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SANY Group's Electric Revolution Accelerates Sustainable Growth in Heavy Equipment Industry


Michael Chen

June 4, 2024 - 05:03 am


SANY Group Achieves Monumental Success in Electric Equipment Revenue, Fostering Sustainable Industry Practices

SHANGHAI, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SANY Group, a powerhouse in China's heavy equipment manufacturing sector, has made a striking announcement. The Group reported a staggering revenue of 3.146 billion yuan (US$434.78 million) from its electric product line in the year 2023, out of which hydrogen energy products generated a significant 130 million yuan (US$17.97 million). This accomplishment underscores the rapid advancements and increasing commitment to sustainable and green technologies in the heavy equipment sector.

As the world positions itself at the intersecting juncture of the fourth industrial revolution and the third energy revolution, the global construction machinery industry is presented with a historic opportunity to innovate with supertechnology. This evolution opens potential pathways for improved efficiency, environmental sustainability, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Pioneering Low-Carbon Innovation in Construction Machinery

In line with global environmental challenges and market demands, SANY has expedited its journey toward low-carbon transformation. The company's robust new energy technology committee, which was established back in 2021, expertly directs new energy technology development, patent strategies, as well as pioneering technology research and development coupled with industry incubation.

Throughout 2023, SANY demonstrated its commitment to innovation by launching an array of over 130 new energy products. Notably, this includes the world's foremost fully electric rotary drilling rig and a cutting-edge hydrogen energy mixing truck, which integrates SANY's proprietary fuel battery system. These industry-leading green products not only address clients' low-carbon transition needs but also deliver substantial added value by markedly reducing the overall life cycle operation costs.

Charting a Sustainable Future with Advances in Green Technology

SANY is determined to solidify its competitive edge within the burgeoning low-carbon sector. The Group is advancing on five significant technological fronts through a mix of in-house innovation and strategic partnerships. These fronts include advancements in battery cell technology, electric drive bridge systems, VCU centralized control platforms, infrastructure for charging and battery swapping, and state-of-the-art fuel cell systems and control technologies.

The year 2023 served as a landmark for SANY's continuing zest for innovation, as evidenced by the acquisition of 275 low-carbon patents. The year also saw the launch of three integrated electric drive bridges specifically designed for tractors, mixers, and dump trucks within the loading range of 11.5 to 16 tons. These pioneering solutions exemplify SANY's ability to navigate and dominate the market through robust R&D capabilities.

Reflecting on the company's sales performance, SANY reported a remarkable 47 percent year-on-year increase in the sales of its electric mixer trucks in 2023. This impressive growth helped the company secure the largest market share in the segment for the third consecutive year. Furthermore, SANY's electric cranes continue to spearhead the industry, maintaining a leadership position through superior product offerings and innovative approaches.

Towards Carbon Neutrality: SANY’s Strategic Vision for Sustainability

Xiang Wenbo, the rotating chairman of SANY Group, articulated a vision for the future, emphasizing the Group's unwavering dedication to enhancing R&D capabilities and product advantages. According to Wenbo, SANY aims for a comprehensive approach to promoting green and sustainable development, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions at their source and across all operational practices. The ultimate goal is to establish a full-cycle green production chain that not only catalyzes the Group's high-quality development but also facilitates the transformation of the industry, thereby contributing to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets.

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Green transformation empowered by innovative R&D

Caption: Green transformation empowered by innovative R&D

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The strategic location of the financial hub, Shanghai, serves as an elevated platform for SANY Group to lead the way in industrial innovation. With its recent achievements, SANY not only cements its place at the forefront of China's battle against climate change but also sets a benchmark for the industry worldwide. The Group's visionary outlook and resolute investments in research and development are likely to bear fruit in fostering a more sustainable future for the construction machinery industry at large.

Empowering the Green Transition Through Research and Development

SANY's approach to revolutionizing the heavy equipment manufacturing landscape reaches far beyond the mere introduction of electric vehicles and machinery. The company's passion for innovations in R&D transcends contemporary standards. By empowering the green transformation with cutting-edge research and development, Sány is not only adapting to but profoundly shaping the future of the industry.

The collective global challenges of climate change and resource conservation necessitate an aggressive transition towards eco-friendly technologies. Recognizing this exigency, SANY's encapsulation of 'green transformation' is a testament to the company's foresight in aligning with the global environmental agenda while propelling its commercial aspirations.

Nurturing a Low-Carbon Footprint with Industry-Leading Breakthroughs

SANY's unveiling of new energy products, such as the exceptional fully electric rotary drilling rig and hydrogen energy mixing truck, reflects the Group's dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting industry-wide sustainability. These products serve as the epitome of SANY's innovation-driven ethos—redefining the dynamics of construction machinery and resonating with a growing consciousness towards sustainability in infrastructure development.

The benefits bestowed by these advanced offerings extend beyond their environmental appeal. By significantly decreasing long-term operational costs, SANY is empowering clients to realize both economic and ecological advantages. This synergy of financial and environmental interests fortifies SANY's customer relationships, as they are partnering in a mutual journey towards sustainability.

A Robust Portfolio of Patents Paving the Way Forward

SANY's intellectual portfolio boasts a striking compilation of 275 low-carbon patents, serving as both the intellectual and innovative capital that underpins the company's industry-leading position. Launching advanced electric drive bridges showcases SANY's prowess in translating its patent-rich repository into tangible market-centric solutions.

By deploying this ensemble of technologies across a diverse range of heavy machinery, including tractors, mixers, and dump trucks, SANY not only diversifies its product offerings but also caters to a broad spectrum of load-bearing requirements. The ability to offer tailored solutions across various platforms clearly demonstrates SANY's strategic adaptation to market needs while pushing the envelope in technological excellence.

Staying Ahead in the Market with Superior Competitive Strategies

The resurgence in the sales of SANY's electric mixer trucks exemplifies the company's ingenious market strategies and superior product quality.