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HydrogenPro ASA Ushers in New Era with Dag J. Opedal as Board Chairman


Benjamin Hughes

April 2, 2024 - 10:27 am


Veteran Industrial Leader Dag J. Opedal Ascends as HydrogenPro ASA's Board Chairman

OSLO, Norway, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HydrogenPro ASA, a significant player in the hydrogen sector, is about to experience a shift in leadership earmarked for change and progress. With Mr. Terje Mikalsen stepping away from his chairmanship, the company's nomination committee has taken swift action, designating Mr. Dag J. Opedal as their choice for new Chair of the Board. An imperative meeting scheduled on April 22nd will see the election and potential affirmation of a new board at the company's annual general assembly.

Dag J. Opedal, who was born in 1959, boasts an impressive academic background, holding a degree in economics and business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), alongside an MBA from the esteemed INSEAD business school in France. Opedal's vast and diverse managerial expertise stems from his tenure in numerous high-ranking positions across various corporations, both in the public and private sectors. He has served as CEO of the renowned Orkla ASA and Treschow - Fritzøe AS, accrued executive experience as EVP at Norgesgruppen ASA, explored capital management as President of Ferd Capital, and steered operations as managing director at Stabburet AS.

Not limiting his influence to internal managerial roles, Mr. Opedal's proficiency extends to active participation on boards, contributing to the strategic direction of companies such as Telenor, Jotun, Carlsberg, Sapa / Alcoa, REC, and Bertel O. Steen. At present, his board memberships span prestigious organizations including Elkem, the Kavli Trust, Kavli Holding, Byggimpuls, and Lundhs.

Unanimous Support from the Nomination Committee

Mr. Arild S. Frick, head of the nomination committee, didn't hesitate to express his enthusiasm about Mr. Opedal's nomination. "We are very pleased that such an experienced and capable leader has accepted to lead the board through the exciting times the company has ahead," Mr. Frick remarked, clearly optimistic about the future trajectory of HydrogenPro under the guidance of a seasoned executive like Opedal.

Mr. Dag J. Opedal has not been a distant observer of the company's growth, having kept an alert and interested watch over HydrogenPro's development. He remarked with anticipation, "I have followed HydrogenPro over some time and am looking forward to the cooperation with the management and the rest of the board to realize the company's potential both technologically and marketwise."

The details of the full nomination to the new board have been made accessible and can be reviewed at the following link: HydrogenPro Board Nomination Proposal.

Furthermore, the nomination committee acknowledged the notification of a proposition from Richard Espeseth, a shareholder and board member. It is understood that Mr. Espeseth will introduce an alternative proposal for the board at an extraordinary general meeting that is to be held in conjunction after the ordinary meeting on April 22nd.

Contact and Further Information

For those seeking more information on the company's strategic board changes or other inquiries, Mr. Olaf H. Thommessen, Head of Communication for HydrogenPro ASA, can be contacted via email at [email protected]

All critical updates and expansions on the unfolding events at HydrogenPro ASA can also be followed through Cision News at

Additional Resources and Reference

For further insight and corporate developments involving HydrogenPro ASA, the official announcement regarding the esteemed industrial leader's nomination to chair the board is provided at the following link: Cision News Release.

The company proudly presents this information to share their journey, foster transparency, and maintain open communication with stakeholders invested in the emerging and vital hydrogen industry. This announcement lays the groundwork for HydrogenPro ASA's continued endeavor to spearhead innovation and market expansion in the clean energy sector.

About HydrogenPro ASA

HydrogenPro ASA has established itself as a visionary in the hydrogen production sector, committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions that cater to the global demand for renewable energy sources. The company has been the platform for stimulating research and the promotion of hydrogen as a cornerstone in the pursuit of sustainability. With the potential shifts at the board level, HydrogenPro ASA stands on the cusp of a transformative phase aimed at strengthening its position in the burgeoning market and reinforcing its commitment to technological advancement.

In conclusion, the upcoming annual general meeting will not only be pivotal in determining the leadership but will also potentially set the tone for the direction of HydrogenPro ASA in the foreseeable future. As the hydrogen industry continues to mature and evolve, the strategic execution of its leadership will play a monumental role in harnessing the full potential of this clean energy source.

With the combined experience and acumen of Mr. Dag J. Opedal, joined by the active and engaged members of the board, HydrogenPro ASA's future appears to be as promising and electrifying as the energy solutions it advocates for. As the world embraces green energy and looks to corporations like HydrogenPro ASA for innovation, April 22nd will undoubtedly be a date to watch within the industry.

As the anticipated date approaches, industry observers, shareholders, and stakeholders within the renewable energy sphere will have their gaze locked on HydrogenPro ASA's assembly outcomes. These affairs not only impact the corporation but also resonate within the wider context of environmental stewardship and the relentless pursuit of a clean and sustainable future. With the baton being passed to new hands, the race towards a greener tomorrow accelerates with fortified leadership and renewed vigor.

The news of Mr. Dag J. Opedal's potential appointment as Chair of the Board will likely reinforce HydrogenPro ASA's efforts to solidify its market presence and further its expertise amidst an industry that is rapidly expanding and evolving. Stakeholders may rest with the assurance that board decision-makers are handpicked with regard to their deep-rooted experience and ability to navigate the complexities of the contemporary business landscape within the renewable sector.

As HydrogenPro ASA readies itself for an era of enhanced leadership, it salutes the contributions of Mr. Terje Mikalsen and positions itself to embrace the promising and dynamic path mapped out by Mr. Dag J. Opedal. The strategic foresight imbued within the board's selection process exemplifies HydrogenPro ASA's dedication to harvesting the burgeoning potential of hydrogen energy and translating it into tangible innovation and growth.

HydrogenPro's journey illustrates the dynamic interplay between steadfast corporate governance and innovative ambition. As Mr. Dag J. Opedal stands ready to ascend as the new guiding hand, industry enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of a fresh chapter that will steer HydrogenPro ASA towards the apex of the renewable landscape.

From the vibrant streets of Oslo, Norway, to the international corridors of clean energy dialogues, April 22nd promises to chart a course for not just a company but an ideal, one that will be etched in the framework of sustainability. Amidst the ebbs and flows of the market, HydrogenPro ASA maintains its steadfast dedication to a future enshrined with the promise of a cleaner planet.

In summary, the anticipated ascension of Mr. Dag J. Opedal to Chair of the Board represents not just a transition in leadership but also a beacon of progress in the green energy discourse. As HydrogenPro ASA positions itself at the forefront of this significant industry shift, it exemplifies the essence of innovation, persistence, and the collective drive towards a more sustainable and renewable energy future.

Visit the provided link for HydrogenPro Board Nomination Proposal for more details on the proposed board nominations. For the most current and impactful updates regarding HydrogenPro ASA, continue to follow through withArticle

As the HydrogenPro ASA embarks on this new journey of strategic leadership refinement, the clean energy sector keeps a watchful eye on the unfolding narrative, eagerly anticipating the strides that the company will make under the sagacious leadership of Mr. Dag J. Opedal.

The confirmation and further details surrounding the developments of HydrogenPro ASA's corporate structure and leadership will be monitored with keen interest, as the renewable energy industry continues to burgeon and emerge as a fundamental pillar for a sustainable global energy economy.

SOURCE: HydrogenPro ASA

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