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Lucosky Brookman Expands with Key Partnership and Austin Office


Benjamin Hughes

May 16, 2024 - 12:25 pm


Lucosky Brookman Gears Up for Expansion with Strategic New Partner and Austin Office Launch

Lucosky Brookman LLP, an esteemed corporate and litigation law firm, recently announced a significant expansion with the appointment of Mary-Ellen King as a Partner. King, a distinguished figure in the legal realm, will be steering the firm's Commercial Litigation and Insurance Coverage and Defense Practice Group. Her leadership opens a new chapter for Lucosky Brookman as she takes the helm of the newly minted Austin, TX, office. Her impeccable track record and more than twenty years of experience in complex litigation cases make her an invaluable asset to the firm's robust team of lawyers, offering clients unparalleled expertise.

A Strategic Fit for Legal Excellence

Joseph Lucosky, the Managing Partner at Lucosky Brookman, voiced his enthusiasm about this strategic alliance. He remarked, "The addition of Mary-Ellen and her adept team marks a significant milestone in our firm's journey. Her extensive experience, calculated approach to legal strategy, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch results align with our core values and mission. Their integration into our Commercial Litigation and Insurance Coverage and Defense Practice Group means rich dividends for our client services across the nation, backed by our exemplary legal acumen."

King's legal career is decorated with major courtroom and case management successes. With her battle-tested litigation strategies, she has adeptly navigated the complicated legal terrains of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, as well as federal courts across the United States. Her persuasive and polished approach in the courtroom has consistently led to favorable outcomes for her clients, attaining settlements and verdicts which echo her profound skill and dedication.

Embracing the Lucosky Brookman Ethos

"I am profoundly honored to join a firm as reputable and progressive as Lucosky Brookman. The firms' dedication to client-focused service and legal excellence mirrors my own values," Mary-Ellen expressed. She emphasized her eagerness to contribute to the firm by extending its reach with a Texas office, stating, "This will enhance our capacity to serve our clientele more effectively while leveraging Lucosky Brookman's established network."

Celebrating a Legacy of Legal Triumphs

Mary-Ellen King's triumphs include a plethora of litigated victories—recently, she achieved an appellate victory at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, upholding a trial court's judgment that dismissed a $1.7 million coverage case on grounds of lack of personal jurisdiction. Another feather in her cap was achieving a defense jury verdict in the Eastern District of Texas. During this case, associated with the first-party property insurance coverage claims post-Winter Storm Uri, the jury decided upon a $0 verdict in her client's favor. Furthermore, her astute arguments led to a successful summary judgment in the Southern District of Texas, leveraging a statute of limitations in a comparable legal matter. These victories underscore Ms. King’s prowess in unraveling complex issues and securing remarkable outcomes for her clients.

Renowned for her extensive involvement in the legal community, Ms. King’s standing goes beyond her law practice. Her upcoming tenure as President of the Austin Bar Association complements a long history of active engagement, including various executive roles and a storied tenure on the Board of Directors. Her peers acknowledged her exemplary service by naming her the Austin Bar Association Director of the Year for 2019-2020. Besides these roles, she has led various committee initiatives. Her status as a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and being honored as a Top Attorney in Austin for Civil Litigation by Austin Monthly put her in the spotlight of legal eminence.

In her previous positions, Ms. King has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision. As Counsel for the Lower Colorado River Authority, she navigated complex litigation, secured advantageous settlements, managed outside counsel in eminent domain litigation, and collaborated with internal teams to manage risk and ensure proper insurance coverage. Additionally, her experience as a Senior Supply Chain Leader involved the oversight of over 20,000 contracts, perfecting internal processes to enhance operational efficiency and reduce risks.

"I am thrilled to join a firm that not only fosters diversity and innovation but also perseveringly places clients at the forefront," she stated further. This move aligns with her vision to offer clients an expansive suite of sophisticated legal services that extend beyond traditional litigation and insurance realms.

About Lucosky Brookman LLP

With a firm grounding in the New York metropolitan area and an extensive network of offices and attorneys across the United States, Lucosky Brookman LLP is a beacon of sophisticated legal counsel. The firm caters to both domestic and international clients, navigating complex territory in corporate and securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, lending transactions—both secured and unsecured—general corporate matters, and advanced commercial litigation. Its practice areas burgeon far beyond, including securities litigation, white-collar and regulatory matters, intellectual property, employment law, and of course, insurance coverage and defense cases.

For further information, the law firm can be contacted through various channels:

Lucosky Brookman LLP 101 Wood Avenue South, 5th Floor Woodbridge, New Jersey 08830 Phone: 732 395-4400 Facsimile: 732 395-4401 Email: [email protected] Web:


Offering an array of holistic legal services, this move signifies Lucosky Brookman's commitment to enhancing their influence and providing their clientele with the finest legal support available. As Mary-Ellen King stands poised to drive the firm's success in her new role, her arrival marks a transformative point for Lucosky Brookman. Both the firm and its clients await a future where the joined forces will deliver unprecedented legal insight and strategy, reinforcing the firm's status as a powerhouse in the corporate and litigation landscapes.

In summary, Mary-Ellen King's induction into Lucosky Brookman LLP as a partner and head of its Austin office posits a compelling narrative of legal aristocracy, strategic expansion, and client-centric evolution. With Joseph Lucosky's forward-thinking leadership and King's vast experience and legal acumen, the firm is poised to ascend new heights of excellence in service and legal mastery. The legal community keenly anticipates the seminal contributions that this partnership will yield, further engraving the firm's name in the annals of legal pre-eminence.

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