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Mayer Brown Enhances Legal Team with Seasoned SEC Partner Jennifer Zepralka


Michael Chen

April 8, 2024 - 09:25 am


Legal Expertise Bolstered at Mayer Brown with New Partner from SEC

Mayer Brown, a prominent player in international law, is proud to announce a strategic addition to its team with the hire of Jennifer Zepralka, former Office Chief of the Office of Small Business Policy in the Division of Corporation Finance at the SEC. Zepralka is set to join the firm's Public Companies & Corporate Governance practice, enhancing the breadth and depth of services it offers to clients navigating the complexities of today's regulatory environment.

Jennifer Zepralka Joins Mayer Brown as Partner

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Mayer Brown made waves in the legal sector today by revealing the appointment of Jennifer Zepralka as a partner in the firm’s celebrated Public Companies & Corporate Governance group. Bringing to the table her invaluable expertise from her tenure at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Zepralka’s addition marks a significant coup for the firm. Since 2018, she has led the SEC's Office of Small Business Policy, distinguishing herself with her comprehensive knowledge of regulations affecting small businesses and her acumen in navigating the capital-raising process.

Jon Van Gorp, the chair of Mayer Brown, expressed his enthusiasm for Jennifer's arrival: "We're exceedingly excited to have Jennifer join our ranks. Her extensive experience and pronounced achievements during her service at the SEC, notably her involvement in notable rulemakings, offer our clients a considerable advantage as they face the intricate tapestry of contemporary regulatory demands."

A Distinguished Tenure at the SEC

During her impactful stint at the SEC, Zepralka initially took on the role of Senior Special Counsel to the Division Director within the Division of Corporation Finance, providing guidance on critical technical and policy-related matters. Her work contributed to the enactment of landmark legislations including the Dodd-Frank Act and the JOBS Act. Subsequently, she ventured back into private practice, offering her services as a partner at another law firm, where she honed her proficiency in capital raising, public reporting, and governance-related issues for both public and private entities.

At the forefront of her recent endeavors at the SEC's Office of Small Business Policy, Zepralka was instrumental in directing the office through the nuances of overseeing registration exemptions and other facets of federal securities laws impacting small businesses. Her pivotal role in the SEC's rulemaking process, especially in formulating and enforcing the pay versus performance disclosure requirements and the far-reaching amendments to the exempt offering framework, underscores her integral contribution to the agency. Additionally, her involvement in the latest amendments to the SPAC rules further reflects the breadth of her expertise.

Jennifer’s appointment coincides with the firm's continuous effort to enhance its Public Companies & Corporate Governance practice and its Public Policy, Regulatory & Government Affairs branch. This year, Mayer Brown reinforced its cadre of experts by welcoming Kimberly Hamm, who served as chief counsel to former SEC Chair Jay Clayton and to the US Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, expanding the scope of knowledge and experience within the practice.

Speaking on the new challenges that lie ahead, Jennifer Zepralka remarked, "Public companies are encountering an array of obstacles in this evolution of the legal and regulatory landscape. I am eager to channel my insights and industry knowledge to benefit the firm’s esteemed clientele."

Mayer Brown’s Enhanced Global Presence

As an established name in the international legal arena, Mayer Brown is adept at representing the interests of globally recognized corporations, investment funds, and financial institutions across high-stakes transactions and legal disputes. The firm's extensive footprint is evident through their comprehensive legal services and by their presence in strategic locations worldwide.

For further information about Mayer Brown and to understand the reach of their global services, interested parties are invited to explore the firm’s website at The website offers detailed contact information for Mayer Brown offices across different countries and jurisdictions.

Mayer Brown operates through a network of associated legal practices including Mayer Brown LLP in Illinois, USA; Mayer Brown International LLP in England & Wales; Mayer Brown, a Hong Kong partnership; and Tauil & Chequer Advogados, a Brazilian law partnership. Alongside these entities, Mayer Brown also includes non-legal service providers that deliver consultancy services, together referred to as the "Mayer Brown Practices". Each entity within the Mayer Brown Practices is established in various jurisdictions and may operate as a legal person or a partnership, with PK Wong & Nair LLC representing the firm's Singapore law practice within the Mayer Brown PK Wong & Nair Pte. Ltd. joint law venture.

For intricate details regarding the individual Mayer Brown Practices and PK Wong & Nair LLC, as well as a comprehensive understanding of their legal advancements and ventures, the Legal Notices section of the Mayer Brown website serves as a resourceful guide for clients and legal enthusiasts alike.

