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darling ingredients leads circular economy transitions at international conferences 23


Darling Ingredients Leads Circular Economy Transitions at International Conferences


Benjamin Hughes

May 8, 2024 - 20:47 pm


Darling Ingredients Inc. Embraces Circular Economy Leadership at Upcoming Conferences

IRVING, Texas – On May 8, 2024, Darling Ingredients Inc., universally acknowledged as a forerunner in converting food waste into sustainable goods and renewable energy, proudly revealed its intention to participate in a sequence of prestigious conferences.

An Insightful Fireside Chat in New York City

Highlighting the company's active engagement will be the BMO Global Farm to Market Conference, taking place in the bustling metropolis of New York City on May 15. This much-anticipated event will feature Darling Ingredients' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Randall C. Stuewe. He is slated to take center stage in a fireside chat that promises to engage audiences starting at 9:30 a.m. ET. Additionally, Mr. Stuewe will hold crucial discussions with investors, providing an exclusive opportunity to delve deeper into the company's innovative strategies and future prospects.

Looking Ahead: Virtual Meet at the TD Cowen Sustainability Week Conference

Continuing its momentum, on May 22, Darling Ingredients will participate in the TD Cowen 2nd Annual Virtual Sustainability Week Conference. The company will be represented by Suann Guthrie, the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Sustainability, and Global Communications. Guthrie is scheduled to be part of a virtual fireside chat, allowing attendees to connect with and gain insights from Darling Ingredients digitally, slated for 3:05 p.m. ET.

Connecting Virtually: Registration and Webcast Information

Those interested in tuning in to Darling Ingredients’ conference participation can find details and register for the webcasts by visiting the company's dedicated events page. To foster engagement, the organization has made these resources readily available so that interested parties can join the discourse on the designated trends and conversations shaping the industry's future.

Darling Ingredients: The Architects of Circular Economy

As a pioneer in the realm of circularity, Darling Ingredients Inc. has been instrumental in redefining the value of waste. The company stands as a testament to transformative innovation, leveraging material from the animal agriculture and food industries. What was once discarded is now transformed into ingredients that simultaneously nourish the population, supply animal feed and crops, and act as a vital source of fuel for renewable energy across the globe.

With a global operational presence of over 260 facilities spread across more than 15 countries, Darling Ingredients processes approximately 15% of the world's animal agricultural by-products. In its relentless pursuit of sustainability, the company is responsible for producing 30% of the world's collagen, which encompasses gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen. Their efforts position Darling Ingredients among the leading producers of renewable energy worldwide, underscoring their irrefutable impact on the industry and planet alike.

To explore more about Darling Ingredients and its substantial influence on fostering a more sustainable future, individuals can visit their website. The company actively maintains a presence on LinkedIn to foster connections and share valuable updates about their initiatives and accomplishments in driving forward the principles and applications of a circular economy.

Darling Ingredients Contacts: A Bridge for Investors and the Media

The team at Darling Ingredients understands the value of a comprehensive communication network for investors and media representatives alike. This commitment to accessibility is evidenced by their dedicated contacts for both investor and media inquiries, enabling open lines of communication and facilitating transparent dialogue.

Investor Relations and More: The Pivotal Role of Suann Guthrie

For investors seeking knowledge and insights regarding Darling Ingredients' financial health and outlook, Suann Guthrie stands as a gateway. As the Senior Vice President overseeing Investor Relations, Sustainability, and Global Communications, she plays a critical role in articulating the company's vision, trajectory, and sustainability initiatives. Those wishing to establish contact can reach out to Suann Guthrie via the provided email or call (469) 214-8202.

Global Media Communications: Jillian Fleming’s Directorial Expertise

Jillian Fleming, fulfilling the role of Director of Global Communications, helms the media outreach for Darling Ingredients. She ensures that the world remains informed about the company's milestones and industry contributions. Media individuals can engage with Jillian Fleming for any press-related matters through the provided email or telephone at (972) 541-7115.

