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katten expands ma litigation expertise with new powerhouse partner 23


Katten Expands M&A Litigation Expertise with New Powerhouse Partner


Benjamin Hughes

May 14, 2024 - 15:59 pm


Katten Strengthens Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Practice with New Partner

DALLAS, May 14, 2024 - In a strategic move to bolster its Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Litigation practice, Katten, a leading law firm, has announced the appointment of James C. Bookhout as a partner and chair of the team in the Dallas office.

James C. Bookhout James C. Bookhout joins the Katten team to lead the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation practice.

A Respected Advocate for M&A Challenges

"James is an exceptional lawyer, equipped with the acumen to navigate complex M&A litigation, stemming from his comprehensive insight into the intricacies involved in deal-making," expressed Becky Lindahl, a partner and the chair of Katten's Commercial Litigation practice. "His skilled advocacy and understanding of the legal hurdles in mergers, acquisitions, and commercial transactions make him an invaluable asset to our clients."

Bookhout brings to the table a wealth of experience in representing both buyers and sellers through the maze of indemnification claims, fraud disputes in M&A contexts, earnout disagreements, and the handling of working capital and post-closing adjustment disputes. His expertise extends to resolving conflicts between investors and sponsors stemming from private equity transactions. With a track record of guiding clients through pivotal transactions and adeptly managing litigation that arises within portfolio companies, Bookhout’s acumen is a significant addition to Katten.

In the arena of commercial litigation, his focus includes both pre- and post-closing M&A and investor disputes. Bookhout has successfully represented a roster of public and private clients in a variety of federal and state courts throughout the United States. His consistent performance and dedication to his field have earned him the "Best Lawyers under 40" accolade by D Magazine for the last five years.

"Katten's success is rooted in the strength and caliber of our team," remarked Mark S. Solomon, the managing partner of Katten's Dallas office. "James's reputation for pragmatic, business-centric, and forward-thinking counsel aligns perfectly with the ethos of our Dallas team."

Proactive Litigation Strategies

Katten's Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation practice is reputed for its proactive approach in assisting clients to prevent and resolve post-closing disputes. The strategic focus on critical decisions that influence the outcomes of litigation is at the heart of their service delivery. The spectrum of disputes that the firm handles includes allegations of breach of representations and warranties, contract breaches, or fiduciary duty, as well as claims involving purchase price adjustments, earnout disputes, net working capital disputes, third-party indemnifications, fraud, closing and funding obligations, and shareholder challenges. Considering that roughly one-fourth of all M&A transactions encounter post-closing litigation, Katten’s forward-looking methodology involves transactional attorneys collaborating with the M&A Litigation team to forecast outcomes and safeguard the interests of their clientele.

A Full-Service Firm with International Outreach

Katten exemplifies a full-service law firm with an approximate strength of 700 attorneys spread across the United States and with global footprints in London and Shanghai. The firm is a beacon for clients pursuing high-value legal services, offering its expertise on both local and international scales. Katten prides itself on its multifaceted core practice areas which include corporate, financial markets and funds, insolvency and restructuring, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, structured finance and securitization, transactional tax planning, private credit, and private wealth. Its clientele comprises a diverse spectrum of public and private companies, government and nonprofit organizations, as well as individual entities.

Further Information and Contacts

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With the induction of James C. Bookhout into its ranks, Katten is set to further strengthen its ability to offer comprehensive legal counsel and litigation support in the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions. The combination of Bookhout’s in-depth legal expertise and Katten’s already established reputation within the M&A sphere hints at a future ripe with success and positive outcomes for their clients. As Katten continues to extend its legacy of excellence, the legal sector watches with interest to see how Bookhout's contributions will shape the future of M&A litigation under the firm's robust umbrella.

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The merger and acquisition processes are fraught with complexities that often give rise to unique and challenging litigation scenarios. As a response to the evolving needs of businesses in these intricate transactions, Katten’s strategic recruitment of James C. Bookhout heralds a reinforced capability to tackle such challenges head-on. With his comprehensive understanding of deal transaction challenges, Bookhout stands ready to steer the firm’s M&A Litigation practice through the tumultuous waters of post-closing disputes and related legal intricacies. His arrival marks a notable commitment by Katten to continue delivering legal services that blend brilliance with foresight.

A Beacon for Businesses in Transition

In the competitive arena of M&A, businesses seek legal partners who not only have the expertise to defend their interests but also the foresight to anticipate potential issues before they arise. The M&A Litigation practice at Katten builds on this need by incorporating a proactive strategy into its client services. The firm's dedicated team of M&A litigators boasts a formidable track record of handling a gamut of disputes with a focus on strategic decision-making that has time and again, driven successful results for their clients. As James C. Bookhout steps into his new role, his leadership is poised to steer the practice in continuing its tradition of excellence and success.