Mayer Brown's recognition as a leader in the field is reinforced by their distinct trademark and logo, which serve as symbols of their commitment to delivering legal excellence. As of the year 2024, Mayer Brown reaffirms its dedication to upholding the highest standards of service and maintains ownership of all rights to its brand name and logo.

SOURCE: Mayer Brown

Resembling a strategic chess move in the complex game of global law, the incorporation of Jennifer Zepralka into Mayer Brown's cadre of specialists is anticipated to be a game-changer for the firm and its clients. Her rare blend of experience within the SEC and private legal practice shines a promising light on Mayer Brown's indomitable commitment to match the pace of regulatory evolutions and to continue providing exemplary service in the legal domain.

As we witness the dynamics of the regulatory landscape incessantly shifting, the foresight shown by Mayer Brown in fortifying its team with legally adept professionals like Jennifer Zepralka is a testament to the firm's resolve to remain at the forefront of legal innovation and client service. In an era where change is the only constant, Mayer Brown’s move signals an enduring adaptability and a strong client-first orientation, promising unwavering guidance through the challenging terrain of corporate governance and public policy.

The progressive nature of Mayer Brown's approach towards handling legal complexities is further exemplified by its embrace of diverse talents and expertise. With the absorption of Jennifer Zepralka and her profound proficiency in small business policy and governmental affairs, along with the recent inclusion of other seasoned professionals like Kimberly Hamm, Mayer Brown stands as a beacon of robust legal prowess, illuminating the way for public companies embarking on a journey through an intricate regulatory maze.

In conclusion, with every strategic hire and partnership, Mayer Brown consolidates its esteemed status in the international legal framework, fostering a network of excellence that resonates through each of its multifaceted practices. As experts like Jennifer Zepralka align with the firm's mission, Mayer Brown continues to carve a niche in the demanding world of complex corporate governance and legal advocacy, ever vigilant to the call of an era marked by regulatory rigor and the need for breakthrough solutions.

Through continuous growth and the upholding of its standards, Mayer Brown not only reaffirms its leading position within the global legal industry but also emphasizes its readiness to take on the future, sculpting a legacy grounded in legal mastery and unwavering client trust.

Mayer Brown rests confidently on the horizon of the legal landscape, emboldened by its recent strategic addition of Jennifer Zepralka. With the expertise garnered from the SEC, the firm is primed to unlock new vistas of legal service, standing as a paragon of legal adroitness in the face of uncharted territories of regulatory compliance and corporate governance. Mayer Brown's commitment to its clients and to the enduring legacy of authoritative legal service shines ever brighter with each such addition to its eminent team.

The professional journey embarked upon by Mayer Brown, characterized by a dynamic, innovative, and client-centric ethos, continues to draw industry-wide attention and accolades. As Jennifer Zepralka steps into her new role, a palpable sense of anticipation surrounds the potentialities that her depth of knowledge and the firm's comprehensive legal capabilities will bring forth for clients seeking navigation through an ever-evolving regulatory expanse.

Mayer Brown — A Trademark of Excellence

Now, as Mayer Brown looks towards the future with its clear vision and pivotal recruitments, it solidifies its trademark stance as a leading force of excellence, integrity, and innovation in legal services. Each verdict reached, each contract drafted, and each policy shaped under the firm's guidance carries the unmistakable mark of their dedication to legal precision and unwavering client advocacy.

With the knowledge and foresight to wield the complexities of the legal world to their advantage, Mayer Brown and its consummate team of experts continue to chart a course towards a future rich with legal successes and pioneering client services. This ethos of excellence is far more than just a principle; it is the firm's legacy, underscored by every strategic addition, such as Jennifer Zepralka, enhancing the firm's robust legal tradition.

Embarking on a shared vision for legal innovation and unwavering client service, Mayer Brown and Jennifer Zepralka are poised to navigate the labyrinthine terrains of corporate governance and public policy advocacy. It is a union destined to lead and define the crusade for legal dexterity in service of businesses, institutions, and individuals around the globe.

Mayer Brown's evolution and proactive strategy in cultivating a team of premier legal minds, supported by the ubiquitous presence of its trademark, presages a continued ascent in the legal hierarchy. As clients and industry observers alike watch, the firm stands on the precipice of a new chapter, ready to enact the next series of accomplishments that will further endorse Mayer Brown's legacy as a standard-bearer of global legal expertise.