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Empowering Innovation: 2024's Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Spotlighted by Inc. Magazine


Benjamin Hughes

April 9, 2024 - 14:53 pm


Trailblazing Women Entrepreneurs Transforming the World: Inc. Magazine's Female Founders List of 2024

DENVER, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Inc. Magazine has proudly unveiled its much-anticipated seventh annual Female Founders list, shining a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of 250 women entrepreneurs. These visionaries are making waves across industries with companies that dare to disrupt the norm and address global challenges with tenacity and innovation. Making the cut this year is the esteemed Jill Ellsworth, Founder and CEO of Willow Industries, an emerging titan in the field of cannabis decontamination technology.

In 2015, armed with a profound understanding of food safety and a desire to pioneer significant change, Ellsworth established Willow Industries. Her aim was to create a foundational pillar for quality assurance and safety protocols within the burgeoning cannabis sector. The ozone-based WillowPure technology that emerged under her guidance has revolutionized the field by effectively eradicating harmful contaminants such as mold, yeast, E. coli, and Salmonella.

Willow Industries has witnessed remarkable progress, securing two substantial rounds of venture capital investment to fuel its expansion. With this support, Ellsworth has propelled the company's research and development on cannabis contamination, yielding crucial advancements. A testament to Willow's commitment to industry excellence is Willow Scientific—a dedicated team providing invaluable microbial insights for businesses and regulatory entities.

In response to growing concerns about workplace safety within cannabis cultivation and processing facilities, Willow Industries stepped up once again. The company notably developed an advanced air filtration system known as WillowAir. This innovation holds paramount importance not only for maintaining a pristine facility environment but also for safeguarding the well-being of the workforce.

Reflecting on the tumultuous landscape of the past year, particularly the cannabis market, Jill Ellsworth expressed a heartfelt sense of pride in her team's dedication to elevating industry safety standards. She noted the commendable strides Willow has made in fostering the education and adoption of quality standards, despite the unprecedented challenges faced.

The honorees on this list of influential women span a broad spectrum of industries, having unitedly persevered through obstacles and uplifted their colleagues along their journey. They align with notable predecessors such as Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, and Shonda Rhimes, all of whom have been recognized in previous editions of the list for their impactful contributions.

"The havoc wrought in the past year has been deeply felt across many spheres, catalyzing a notable decline in funding and advertising expenditure," explained Diana Ransom, Executive Editor at Inc. "The resilience and success stories embodied by this year’s list of female founders are reflective of what it means to rise above adversity with grace. Their achievements are undeniably remarkable and warrant immense celebration."

The comprehensive Female Founders list can be accessed at Inc. Magazine's dedicated page.

To discover more about the pioneering work of Willow Industries, interested parties can visit

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The Quantum Leap of Willow Industries: Advocates for Safe Cannabis Usage

Willow Industries stands at the vanguard of microbial control and post-harvest decontamination within the cannabis domain. Since its inception by CEO Jill Ellsworth in 2015, Willow's mission has been clear—to ensure that cultivators are well-equipped to deliver safe cannabis to both patients and consumers. Stationed in Denver, Colorado, Willow's reach extends beyond US borders, touching cultivators worldwide with an accessible, comprehensive approach.

Leveraging patented WillowPure systems employing cutting-edge, ozone-based technologies, the company has demonstrated a prowess for significantly minimizing or eradicating contaminants in cannabis. More than safeguarding the commodity, these technologies preserve its therapeutic integrity. The in-house expertise of Willow Scientific bolsters cultivators in observing rigorous best practices and impeccable quality control from start to finish.

Willow Industries has earned a position of prominence on a national scale, having been named to Inc. 5000's roster of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for three consecutive years. Further burnishing its reputation is its two-time recognition on the Forbes 42.0 Cannabis list, distinguishing Willow as a leader in the field.

For a fuller exploration of Willow Industries, interested individuals may journey to The company's narrative is further chronicled through its social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Building Connections: Media and Contact Information

Aly LeNoble, a premier figure in media relations, can be contacted for additional insights into Willow Industries' groundbreaking initiatives. One can reach out to her via email at [email protected] or by dialing 305-801-5557.

The source proudly acknowledging the impactful endeavors of these formidable women is none other than Willow Industries, an entity devoted to shaping a safer future for cannabis consumption and processing.

In summary, the Female Founders list of 2024 stands as a yearly benchmark, underpinning the belief in the power of visionary women to enact positive change through enterprise and determination. This year's list is made all the more auspicious by the inclusion of an industry-leading figure like Jill Ellsworth of Willow Industries, whose work continues to set new standards in the world of cannabis. By innovating technologies like WillowPure and WillowAir, and through the consultative support of Willow Scientific, the company is redefining what it means to produce clean, safe cannabis products.

Her influence joins that of legendary past honorees in proving that entrepreneurial success is not hindered by challenges, but rather ennobled by the creative and inspirational responses to them. Inc. Magazine's lineup of female pioneers serves not only as an accolade for extraordinary achievements but also as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs, showing that with the right mix of passion and perseverance, any industry can become a platform for impactful innovation and growth.

As we near the close of this article, it is imperative to acknowledge the strong ethos of community and mutual elevation that runs through the heart of Inc. Magazine's Female Founders list. These women are not only business leaders; they are mentors, role models, and architects of a more equitable and innovative future. Their stories of overcoming adversity and pushing forward despite funding shortages and market instability provide a testament to their resilience and dedication.

It is with great anticipation that the market and consumers alike watch as these founders continue to sculpt the landscape of modern entrepreneurship. With leaders like Jill Ellsworth at the helm, the future looks brighter, cleaner, and infinitely more promising.

Inc. Magazine's 2024 Female Founders list is more than a compendium of successful women—it represents a formidable shift in the tides of industry, ushered in by the collective strength and intelligence of women who are not afraid to challenge paradigms. It is these individuals that truly signify what the heart of achievement looks like in today's world. As the list grows with each passing year, it becomes a profound symbol of progress and a motivator for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

As the article concludes, we invite readers to delve into the wealth of information available about these influential female founders, their ventures, and their groundbreaking work. Websites and online resources offer a gateway into understanding the depth of their contributions and the expanse of their innovations.

For a world continually evolving and facing new challenges, the Female Founders list is a timely reminder of the potential that bold and brilliant entrepreneurial minds have to offer. Inc. Magazine's annual celebration of these women is not just about recognition—it's a rallying cry for continued innovation, progress, and the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship.

In a final reflection, we must acknowledge the power of representation and the impact it has on aspiring female entrepreneurs worldwide. The Female Founders list lays the foundation for future generations of women leaders by showing them what is possible. It is a narrative of success, forged by the determination to make a meaningful difference despite the odds.

With each year, the Female Founders list evolves, growing ever more diverse and encompassing a broader range of industries, but the message remains the same: through innovation, grit, and the courage to dream big, the barriers of yesterday become the stepping stones of tomorrow.

In the end, the women celebrated on the 2024 Female Founders list are not just founders—they are formidable forces, heralding a new era of innovation and leadership. With their contributions, they are ensuring that the world of business is as boundless as their ambition, fostering environments where future women leaders can thrive, innovate, and shape a world we all look forward to witnessing.

Readers can explore the comprehensive Female Founders list and learn more about the extraordinary women who grace its ranks at Inc. Magazine's Female Founders list for 2024. These are the stories that will inspire the current and next generation of entrepreneurs—a testament to the enduring strength and creativity of female leaders across the globe.