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paul brooker elevates uk wastewater innovation as new leader of lining division ltd 23


Paul Brooker Elevates UK Wastewater Innovation as New Leader of Lining Division Ltd.


Lauren Miller

May 7, 2024 - 06:45 am


Paul Brooker Takes the Helm at Lining Division Ltd. Amidst Burgeoning UK Wastewater Sector

BEXHILL ON SEA, England, May 7, 2024 – Today, a significant announcement was made concerning the future of Lining Division Ltd. (LDL), a foremost infrastructure contractor in the UK specializing in sewage system solutions. Paul Brooker, a long-standing employee revered for his extensive industry knowledge and dynamic growth mindset, has been named as the new Managing Director for LDL, part of the globally renowned Vortex Companies (Vortex).

A Veteran's Ascent to Leadership

With a profound industry experience spanning over thirty years, Paul Brooker is set to steward LDL during a phase of substantial expansion, particularly within the increasingly in-demand UK wastewater sector. He has spent the better part of the last decade as the director of operations, shepherding LDL from its humble beginnings with just three vehicles to its current status as a considerable operation.

"Maintaining business continuity and promoting internal leadership were critical when acquiring LDL," Vortex CEO Mike Vellano stated. Brooker, an individual not only ingrained within LDL but also highly esteemed across the industry, has risen through the ranks by working in various operational and managerial positions, in both the public and municipal sectors. This history bestows him with a unique perspective and an undeniable prowess as he takes on the mantle of leadership.

Empowering Leadership

The ethos of Vortex is firmly rooted in empowering robust local leadership, and Brooker has thrived with the new resources at his disposal. "Vortex's involvement has injected a level of vitality into our operations," Brooker comments. The company's standing within the industry has surged, and with the backing of Vortex, LDL has been able to diversify its services, invest in cutting-edge equipment, and capitalize on unmatched expertise.

Quin Breland, the Managing Director of Vortex Europe, attests to Brooker's respect amongst his team and customers, emanating from his participatory leadership style. "He is still relatable to the engineers working on-site and is always willing to get his hands dirty to guarantee the success of every project," Breland mentions.

With the region's water and sewer systems facing hefty challenges, Brooker is confident that Vortex's business model will be a key element in surmounting them. He expresses an enthusiasm for tackling such challenges where his team can contribute to valuable solutions. It is this zeal for problem-solving and impact that continues to fuel his commitment to the industry.

About Lining Division Ltd. (LDL)

Nestled in Bexhill on Sea, Lining Division Ltd. has carved a niche for itself in the trenchless rehabilitation and contracting services realms. LDL primarily gears its expertise toward drain maintenance and drain lining, rehabilitating pipes ranging from 75mm to 1200mm employing diverse Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) methodologies. Recently, the company has broadened its trenchless rehabilitation offerings by incorporating Geopolymer lining solutions, geared toward the restoration of deteriorating manholes and larger diameter infrastructure. Catering primarily to local water authorities and commercial setups, LDL continues to embody excellence and innovation in the field. For additional details on the company's capabilities and projects, please visit their website at

About Vortex Companies

Vortex stands at the forefront as a purveyor of advanced trenchless technologies for water and sewer systems. It is through its product and service divisions that Vortex presents an all-encompassing range of rehabilitation products, equipment, and field support that cater to the needs of municipal, industrial, and commercial markets. Among their offerings are high-quality pipe and manhole lining systems, sophisticated sewer robotics, resilient mortars and epoxies, as well as requisite installation equipment. Additionally, Vortex provides contracting services, training, and invaluable field support.

Globally recognized, Vortex's focus leans on supplying their clientele with a broad spectrum of industry-leading, cost-effective trenchless solutions and top-notch technical know-how finely tuned for the specific requirements of each project. For a closer look at all that Vortex has to offer, interested parties are directed to

Envisioning the Future with Innovative Solutions

Under Paul Brooker's capable leadership, LDL is expected to amplify its influence in the UK infrastructure industry by fortifying its presence in the wastewater market and beyond. The combination of Brooker's decades’ worth of experience, coupled with Vortex's comprehensive support and innovative technologies, is set to foster a new era of growth and expertise in trenchless rehabilitation services.

Foreseeing an upward trajectory, LDL is leveraging its past successes to strengthen its position and delve into new market segments. Engaging with local water authorities and commercial venues, the company is not just offering services but is also identifying and addressing the specific needs of these sectors. By tailoring its approach to cater to the nuanced demands of its customers, LDL is providing not just technical solutions but a blueprint for sustainable infrastructure that will serve future generations.

With projects that range from small-scale drain maintenance to the rehabilitation of expansive sewer systems, Brooker's hands-on approach and customer-centric philosophy are likely to resonate across the entire operation of LDL. The personal touch, which seems to set LDL apart, aligns perfectly with the high quality and reliability of the solutions offered. It's this blend of personal expertise and high-end technology that is expected to define the market standard.

The Synergy of Experience and Innovation

The wastewater sector, with its constant evolution and increasing demands, requires a balance of experienced leadership and cutting-edge solutions. Brooker's ascension to the position of Managing Director represents a strategic move by Vortex to elevate LDL with an insider's perspective, one that is well-versed in the historic methodologies but equally prepared for innovative breakthroughs.

By nurturing a company culture that values both expertise and innovation, LDL is positioning itself as a forward-thinking industry leader. The company's expansion into services such as Geopolymer lining is a testament to its ambition to not only meet the current market needs but also to anticipate and respond to future trends. These initiatives under Brooker's directorship are expected to set new benchmarks for excellence and to foster an environment where continuous improvement is not just a goal but a tangible reality.

A Path Toward Sustainable Infrastructure

As Brooker takes the reins, there is an unmistakable focus on sustainability at LDL. Understanding the significant role that infrastructure plays in environmental factors, LDL strives to minimize the environmental impact of their operations. Through the use of trenchless technology, which negates the need for extensive excavation and disruption, LDL not only conserves the landscape but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional construction methods.

The expansion of their service portfolio to include solutions like Geopolymer lining for manholes reflects an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and to the provision of resilient, long-lasting infrastructure solutions. Brooker's leadership is set to amplify these efforts, merging his vast experience with a passionate dedication to the creation of sustainable cities and communities.

In conclusion, Lining Division Ltd.'s augury of growth under Paul Brooker signals a new chapter not just for the company but for the UK's infrastructure landscape at large. With Brooker at the helm, supported by Vortex's innovative solutions and resources, LDL is redefining what it means to lead in the world of trenchless rehabilitation and contracting services.

As we watch this evolving story of industry transformation and personalized approaches in leadership, it becomes clear that the combination of seasoned expertise and an invigorated corporate philosophy at LDL under Brooker's guidance is re-shaping the market's future. Vortex and LDL together represent a powerful synergy poised to deliver unparalleled solutions and drive the sustainable infrastructure of tomorrow.

The stage is set, and the future beckons with untapped potential. Under the strategic direction of Paul Brooker, backed by Vortex's global reach and innovative approach, we can expect Lining Division Ltd. to emerge as an even more prominent player in the intricate tapestry of the UK's and indeed the world's, infrastructure narrative.