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iegs strategic acquisition of infrafm expo powers expansion in brazils market 23


IEG's Strategic Acquisition of InfraFM Expo Powers Expansion in Brazil's Market


Benjamin Hughes

June 3, 2024 - 09:53 am


Italian Exhibition Group Bolsters Presence in Brazilian Market with InfraFM Expo Acquisition

In a strategic move that signifies growth and expansion in the Brazilian domain, the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), an acclaimed orchestrator of global trade fairs and conferences, has announced the complete acquisition and forthcoming management of the InfraFM Expo. Scheduled to unfold from June 4th to the 6th, this eminent trade exhibition will take place at São Paulo’s Expo Centre Norte. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for IEG, as it sets to fortify its footprint in the key Brazilian market.

The InfraFM Expo is an essential event that features solutions, emerging trends, and innovative technologies pivotal for managing condominiums, facilities, properties, and work environments. This aligns with the modern philosophy of general contractors, who are now increasingly integrating varied services to bridge the distance between familial spheres and the place of work.

On the 3rd of June 2024, in São Paulo, Corrado Peraboni, the CEO of Italian Exhibition Group, stated with confidence that their foray into the Brazilian market, which independently stands at a robust €70 billion, is timed with an aspiration to tap into what is anticipated to burgeon into a formidable €2 trillion industry globally by the year 2025. Through this strategic acquisition, IEG envisions securing its place among the top quintet of exhibition organizers in Brazil.

Continuing Ambition and Growth

This acquisition is not an isolated event, as elucidated by Graziano Messana, managing director of IEG in Brazil. In the preceding year, IEG brought under its wing MundoGeo, effectively unifying four distinct yet interconnected sectors: drones, geolocation, eVtol (flying vehicles), and space. This move resulted in an impressive fifty percent growth during the initial edition managed by IEG. Messana sees a similar trajectory of high development potential for InfraFM, bolstered by ongoing collaboration with the event’s founder.

Francesco Santa, IEG's director of international business development, adds to this prospective lookout. Since initiating operations in Brazil in 2022, the Group now manages a portfolio that includes Fesqua, Ebrats, and BTFF. Covering a diverse array of pivotal sectors from wellness to civil construction, IEG’s stance is not merely about expansion but enriching the fabric of the fairs and trade shows they organize, injecting a broad and strategic vision into each event.

Stellar Performance and Revenues

The remarkable growth narrative of IEG is complemented by their solid financial performance. In 2023, the Group posted revenues soaring to €212.4 million, which denotes a 32% climb relative to the previous year. This surge is also reflected in their EBITDA, which stood at €49.5 million.

Facilitating Strategies and Connections

Italian Exhibition Group’s foray into infrastructural and property management through InfraFM Expo in Brazil is testament to their strategic expansion approach. Not only does this provide a unique venue for the convergence of solutions and services for facility and property management, but it also serves the growing number of commercial and business centers in Brazil.

Inspiring Leadership

The vision of growth and success for IEG in Brazil is personified in the company’s leadership. Graziano Messana as the managing director for Brazil, Corrado Peraboni as the CEO, and Francesco Santa as the International Business Development Director, together represent the proactive and forward-thinking attitudes driving IEG's successful incursions into new markets. The presence of these leaders at InfraFM Expo further cements their commitment to the Brazilian market and highlights the importance of the event within IEG’s portfolio.

IEG Leadership Team

Powering the Future of Expos in Brazil: InfraFM Expo

With the acquisition, InfraFM Expo is poised to become a crucible of innovation and contracting solutions. General contractors, facility managers, property developers, and stakeholders from associated industries will gather to discuss the dynamics of facility and property management, alongside the intersection of work-life balance through the integration of multiple services.

IEG's growth is not serendipitous but rather the result of a distinct strategy that involves identifying markets with strong development potential and reinforcing their presence through acquisitions that align with their long-term visions. The past success with MundoGeo points to a trend that IEG wishes to emulate with InfraFM Expo. This strategic cultivation of market leads and a curated list of exhibitors and attendees ensures that every event under their umbrella is a resonant platform for industry discourse, technological advancements, and business opportunities.

Dynamic Markets and the IEG Vision

IEG’s proactive moves in the Brazilian market are a shining example of how the group has been spotting dynamic markets around the globe and embedding themselves firmly within. The transition from acquisition to enhancement of InfraFM Expo is envisioned to foster a future where IEG is not merely a participant in Brazil's economic upthrust but a chief architect of it.

IEG's international trade shows and conferences have consistently been at the forefront of driving industry connections, unveiling global commercial opportunities, and forging durable business networks. With the addition of InfraFM Expo into their fold, IEG significantly enhances their contribution to the burgeoning Brazilian service sector and its associated industries.

Contacting IEG and Moving Forward

IEG maintains an open channel of communication, welcoming press and interested parties to contact their team for further insights into their operations and events. The press office is led by Head of Corporate Communication & Media Relations, Elisabetta Vitali, along with Press Office Manager Marco Forcellini, Pier Francesco Bellini, and International Press Office Coordinator Silvia Giorgi, ensuring a cohesive and responsive information flow for global inquiries.

For more details and updates regarding IEG and their events, please reach out to the press office ([email protected]) or call +390541744814.

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A Summary of Success: IEG's Expansive Strategy

In conclusion, the Italian Exhibition Group has shown remarkable strategic acumen with their latest acquisition of InfraFM Expo. With the infrastructural and property management sector's substantial economic presence and potential in Brazil, IEG's move is both timely and promising. As they harbor plans to scale the ladder among exhibition organizers in the region, their established expertise and a string of successful acquisitions bear witness to a company on a steadfast path towards further growth and industry impact.

The Italian Exhibition Group will undoubtedly draw from its experiences rolling out InfraFM Expo and previous acquisitions to drive forward-thinking strategies and sustain their positive trajectory in a global context. With a discerning eye on the evolving marketplace, a keen intuition for opportunities, and a committed team at the helm, IEG stands ready to drive innovation and business synergy in the lively Brazilian market and beyond.

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