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invesco triumphs with stellar q1 finances defying market volatility 23


Invesco Triumphs With Stellar Q1 Finances, Defying Market Volatility


Lauren Miller

April 23, 2024 - 10:55 am


Invesco Reports Impressive First Quarter Growth Amidst Dynamic Market Conditions

In a confident display of market resilience, Invesco Ltd. has reported a robust first-quarter performance for the period ending March 31, 2024. The financial powerhouse documented notable advancements across multiple financial metrics, including earnings per share (EPS) and assets under management (AUM).

Financial Highlights

Invesco announced a diluted EPS of $0.31 and an adjusted diluted EPS of $0.33, marking a testament to the firm’s steadfast financial position. Its ability to navigate turbulent market waters is also mirrored in its net long-term inflows which surged to $6.3 billion for the quarter, juxtaposed against the $6.7 billion recorded in the previous quarter. The ending AUM rose to $1,662.7 billion, representing a considerable 4.9% increase from the past quarter. In particular, ETFs, Index, Fundamental Fixed Income, and Private Markets were significant contributors to the inflows, reflecting Invesco's strategic investment diversity and strong product performance.

The operating margin stood at 14.4%, and the adjusted operating margin reached an even more impressive 28.2%. Furthermore, the quarterly common stock dividend saw an increase to $0.205 per share, indicative of Invesco’s robust cash position and predictable cash flows.

Additionally, Invesco demonstrated prudence and financial discipline by redeeming $600 million