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minisos trailblazing ip collaboration unleashed at american dream mall new jersey 23


MINISO's Trailblazing IP Collaboration Unleashed at American Dream Mall, New Jersey


Michael Chen

April 4, 2024 - 06:36 am


MINISO Unveils Sanrio Co-Designed Flagship Store in American Dream Mall, New Jersey

The global lifestyle brand MINISO has announced the May opening of a new IP collection flagship store in the American Dream Mall, New Jersey. This store, which marks a collaboration with Sanrio, is poised to be MINISO's first Sanrio IP-inspired store in the United States, targeting local families and the youth with an enchanting and trendy shopping experience. The flagship embodies MINISO's latest strategy to delve into IP collaborations in the US market, pushing forward its accelerated growth in North America following a strong performance in 2023.

A New Shopping Experience Coming to American Dream

On April 4, 2024, MINISO revealed plans for its new flagship store in one of the most iconic shopping destinations in North America. In partnership with Sanrio, known for its array of popular characters like Hello Kitty, the store is set to create a world of excitement and imagination for shoppers. The decision to open in the American Dream Mall reflects MINISO's ambition to explore further its intellectual property collaborations and capitalize on the opportunities within the lucrative US market. The store's design and selection promise to provide a unique shopping environment that intertwines character-inspired products with fashion-forward sensibilities.

MINISO American Dream Storefront Design

Impressive Growth in 2023 Paves the Way for Expansion

MINISO's financial results for the December quarter of 2023 showed a robust total global revenue of $1.9 billion USD, a significant year-over-year growth of 39.4%. The North American market, in particular, has been a standout region for the brand. With the opening of 172 stores by the end of the year, the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) reached $178 million USD, demonstrating an annual growth rate of 120%. North America's total revenue rocketed to $160 million USD, presenting an annual increase of 128%, thus shining the brightest in comparison to all of MINISO's markets outside of China.

Innovative collaborations, a commitment to product innovation, and strategic store expansions are the factors that have fueled this exemplary growth. Throughout the prior year, MINISO brought a plethora of treasured IP partnerships to North American shores. With well-loved characters like Snoopy, Barbie, and the Care Bears featuring in its products and store aesthetics, MINISO has not just tapped into nostalgia but also given its consumers a fresh and creative shopping experience that drives sales.

Influencers celebrating the launch of MINISO x Barbie collection

In the past year, MINISO expanded its footprint across North America, laying roots in the core business districts of major cities. Notably, in May 2023, the Times Square flagship opened to remarkable sales, nearly reaching $80,000 on its first day, an unprecedented achievement for the brand's global store network. This wave of success didn't stop at Times Square. The celebratory opening of MINISO's 100th US store quickly escalated to 120 stores shortly thereafter. March 2024 marked the opening of a second Times Square store, this time catching the public eye with an innovative Stitch design that achieved the highest sales per square-foot record amongst all US MINISO stores. Outstanding store locations paired with a premium shopping experience fostered staggering same-store sales growth—75% YoY in North America, substantially overstepping the 26% average growth in MINISO's other global markets outside China.

Customer taking photo of MINISO’s Times Square

Vision for the Future: Leading the IP Design Retail Space

Bella Tu, the General Manager of MINISO Overseas Directly Operated Markets and Vice President, expresses clarity in the brand's direction, "Our vision is to become the world's leading IP design retail group, and North America plays a key role in this ambitious plan," said Tu. She credits the remarkable progress in the market to strategic IP partnerships, innovative store initiatives, and the unwavering support from local patrons. As 2024 progresses, MINISO looks towards the inauguration of its American Dream Mall New Jersey flagship and is set on unveiling stores in other prime locations, like Santa Monica, Coronado, Miami Beach, and Burlington. With eyes set on global growth, MINISO plans to instil joy in more consumers' lives, aiming to add between 550-650 new stores worldwide by year's end.

About MINISO: Revolutionizing Retail with Design and Innovation

MINISO Group has risen to international fame as a lifestyle brand that merges design with value. Through its vast chain of stores, it commits to a shopping adventure that is both mesmerizing and refreshing, appealing to a-wide range of shoppers. The cornerstone of every MINISO product lies in its delightful design, premium quality, and affordability, which is why its diverse portfolio consistently sees frequent additions. Since opening its first store in China in 2013, MINISO has been relentless in cementing its status as a admired retail brand with a significant store network globally.

In adhering to a philosophy that marries joy with innovation, MINISO continues to make waves across the retail landscape, foreseeing even more prosperous horizons as it expands its footprint and deepens its assortment of lifestyle offerings that resonate with consumers on a global scale.

For further information, images, and opportunities to experience MINISO's innovative retail concepts, media outlets and consumers can access a wealth of resources through the official MINISO source link and image gallery:

With the primary focus on executing a delightful customer experience, MINISO's new flagship store in the American Dream Mall is not just another addition to its portfolio but a gateway into the future of design-oriented retail that is expected to revolutionize the way we think about branded collaborations and the in-store experience.

As MINISO's commitment to leveraging popular intellectual properties as a vehicle for growth continues, we can anticipate a ripple effect throughout the retail sector. Other brands may look to this model as an exemplar of how deep connections between storytelling and product design can yield substantial commercial success, building upon the industry's past success with character licensing and merchandise.

Embracing the 'Joy Philosophy' is central to MINISO's approach to retail, which they believe is an experience that goes beyond mere transactional interactions. Each store aims to serve as a community hub where memories are created, and cherished characters from various IPs become a part of daily lives. This philosophy is evident in the store designs that teem with vitality and the curated product selections that promise to bring smiles to consumers of all ages.

Beyond the appeal of its IP collaborations, MINISO's strategic advantage also comes from providing quality products at affordable prices. This accessibility broadens its appeal, allowing shoppers from various backgrounds to enjoy premium design without the premium price tag. Moreover, MINISO's product release strategy ensures there is always something new and exciting in-store, keeping the consumer's interest piqued with regular updates to its product lines.

Ultimately, MINISO's growth trajectory in North America, powered by its IP ventures and strategic expansion efforts, reveals a confident march towards becoming an eminent name in the world of retail. Aligning its brand with joyful experiences and a commitment to design excellence, MINISO stands on the forefront of a modern retail era where the essence of shopping is defined by the emotional connection and delight of discovery.

The planned flagship store in the American Dream Mall stands testament to MINISO's innovative spirit and profound understanding of consumer desires—an oasis of creativity and retail therapy designed to engage, inspire, and fulfill.

The future looks bright and buoyant for MINISO as it gears up for continued success in 2024, bringing its unique flavor of happiness to the masses. Its stores will not merely be spaces to buy and sell but cultural landmarks that symbolize the thrilling intersection of innovation, community, and joy—an embodiment of the future MINISO envisages for retail around the globe.

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As MINISO prepares to cut the ribbon on its latest retail innovation, the American Dream Mall is set to become a destination for shoppers who yearn for a blend of nostalgia, excitement, and modern design in every aisle. The flagship stands as a beacon of MINISO's global journey, marking another milestone in the brand's story of unbounded growth and its pursuit of bringing joy to every corner of the world.