Darling Ingredients Inc.: The Epitome of Green Innovation

At the core of Darling Ingredients Inc.'s identity is its commitment to responsible stewardship of the planet. By taking what many deem unusable by-products and transforming them into valuable resources, the enterprise reinforces the essential ethos of sustainability. This unique business model not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also proves economically viable, creating a variety of goods and energies that are integral to our daily lives.

Renewing Energy: A Leap Towards Cleaner Future

One of the most remarkable contributions of Darling Ingredients is its leading role in the production of biofuels. Pioneering advancements in this area have proven critical in the global shift towards renewable energy sources—demonstrating that a cleaner future is not only a vision but a reality in progress. Their endeavors in energy generation from waste represent a significant leap in increasing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Circular Economy: Nutritive and Energizing Solutions

Darling Ingredients' operations underscore the intricate balance of delivering nutritive and energizing solutions that cater to a growing world. By facilitating the production of animal feed and crops through their restorative processes, they enhance food security and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. Their refined ingredients provide the nutritional building blocks required in various industries, thereby furthering human and animal well-being on a global scale.

Looking Forward: Innovation and Growth

As Darling Ingredients continues to chart the future, innovation and expansion remain focal points of their growth strategy. Their unwavering commitment to advancing circular economy principles propels them to explore new technologies, markets, and opportunities. Their presence at the BMO Global Farm to Market and TD Cowen Sustainability Week conferences represents just a fraction of their dedication to leading dialogs and actions that can shape a more sustainable future for industries worldwide.

The Vision of a Sustainable Future

Darling Ingredients Inc. exemplifies leadership in embracing and implementing the philosophy of circular economy. Through innovation-driven practices, they have not only excelled in their business endeavors but also set a paradigm for environmental consciousness within the corporate sector. Continued participation in influential conferences serves to reinforce the company's status as a thought leader, sharing their blueprint for sustainability with the global community.

Emphasizing Transparency and Connection

The consistent involvement of high-level company executives such as Randall C. Stuewe and Suann Guthrie at global conferences underlines Darling Ingredients' commitment to transparency and connection. By actively engaging with stakeholders and the public, they provide insights into their operational achievements and strategic direction, further solidifying trust and confidence in their corporate mission.

Nurturing Dialogue and Progress

Events such as the fireside chats serve as critical platforms for nurturing dialogue and enabling progress. By facilitating open discussions about challenges and opportunities, Darling Ingredients advances a collective understanding among interested audiences, potentially spurring collaborative efforts towards sustainable development. In these engagements, their experts share both the nuances of their industry and their comprehensive approach to business sustainability.

SOURCE: Darling Ingredients Inc.

Darling Ingredients Inc. remains a source of inspiration and a beacon of progress in the domain of circularity. They continue to pave new pathways to uphold the pillars of environmental responsibility, business innovation, and community enrichment. As they participate in upcoming conferences and share their ongoing endeavors, the company is keen on demonstrating that through collective effort and steadfast dedication, a sustainable future is within reach.

Engage and Explore

Those interested are encouraged to engage with the discussions and explore how Darling Ingredients' efforts align with wider sustainable goals. For more information on upcoming events and the company’s vast array of sustainable products, interested parties are advised to visit the events page on Darling Ingredients’ website.

For further understanding and connectivity with the company's narrative and journey towards a greener tomorrow, one can follow Darling Ingredients on their LinkedIn page. It is here that Darling Ingredients shares its victories, milestones, and thought leadership in circular economy practices—inviting people worldwide to be part of the conversation and movement towards a more sustainable and replenishing world.

In conclusion, as Darling Ingredients Inc. continues to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability, their engagement at key industry conferences reaffirms their leading role in championing circular economy practices. Both investors and the media are welcomed to connect with the company’s representatives to discover the broader impact of their initiatives. With a visionary approach to transforming food waste into valuable resources, Darling Ingredients symbolizes hope and action in the quest for a more sustainable planet.

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