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Protis Global Expands Executive Team, Hires Industry Leaders in CPG Sector


Benjamin Hughes

April 1, 2024 - 16:24 pm


Protis Global Bolsters Leadership Team With Strategic Hires in Food and Beverage and Automation & Robotics

In a strategic move to enhance its leadership ranks, Protis Global has officially introduced two high-caliber professionals to its executive team. Samantha Marino Parker has been named Vice President of Business Development for the Food and Beverage sector, while Cliff Hall takes the helm as Vice President of Business Development for Automation and Robotics. The double appointment signifies a pivotal moment for the firm as it fortifies its position within the talent acquisition sphere of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

Industry Veteran, Samantha Parker, Takes Charge of Food and Beverage

Samantha Parker is celebrated for her extensive twenty-five-year tenure within the CPG industry, where she has demonstrated a profound mastery in the realms of sales, marketing, and category management. Her illustrious career is punctuated by notable positions with industry giants such as Fratelli Beretta USA Inc., the esteemed Sabra Dipping Company, and household name The Clorox Company. Through her deep-seated passion for nurturing talent and fostering robust partnerships, Ms. Parker has become a beacon of leadership whose ethos is in perfect symmetry with Protis Global's foundational values.

Cliff Hall: A Decade of Recruiting Expertise Joins Protis Global

Cliff Hall is set to infuse Protis Global with an invaluable wealth of experience derived from an impressive decade of specialized recruiting. His expertise is heavily influenced by his time with preeminent firms such as Korn Ferry and Kelly Services, where he sharpened his abilities in account management and business development. Cliff's diverse background is further diversified with close to two decades in the consumer goods and food service sectors, with prominent roles at the likes of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Aramark, and Sodexo. This myriad of experiences provides Cliff with a nuanced understanding of consumer goods talent, which he adeptly applies to recruitment and strategic business development at Protis Global.

Strategic Alignment and Dedication to Success

Combining eighteen years of direct involvement in the dynamic Food and Beverage industry with an expansive decade-long career in recruiting, Cliff Hall embodies the strategic vision that Protis Global aspires to. His avid commitment to engineering success stories for both clients and consultant candidates marks him as an esteemed addition to the Protis Global team, further cementing the firm’s repute for excellence in the realm of talent acquisition.

Executives Solidify Protis Global’s Framework

“In welcoming Samantha and Cliff to our team, we are not only gaining their immense reservoir of experience but are also reinforcing our dedication to providing our clients with transformational talent," expressed Bert Miller, the esteemed CEO of Protis Global. "Their appointments are a testament to our unwavering commitment to playing a proactive role in the evolution of the CPG industry through strategic talent management," he added.

About Protis Global: A Legacy of Excellence in Talent Recruitment

Protis Global stands as an award-winning bastion in the executive search and professional advisement landscape. For nearly three decades, the firm has consistently married state-of-the-art technology with a tailored consultative approach to deliver unparalleled access to premier talent recruitment across the globe. With a proactive stance in shaping the future of consumer brands within the food & beverage, retail, and cannabis industries, Protis Global is the architect behind some of the most formidable teams leading their respective domains.

Contact Protis Global for Media Inquiries

Representatives from the media looking to gather further insights or garner additional information regarding the recent leadership appointments or other facets of Protis Global's services are encouraged to reach out to Cristina Sacco, the Vice President of Marketing. Queries can be directed to her attention via the contact details provided by the firm:

Cristina Sacco Vice President of Marketing Email Cristina Sacco

SOURCE: Protis Global's Continuous Commitment to Talent Excellence

With its dual appointment of seasoned veterans Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall to its VP ranks, Protis Global reiterates its ongoing dedication to excellence in the field of executive headhunting and professional advisement. The firm continues to stand at the forefront of talent acquisition, ensuring that the industry leaders of tomorrow are discovered and nurtured today.

In conclusion, Protis Global's strategic enhancement of its executive team with the hiring of Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall represents a significant investment in the company's capability to scout and secure top-tier talent within the CPG industry. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, the insight and expertise brought forth by these new leaders will undoubtedly contribute to the firm's legacy of successfully pairing exceptional individuals with the consumer brands that continue to shape economies and lifestyles worldwide.

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It is evident that the collective experience amassed by these two new appointees, complemented by Protis Global's cutting-edge approach to executive search, is poised to deliver formidable outcomes for their partners in the Food and Beverage as well as Automation and Robotics sectors.

The unparalleled depth of Samantha Parker's comprehensive background in sales, marketing, and category management forms the bedrock upon which Protis Global's Food and Beverage division seeks to build upon. In Cliff Hall, Protis Global introduces a dedicated individual whose acumen in handling intricate client and candidate relations will enhance the firm's robotics and automation segment significantly.

Mr. Miller's confidence in the newly appointed VPs is shared across Protis Global, where a culture of relentless pursuit of talent intersects with a bespoke approach to each client's needs. These strategic appointments suggest a future where the firm not only meets expectations but sets new benchmarks for the industry.

For those who are unacquainted, Protis Global has been instrumental in the elevation of consumer brands by leveraging its keen industry insight to identify leaders who advance business and innovate within their markets. With the advent of these two new leaders, the firm decidedly arms itself with additional competitive acumen to propel its partners forward.

As Protis Global continues its trajectory towards excellence, these appointments serve as a clear indicator of the company's commitment to harnessing the full potential of its consultative prowess. As industries rapidly transform, the strategic foresight of Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall will play an integral role in ushering Protis Global into a new era of talent discovery and placement.

Protis Global's momentous announcements have been met with notable anticipation by both industry insiders and its vast clientele network. The company's unyielding focus on sourcing and nurturing the finest talent, complemented by the extensive skills brought by Ms. Parker and Mr. Hall, sets a new benchmark for what clients can expect from a strategic talent partner.

Looking ahead, Protis Global envisions a vibrant future where its expertly constructed teams, curated by its Vice Presidents of Business Development, will continue to influence the CPG landscape. Their guidance and industry acumen are anticipated to steer Protis Global's clients through the myriad challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the ever-evolving consumer market.

With a legacy of nearly 30 years of remarkable success and an unswerving commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, Protis Global's strategic leadership appointments promise not only to uphold the firm's stellar reputation but to elevate its distinction as a harbinger of change and a purveyor of progress within the CPG sector.

Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall's collective foresight, experience, and innovative approaches are anticipated to perfectly complement Protis Global's mission. Under their guidance, the talents of tomorrow will be identified, nurtured, and planted into positions where their potential can be fully realized.

Protis Global reaffirms its readiness to meet the dynamic demands of the marketplace with the announcement of such strategic additions to its executive team. As the company continues to propel its clients to the pinnacle of their respective industries, the collective expertise of their leadership will decisively contribute to the company's renowned narrative of success.

The excitement surrounding the appointments at Protis Global is palpable, as these respected industry figures join forces with a company celebrated for its visionary talent solutions. Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall are set to be instrumental in advancing the firm's objectives and enhancing its operational capacity to deliver extraordinary results for its prestigious clientele.

Both Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall join Protis Global with substantial professional pedigrees and a shared commitment to excellence. As they embark on their new roles as Vice Presidents of Business Development, their collective wisdom will undoubtedly steer the company to even higher echelons of industry leadership and achievement.

In a rapidly changing business landscape where talent is a critical driver for success, the strategic placements of veteran leaders like Samantha Marino Parker and Cliff Hall within Protis Global's ranks ensure that the firm remains a significant player in the talent acquisition domain. Their collective expertise is a powerful catalyst poised to ignite the firm's next chapter of growth and innovation.