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rally house enhances retail presence in pennsylvania with exciting new store launches 23


Rally House Enhances Retail Presence in Pennsylvania with Exciting New Store Launches


Benjamin Hughes

May 3, 2024 - 17:53 pm


Rally House Expands Retail Empire with New Storefronts in Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA, May 3, 2024 / PRNewswire/ -- Rally House, a revered chain of sports and merchandise retail, announces with pride the grand opening of two new storefronts in Pennsylvania this coming Friday. The expansion includes Rally House Willow Grove Park, which will be nestled in the proximity of Philadelphia, and Rally House Millcreek Pavilion located in the heart of Erie. With the introduction of these fresh locations, Rally House now boasts a total of 26 stores in Pennsylvania. Shoppers can find Rally House Willow Grove Park on the first level of the Willow Grove Park Mall standing across from Express, while Rally House Millcreek Pavilion sits comfortably between Five Below and Carter's, just a stone's throw from the Millcreek Mall.

Rally House has rapidly emerged as the premier shopping destination in Pennsylvania for authentic team merchandise and regional gifts. The company is thrilled to enlarge its presence within Pennsylvania, delivering its products to a growing base of enthusiasts, locals, and state visitors. "Pennsylvania presents the perfect backdrop for our new Rally House stores," exclaims Aaron Johnson, Vice President of Marketing Strategy. "The intensity of the state's professional and collegiate sports fandom is extraordinary, and we're proud to offer a product selection that has been eagerly anticipated by the fans."

These newly minted Rally House locations exercise a keen understanding of local preferences by offering merchandise that caters specifically to local sports zealots and demand. Rally House Willow Grove Park is a treasure trove for merchandise from Philadelphia's professional teams and is a source of pride for fans of Penn State and Temple. Rally House Millcreek Pavilion, straddling three major sporting metropolises, presents a diverse range of team gear, featuring the Steelers, Bills, Browns, Pirates, Guardians, Penguins, and Cavs. Collegiate sports followers won't feel left out with the inclusion of Ohio State Buckeyes, Pitt Panthers, and Penn State Nittany Lions memorabilia. Both stores also boast a collection of locally-inspired apparel and mementos that celebrate the spirit of their respective cities.

The doors of both Rally House Willow Grove Park and Rally House Millcreek Pavilion are now open, and the teams at these locations are excited to greet customers. To accommodate shoppers near and far, the company recommends visiting their online store at to browse through their comprehensive product selection, with shipping options available throughout all 50 states. For more specific store insights, patrons can also visit the Rally House Willow Grove Park and Rally House Millcreek Pavilion store pages, or keep up to date through Facebook @RallyHouse and Instagram @rally_house for the latest store information and updates.

About Rally House

Rally House and Sampler Stores Inc. stand as a family-conceived specialty boutique empire that offers an expansive array of apparel, hats, gifts, and home décor championing local NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS teams. In addition to locally-tailored apparel, gifts, and locally-sourced food, they wear their local pride on their sleeve. With roots planted firmly in Lenexa, Kansas, Rally House operates over 200 locations spread across 19 states, delivering quality and local affinity through its wide-reaching presence.

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