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omnicom rises as forerunner in commerce acclaimed by forrester wave 23


Omnicom Rises as Forerunner in Commerce, Acclaimed by Forrester Wave


Benjamin Hughes

May 15, 2024 - 17:17 pm


Omnicom Triumphs as a Leader in Commerce Services: The Forrester Wave Report Highlights

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 – Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC), a global leader in marketing and corporate communications, today proudly announced its designation as a Leader in the influential industry report, "The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Services, Q2 2024". This acknowledgement, published by the esteemed Forrester Research, Inc., underscores Omnicom's prolific stature within the commerce realm.

Forrester's rigorous analysis, which encompasses 24 distinct criteria, underscored Omnicom's extraordinary performance, awarding the company the highest available scores across a plethora of categories. These criteria include but are not limited to, commerce strategy, vision, and innovation, as well as the proficiency in retail media, platforms, and data analytics, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Additional sectors where Omnicom's exceptional standards shined comprise online and retail marketplaces, in-store services, partner ecosystem, alongside their prodigious reputation for fostering awards and creativity.

This coveted recognition tracks on the heels of Omnicom's strategic move in January 2024, when it acquired Flywheel Digital, a recognized powerhouse in digital commerce. Flywheel Digital's integration into Omnicom's portfolio has catapulted the conglomerate to the forefront as one of the prime buyers of retail media, substantially enhancing Omnicom's dominance in delivering end-to-end commerce experiences. Brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Alibaba amongst others have been part of Omnicom’s impressive repertoire of digital marketplace and retailer collaborations.

Flywheel seamlessly merges with the innovative powers of the Omnicom Commerce Group and Credera, Omnicom's digital transformation consultancy, further bolstering a foundation of award-winning creative and omnichannel expertise. This potent amalgamation of talent, vision, and technology has solidified Omnicom's stature as a commanding force in the commerce landscape, enabling its clientele to lead the charge in the dynamic arenas of digital commerce and retail media sectors.

The acute observation from Forrester's evaluation hails Omnicom's considerable growth, attributing its ascent in the market to strategic acquisitions. Companies like Flywheel Digital and Credera have buttressed Omnicom’s platform and service offerings, engendering an enhanced capacity to furnish managed services for commerce operations and technology. According to Forrester, even though Omnicom persists in maintaining creativity and content at its core, the company has substantially augmented its portfolio with data, analytics, and performance-based experiences.

John Wren, Chairman and CEO of Omnicom Group, expressed his satisfaction with the Forrester Wave™ rankings by affirming, "Our ranking in this Forrester Wave™ reaffirms our decision to acquire Flywheel and add it to our Omni platform, strategic commerce offerings, and best-in-class talent." He goes on to state, "Our position as a leader proves our ability to orchestrate intelligent outcomes for our clients and keep pace with the ongoing evolution within our industry."

At the heart of Omnicom’s commerce solution lies Omni, an AI-powered, open operating system, converging with the Flywheel Commerce Cloud — recognized as one of the leading cloud-based digital commerce platforms globally. By marrying the advanced product and transactional data from Flywheel Commerce Cloud with the precise audience and behavioral data from Omni, Omnicom propels its clients towards achieving unrivaled proficiency in retail media effectiveness, driving sales and fortifying profitability of products.

The detailed Forrester report corroborates Omnicom's strategic robustness, particularly when it comes to its partner ecosystem, noting the comprehensive support the company provides across various commerce platforms and its substantial marketplace presence. Elevating this offering is Omnicom’s formidable Omni platform and, as the report remarks, a robust commerce and technology workforce that has significantly grown beyond expectations. The concerted effort of these factors is what propels Omnicom towards rapid acceleration in commerce.

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A trailblazer in the data-inspired creative marketing and sales solutions sector, Omnicom (NYSE: OMC) houses some of the world's most innovative communications specialists within its iconic agency brands. These individuals are compelled by the mission to drive intelligent business outcomes for a clientele that spans across over 5,000 companies in more than 70 countries. Omnicom's extensive service slate encompasses advertising, strategic media planning and buying, precision marketing, and a host of services across retail and digital commerce, branding, experiential marketing, public relations, healthcare marketing, among other specialized services.

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In closing, the recognition by Forrester Research as a leader in commerce services can be viewed as a testament to Omnicom’s commitment to remain at the apex of innovation and service delivery within the commerce sector. The Forrester Wave™ report is a respected industry benchmark that signifies a company’s abilities to keep abreast of the shifting dynamics of the market and enhance client outcomes. Omnicom, with its strategic acquisitions and fusion of expertise, is well-placed to continue to shape the digital commerce landscape and maintain its expansive global influence.

In the highly competitive field of commerce services, it's imperative that established agencies not only adapt rapidly to evolving market conditions but also leverage the potential of technology and data to maintain their edge. Omnicom's forethought in acquisitions and integrations distinguishes the company as a pivotal player adept at anticipating and accommodating the needs of a diverse and growing set of industries reliant on digital sales and marketing channels.

As we look forward, the world of commerce services is destined to encounter more sophisticated challenges and opportunities. The need for innovative strategy, creative content, and data-driven results will only intensify, and establishments like Omnicom Group Inc. are strategically poised to thrive and drive client success amidst these ever-evolving commerce landscapes.

Companies seeking to advance in the field of retail media, digital commerce, or marketplaces need partners that can offer not just services but holistic solutions that are adaptable to global trends and expectations. Omnicom, through its strategic amalgamation of companies such as Flywheel Digital and Credera, has displayed an inherent capacity to provide such comprehensive, cutting-edge commerce solutions.

Omnicom’s philosophy and business model underscore the importance of staying ahead of the curve. This is vividly reflected in the company’s investment in technologies like AI and robust platforms such as the Omni and Flywheel Commerce Cloud. The resultant synergy enables Omnicom to offer a cohesive and dynamic ecosystem for their clients' commerce needs, further cementing their leadership status as highlighted in the latest Forrester Wave report.

Adopting a foresighted outlook towards marketplaces, data analytics, AI, and partnerships, Omnicom stands to raise the bar for what brands and companies can expect from their commerce service providers. By navigating market trends with agility and ingenuity, Omnicom seems set to not only stay relevant but also to redefine the paradigms of client service in the ever-expanding universe of digital commerce.

The Forrester Wave™ proclamation serves as a beacon, spotlighting Omnicom's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. It's not only an affirmation of past strategic decisions but also a sounding board for future ventures and expansions within the digital space and beyond. Clients, stakeholders, and the industry at large will indeed watch expectantly as Omnicom continues to expand its horizons and pave the way for novel and intelligent commerce solutions.

In conclusion, as the commerce landscape continues its rapid evolution, companies that choose to stand still risk being left behind. For Omnicom, being named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Services, Q2 2024, is a clear signal of their forward momentum and a promise of ongoing innovation and client-focused results. It is a significant moment that underscores the company's legacy and points to a path of sustained leadership in a world where commerce and technology seamlessly intersect.