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Equinix, Inc. Under Scrutiny: Rosen Law Firm's Probe into Allegations of Securities Fraud


Michael Chen

March 29, 2024 - 20:44 pm


Investor Alert: Rosen Law Firm Investigates Equinix, Inc. for Potential Securities Fraud

NEW YORK, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosen Law Firm, recognized globally for advocating investor rights, is currently conducting a thorough investigation into potential securities claims on behalf of shareholders of Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX). The impetus for this probe stems from allegations suggesting that Equinix may have presented materially deceptive information to the investing public regarding its business operations.

Potential Compensations: What Equinix Investors Should Know

Investors who hold shares of Equinix could be eligible for restitution stemming from any misconduct without the necessity of incurring out-of-pocket fees, due to a contingency fee agreement structure. The legal team at Rosen Law Firm is actively preparing a class action lawsuit with the intention of recuperating financial damages experienced by investors.

Immediate Steps for Affected Shareholders

Those investors looking to join the prospective class action against Equinix should take action without delay. Interested shareholders are instructed to participate by filling out a form at or by getting in touch with Phillip Kim, Esq. through a toll-free call at 866-767-3653. Alternatively, potential claimants may inquire about the class action via email at [email protected] for further guidance on the process.

The Spark That Raised Suspicions: Hindenburg Research's Damning Report

The origins of the concern arose on March 20, 2024, when, prior to the market's opening, the investigative financial research group Hindenburg Research publicized a report dubbed "Equinix Exposed: Major Accounting Manipulation, Core Business Decay And Selling an AI Pipe Dream As Insiders Cashed Out Hundreds of Millions." This exposé was the result of a detailed inquiry by Hindenburg, which encompassed a comprehensive review of Equinix’s financial records, litigation documents, and insights obtained from conversations with over three dozen former employees, industrial experts, and competitors.

Hindenburg’s probe lead them to conclude that Equinix has been manipulating its key performance metric – adjusted funds from operations (AFFO), which is pivotal for REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Hindenburg estimated that this manipulation led to an overstatement of the metric by at least 22% in the year 2023 alone.

Market Impact Following the Revelations

Upon the release of Hindenburg’s findings, Equinix’s market performance took an immediate hit. The stock plummeted by $19.70 per share, translating to a 2.3% decrease, ultimately closing at $824.88 on March 20, 2024. Such a significant drop in stock value signified the shocking impact that the allegations of financial wrongdoing had on investor confidence.

The Rosen Law Firm: Why Choose Them?

The Rosen Law Firm urges investors to carefully select legal counsel with a proven track record of success, particularly in pivotal leadership roles within class action litigation. It is noted that many firms that announce notices of this nature may not have comparable experience or the necessary resources to effectively litigate securities class actions, nor have they gained significant peer recognition.

In the realm of representing investors on a global scale, particularly in the context of securities class actions and shareholder derivative litigation, the Rosen Law Firm has set itself apart. The firm takes pride in its landmark achievements, having secured the largest-ever securities class action settlement against a Chinese company and having been ranked number 1 by ISS Securities Class Action Services for the quantity of settlements in 2017. Continuously ranked within the top 4 since 2013, the Rosen Law Firm has recuperated hundreds of millions of dollars for investors. Impressively, the firm secured over $438 million in funds for investors in 2019 alone. Moreover, Law360 honored founding partner Laurence Rosen as a Titan of Plaintiffs' Bar in 2020, and Lawdragon and Super Lawyers have recognized many of the Rosen Law Firm's attorneys for their legal acumen.

Keeping Informed: Follow Rosen Law Firm’s Updates

For regular updates and information pertinent to the ongoing investigation and potential class action, investors and interested parties are recommended to follow the Rosen Law Firm on LinkedIn (, Twitter (, and Facebook (

Legal Representation Availability and Contact

The Rosen Law Firm, P.A. 275 Madison Avenue, 40th Floor New York, NY 10016 Tel: (212) 686-1060 Toll Free: (866) 767-3653 Fax: (212) 202-3827 Email: [email protected] Website:

For those seeking legal representation or wishing to learn more about the services offered by The Rosen Law Firm, or to discuss joint legal efforts or allegations of securities fraud from Equinix Inc., the contact information listed above offers several avenues for communication and inquiry. Laurence Rosen, Esq., and Phillip Kim, Esq., remain at the forefront, offering their expertise and guidance during this ongoing investigation.

Statement of Advertisement and Historical Performance

It is important to note, as an ethical declaration, that this announcement by The Rosen Law Firm constitutes attorney advertising. Moreover, while the firm has a history of past successes and celebrated achievements, it is vital to understand that previous results do not serve as a guarantee of similar outcomes for future cases or actions.



Note: The information herein has been provided for the benefit of shareholders and potential claimants. It is essential for affected parties to ascertain their own legal position and take advantage of available resources to secure their financial interests in the wake of the alleged securities fraud by Equinix, Inc.

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