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SIOR Installs 2024-2025 Dynamos of Global Real Estate Leadership


Lauren Miller

May 7, 2024 - 19:28 pm


SIOR Elects New Leadership Team for 2024-2025, Solidifying Its Role as Global Real Estate Leader

In a notable gathering at Amelia Island, Fla., the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® (SIOR) has declared the results of its latest election, which took place at the organization's prestigious spring world conference. The chosen group of illustrious officials is slated for inauguration in the upcoming autumn, just before the SIOR's fall conference that is set to take place in Los Angeles this October.

The Election and the Elected

SIOR enjoys a globally recognized position at the pinnacle of commercial real estate associations, and its announcement of the 2024-2025 Board of Directors has reverberated throughout the sector. These individuals, who will drive the organization forward, stand as exemplary figures, respected for their profound market knowledge and industry leadership.

View SIOR's newly elected 2024-2025 Board of Directors

Emerging as the most significant news from the event was around the appointments for key positions within the organization's top brass:

Mike Ohmes, SIOR, currently holds the distinction of being SIOR's president-elect and is gearing up to take on the global presidency this fall. His career spans an impressive trajectory, including his current role as the Managing Principal for the Minneapolis-St. Paul office of Cushman & Wakefield, having been allied with SIOR as an office specialist since 2001.

In another pivotal move, the vice presidency mantle will be assumed by Saadia Sheikh, SIOR, acting as a harbinger of change and diversity. Renowned for her pioneering vision as the CEO and Founder of CRE advisory firm Powersense in New York, Sheikh has made her mark as an SIOR office specialist since 2017 and will become the youngest female ever to step into this esteemed role.

The Vice President's baton will be passed to Aaron Barnard, SIOR, who carries out his professional endeavors as an office specialist at Cushman & Wakefield in Minneapolis. With a clear path charted ahead, Barnard is set to transition from the vice presidency into the role of president-elect next year, ultimately assuming the SIOR presidency in the fall of 2026.

Supporting Players in the Leadership

As the strategic leadership council comes together, several notable individuals have been elected as members-at-large for two-year terms on SIOR's Board of Directors:

Michael Feuerman, SIOR, distinguishes himself as an office specialist from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Street Jones, SIOR, brings in a combined expertise in industrial and office specializations from Raleigh, N.C. Completing the trio is Russell Patterson, SIOR, another seasoned office specialist joining the board, representing Tyler, Texas.

Furthermore, SIOR's commitment to regional representation is evident as it encompasses a breadth of geographic diversities with newly elected Regional Directors:

  • From Canada, Bronwyn Scrivens, SIOR, an industrial specialist from Edmonton, marks her presence on the international real estate stage.

  • Europe's regional insights will be steered by Christopher Aquilina, SIOR, who practices as an office specialist out of London, U.K.

  • Representing the Great Lakes region, Matthew Osowski, SIOR, an industrial specialist from Columbus, Ohio, will bring his local expertise to the global arena.

  • Jonathan Stravitz, SIOR, carrying out office specialization in New York, is now the Northeast Regional Director.

  • From the South region, Monty Warren, SIOR, proficient in both industrial and office specializations from Lafayette, La., steps onto the board.

  • Finally, hailing from the West, Nancy Morse, SIOR, an office specialist operating out of San Jose, Ca., completes the assembly of regional directors.

Click here for a complete list of current SIOR leadership.

Accessible Leadership and Open Communication

SIOR's newly elected officials are ready to open lines of communication, offering their expertise for interviews and discussions. To arrange for interactions with the elected officers or a regional member, interested parties should reach out to Alexis Fermanis. She can promptly facilitate connections that foster robust dialogue and an exchange of ideas central to the essence of SIOR’s mission.

About SIOR

Embodied within the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® (SIOR) is a community of over 3,900 members spread across more than 50 countries. SIOR stands as an exemplar of industry integrity, with members holding steadfast to the highest standards of accountability and ethics. It is a benchmark for those aspiring to reach the zenith of industrial and office real estate professionalism.

Learn more about SIOR at their official website:

For more information, members of the press can direct their inquiries to Alexis Fermanis, SIOR's Senior Director of Marketing & Communications.

Embracing Excellence in Global Real Estate

The enhanced rigour with which SIOR approaches its mission is evident in the caliber of professionals it attracts. As the repository of the world's most knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted commercial real estate brokerage specialists, SIOR reinforces the critical nexus between market leadership and individual expertise. An SIOR designation does not simply tag a professional's name; it serves as a testament to their adherence to exemplary professional conduct and clientele advocacy.

Elevating the SIOR Experience

When it comes to professional recognition and networking opportunities within the field of industrial and office real estate, SIOR's world conferences become instrumental. These events, like the one in Amelia Island that paved the way for this year's election results, imbue the Society's ethos and cultivate the environment for these top-tier professionals to convene, collaborate, and project the future trajectory of real estate trends.

Leadership That Reflects a Forward-Thinking Vision

The elections of SIOR did not simply fill positions; they endorsed visions that promise to navigate the organization towards novel aspirations. With Mike Ohmes at the helm poised to assert an influential global leadership, the vibrant dynamism Saadia Sheikh is set to infuse, and Aaron Barnard's designation as the future SIOR president, the wealth of experience encapsulated within the leadership circle is sure to propel SIOR into new realms of achievements and industry standards.

SIOR's Commitment to Regional and Global Synergy

SIOR is distinguished by its keen understanding of both regional nuances and global impacts. Regional directors like Bronwyn Scrivens and Christopher Aquilina bring localized insights that contribute to the society's comprehensive understanding of global markets. This array of seasoned professionals ensures that decisions and directives resonate with localized knowledge, yet align with SIOR's overarching pursuit of enhancing the professional development and prestige of its members worldwide.

Conclusion: An Assemblage of Real Estate Virtuosos

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® projects a firm stature in the commercial real estate sector, pursuing unrelenting excellence. As the organization heralds its newly elected 2024-2025 officers and directors, a vibrant new chapter emerges where professional growth is embraced, and industry standards are elevated. SIOR continues to uphold its lauded tradition of cultivating leadership that excels beyond expectations, fostering a future for commercial real estate that shines ever brighter on the global stage.

As this new ensemble of real estate mavens prepares to chart their course for the organization, the commercial real estate domain watches with anticipation for the waves of innovation and leadership they are set to bring forth. While this remarkable convention on Amelia Island has concluded, its outcomes are just beginning to ripple across the industry, affirming SIOR's vital role in sculpting the future face of real estate.

With unwavering commitment to integrity, advocacy, and professional development, the SIOR Board of Directors is not merely a set of individuals but an embodiment of the organization’s values. It's in this governance and oversight that the true spirit of SIOR is actualized – a spirit that continues to inspire, educate, and set precedents across the vast expanse of the real estate world.

In closing, we reflect on the leadership mosaic that SIOR meticulously assembles with each passing term – robust, inclusive, and unflinchingly dedicated to the pursuit of real estate excellence. As the torches are passed and the new officers prepare to assume their roles, the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® stands poised on the brink of a new epoch, ready to reach new heights, champion new causes, and continue being a beacon of professionalism in the dynamic field of commercial real estate.