaari Strömberg, the Communications Manager for Skanska Finland, via her direct line at +358 40 5194787, for an in-depth understanding of the project's impact. Also available for inquiries is Andreas Joons, Skanska Group's Press Officer. He can be reached at +46 (0)10 449 04 94, with a dedicated media line also taking queries at +46 (0)10 448 88 99.

Interested parties and the press seeking more extensive details can explore previous releases and further information on the official Skanska website, accessible via the link This resource is set to offer a comprehensive view of the company's involvements, achievements, and future ventures.

Cision, a leading provider of news distribution solutions, has also been instrumental in disseminating information pertaining to this groundbreaking initiative. Additional news-related content regarding this project and more can be found at

Moreover, Skanska has released a direct link to the announcement for the construction of the factory buildings in Tampere, Finland for a significant figure of EUR 99 million, which rounds up to about SEK 1.1 billion. Readers can access the full announcement and details by visiting,c3993210.

For visual representation, Skanska has taken the initiative to provide images of the Lokomotion Technology Center in its first phase. Interested viewers are encouraged to download the accompanying files available at the following links:

Each link will guide users to high-resolution images that showcase the architecture and layout of the soon-to-be-constructed facility, providing an early look at the forward-thinking design and structure of the Technology Center.

In conclusion, the involvement of Skanska in establishing phase one of the Lokomotion Technology Center in Tampere, Finland, not only symbolizes a leap in the industrial capabilities of the region but also a staunch commitment towards sustainable development. This significant investment highlights the growing importance of eco-friendly practices in modern construction and manufacturing processes.

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Promoting Technological Innovation and Sustainability

This bold venture undertaken by Skanska in collaboration with Metso Oyj is set to serve as a shining beacon of technological innovation and environmental stewardship. The Lokomotion Technology Center stands testament to the dedication and foresight of businesses investing in sustainable development and advanced manufacturing technologies that are poised to redefine industry benchmarks.

Transformative Plans for Tampere's Industry

With the vast construct of 34,000 gross square meters intended for the Lokomotion Technology Center, Tampere is set to experience a transformative change in its industrial landscape. This monumental project will also have a rippling effect on the city's economic vitality, by generating employment, fostering innovation, and driving technological advancement in the aggregates and sand production sector.

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Bridging Technology and Environmental Conservation

By seeking the BREEAM environmental classification, the Lokomotion Technology Center becomes a paragon of how technological progress can be harmoniously aligned with the imperatives of environmental conservation. This perspective not only enhances the value of the project but also delineates a path for others to emulate in the domain of eco-conscious industrial development.

Unveiling The Future: Lokomotion Technology Center's Design

Detailed plans and conceptualizations of the Lokomotion Technology Center are available for public viewing, thanks to the detailed imagery provided by Skanska. These illustrations convey the sophistication and thoughtful architecture expected to be embodied within the center's physical structure, resonating with the ethos of innovation and environmental sensibility.

The undertaking of this ambitious project consolidates Skanska's status as a leader in the construction sector, particularly in the realm of large-scale, sustainable infrastructure. Metso Oyj's partnership in this endeavor further accents the significance of collaborative efforts between industry giants in propelling forward the narrative of sustainable industrialization.

As the plans move from blueprint to tangible reality, expectations continue to amplify regarding the potential impacts of the Lokomotion Technology Center on the global stage. This project underlines a shared vision, one that intertwines the elements of economic growth, technological advancement, and environmental responsibility - a trinity that is becoming ever more crucial in the contemporary industrial narrative.

In keeping with their dedication to transparency and public engagement, Skanska encourages individuals to stay informed and connected through various communication channels. By providing both direct contact information for its representatives and publishing updates online, the company fosters an open dialogue with communities, stakeholders, and the media.

As the construction of the Lokomotion Technology Center progresses over the coming years, its development will indubitably be under scrutiny by industry analysts, environmentalists, and the broader public. The successful completion of this project will not only signify a major achievement for Skanska and Metso Oyj but will also serve as a pivotal point in the industrial sector's journey towards sustainability and innovation.

Added Resources and Media Accessibility

The provision of additional resources, from press releases to downloadable images, reflects Skanska's approach to engaging with the public and maintaining an informative and accessible profile. These resources are integral to understanding the scope and intention behind the Lokomotion Technology Center and provide a framework for ongoing conversation and analysis surrounding the project.

Ultimately, the Skanska-Metso Oyj partnership in erecting the Lokomotion Technology Center in Tampere signifies a bold, forward-thinking move within the industry. The focus on sustainability, the commitment to innovation, and the potential for positive environmental impact make this project a noteworthy narrative in the tapestry of global industrial development.

A Beacon for Future Construction

In the grand scope of construction and design, the Lokomotion Technology Center is poised to emerge as a beacon for the future of industrial facilities. Setting standards in design, functionality, and sustainability, it embodies many aspirations of contemporary society's demands for responsible and advanced industrial practices.

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Engaging Community and Economy

The direct impact on Tampere's local economy, job market, and technological community cannot be overstated. Through strategic partnership, thoughtful planning, and relentless commitment, Skanska and Metso Oyj are investing in a future that promises to yield benefits for the local community and beyond.

The world will closely watch as the construction timeline unfolds, heralding a new era for Tampere and showcasing how visionary enterprises like Skanska can shape our industrial future. The Lokomotion Technology Center stands as a monumental project, one that is not only groundbreaking in its scope but also exemplary in its approach to marrying industry with the environment.

SOURCE: Skanska

For journalists, industry experts, and the interested public, the links provided by Skanska offer a gateway to understanding the full magnitude of this development. Navigating the project details, visual aids, and company insights will transform an understanding of what the future entails for industrial infrastructure, technology, and environmental responsibility.

As the Lokomotion Technology Center takes shape, it will undoubtedly attract attention from around the world, setting an example for future projects. The information and resources provided grant an opportunity for everyone to follow this journey, appreciating the merger between massive industrial capability and conscientious environmental concern.

Through every phase of development and operation, the Lokomotion Technology Center and the individuals behind its creation vow to demonstrate the heightened potential of marrying technology and sustainability. This embodiment of modern engineering and eco-responsibility will solidify the reputations of Skanska and Metso Oyj as leaders in their respective fields, paving the way for a greener, more innovative tomorrow.