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Gaming Innovation Group Embarks on Strategic Transformation: Unveiling Future Leadership and Growth Directions


Michael Chen

April 8, 2024 - 07:20 am


Gaming Innovation Group Unveils Strategic Division and Board Composition for Future Growth

ST. JULIANS, Malta, April 8, 2024 – In a significant strategic move, Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG), a key player in the iGaming industry, has announced a strategic realignment involving the division of its Media and Platform businesses. This tactical corporate decision involves dispensing shares of GiG Platform to the company's shareholders. To align with this fresh operational structure, the Nomination Committee has meticulously reviewed and crafted two distinct board compositions aimed at fostering the expansion potential within each separate business unit.

GiG Media will persist in its operations under the existing corporate umbrella of GiG, which will maintain its role as the public holding company. In contrast, GiG Platform is set to become a standalone entity as it transitions into a spin-off to be distributed to the shareholders later in the year. Rather than installment during GiG’s annual general meeting, the board of GiG Platform is scheduled to be selected at its own subsidiary annual general meeting. The new board will comprise a majority of the existing GiG board members, save for Karolina Pelc, who has opted out of re-election due to other obligations. The forthcoming board of GiG Platform will be chaired by Petter Nylander and will include notable members such as Nicolas Adlercreutz, Mikael Riese Harstad, Hesam Yazdi, Tomasz Juroszek, and Steve Salmon.

Nominations for the Road Ahead

For the continued stewardship of GiG Media, the Nomination Committee is preparing its recommendations for approval at the Annual General Meeting 2024. The committee's vision involves a reconstitution of the board members at GiG. The proposal suggests five as the ideal number for the board of directors. Till the subsequent Annual Meeting of Shareholders, the committee recommends the reelection of Mikael Riese Harstad and Hesam Yazdi as board members.

The committee has also identified potential new board members for induction, namely Cristina Romero de Alba, Mateusz Juroszek, and Nicholas Batram. Additionally, Mikael Riese Harstad has been proposed to take on the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. The committee's selection reflects its commitment to combining deep industry knowledge with a broad base of international experiences to navigate GiG’s future endeavors.

Profiles of Proposed Board Members

Cristina Romero de Alba boasts a diverse background with vast expertise in finance and law. As a partner at LOYRA, she is at the helm of one of the most distinguished M&A and regulatory practices in the gaming and betting sectors, especially focused on the Americas. With over a decade of industry experience advising a spectrum of clients across 30 countries, she is well-positioned to drive GiG's growth, particularly in the promising Latin American market. Her portfolio includes board memberships at the ICRG in the US and OMNIGAME in Denmark. Romero de Alba assists ALANTRA in their Latin American asset management strategy. As a holder of no shares in GiG, her integrity and dedicated vision will be a valuable asset to the company.

Mateusz Juroszek's remarkable 20-year trajectory in the gambling industry, most notably as CEO of Poland’s STS, has seen the brand's transformation and proliferation. His strategic shift from a retail to an online platform, with focus on mobile integration, has been instrumental. The IPO of STS Group under his leadership manifested an €850 million capitalization, and its resultant acquisition by Entain Group valued it even higher. High on achievement, Juroszek directs Betplay Capital, a prominent investment fund within the iGaming sphere. Polish by nationality, Juroszek's considerable shareholdings in GiG reflect his steadfast investment in the company's success.

Nicholas Batram's extensive background with 30 years in finance and a focus on Leisure & Gaming set the stage for his prominent role in Entain plc's strategic evolution. As a key figure in over 20 transactions valued around $10 billion, his acumen in corporate expansion and diversification is evident. This expertise garnered him the No.1 Leisure & Gaming analyst accolade, signifying his industry influence. As a consultant and with no current shares in GiG, Batram's objective and strategic insight will steer GiG’s aspirations.

Forging a Path to the Annual General Meeting

The approaching Annual General Meeting, slated for May 22, 2024, in Stockholm, Sweden, promises to be a cornerstone event for GiG. It will embody the Nomination Committee's full proposals and tailored statements, which will be disseminated with the notice of the meeting. This assembly will not only put to vote the committee’s ambitious recommendations but will also forge the direction to guide GiG’s maturation within the industry.

For additional insight or inquiries regarding these developments, stakeholders and interested parties can reach out to Petter Nylander, Chairman of GiG, or Tore Formo, Group CFO. Their details, available for direct contact, provide a clear channel of communication for all pertinent discussions.

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A Glimpse Into Gaming Innovation Group

Gaming Innovation Group stands as a testament to ingenuity in the iGaming technology landscape, offering comprehensive solutions and services to its operating partners. GiG’s journey, starting in 2012, is marked by its pledge to be the industry’s most esteemed platform, sportsbook, and media provider. The company’s mission is indelibly linked to the advancement of its partners through inventive products, expandable technology, and unwavering service quality. Operating out of Malta, GiG proudly trades on the Oslo Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stockholm as GIG and GIGSEK, respectively.

Further details about the company can be accessed at, the official website.

Additional Information and Media Contact

Members of the press and interested individuals can gather more information from Cision, the leading provider of media relations and distribution services, at

Particulars about the Nomination Committee's Proposal for the Election of Board Members 2024 can be perused at,c3957676.

For those eager to delve deeper into the documents and releases associated with this news, downloadable files are promptly available at this website link:

Closing Thoughts

As GiG sails toward the Annual General Meeting and beyond, it is focused on polishing its operations and bolstering its governance framework. With an emphasis on ensuring shareholder value and capturing market opportunities, the company meticulously aligns its strategic plans with industry-leading expertise. The nominations for the upcoming board election reflect a distinct blend of experience, innovation, and strategic foresight – elements crucial to navigating the intricacies of the dynamic iGaming landscape.

Reported with comprehensive knowledge that only an innovation-driven entity like GiG can claim, these steps signal not just a transition in structure but a bold stride towards future successes, ringing true to its vision and mission within the iGaming arena.