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bsm partners catalyzes pet care innovation with nantes office launch 23


BSM Partners Catalyzes Pet Care Innovation with Nantes Office Launch


Benjamin Hughes

May 7, 2024 - 02:38 am


BSM Partners Expands Global Presence With First European Office in Nantes, France

BENTONVILLE, Ark., May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned as the preeminent full-service consultancy at the forefront of pet care research and innovation, BSM Partners today unveiled its latest strategic move to broaden its international reach. The firm proudly announced the launch of its maiden European office, marking a significant milestone in BSM Partners' journey towards global expansion.

In the beautiful city of Nantes, France, the new office stands as a testament to the company's growth and dedication to serving a diverse client base across different continents. As the Director of Product Innovation and BSM Partners mainstay, Émilie Mesnier will transition into an influential new role as the Vice President for European Operations. With an exemplary track record encompassing over 17 years in the industry, Mesnier brings a wealth of expertise and insight to her new position. Her extensive background is fortified by a master's degree in food science from Agrosup Dijon and an intimate understanding of the nuanced European market.

"Our pursuit has always been to empower our clientele by unlocking new market opportunities, offering an unparalleled suite of services that stand unmatched in our field," declared Mesnier with a forward-thinking outlook. "My team and I are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to fortify BSM Partners' influence throughout the European territory."

BSM Partners is built upon a foundation of extraordinary expertise with a multi-disciplinary team comprising PhDs, consumer scientists, engineers, psychologists, board-certified veterinarians, and nutritionists. This formidable assembly of professionals carries the collective wisdom of more than 550 years of technical expertise. The company's breadth of services spans an exhaustive list that includes rigorous research, ingenious product innovation, comprehensive food safety and quality assurance, bespoke nutrition services, expert veterinary services, transformative business operations support, and advanced engineering solutions.

Brent Kirn, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BSM Partners, underscored the firm's unique business philosophy that integrates business acumen with creative ingenuity to introduce novel pet products to both the European and U.S. markets. "The essence of modern business growth lies in the ability to navigate rapidly shifting marketplaces with agility and speed. Our seasoned experience gives us an edge in responding to the dynamic pet food industry's needs."

Aligning with the company's forward-leaning approach, Nate Thomas, the visionary Founder and Partner of BSM Partners, emphasizes the company's overarching ideology, "Our commitment to innovation is boundless and unconfined by geography. This expansion is a natural progression of our brand's philosophy, serving to enhance our support network for our European clientele with global aspirations, while simultaneously facilitating our American clients to flourish in the European sphere."

With a reputation as the largest full-service pet care research, consulting, and strategy-to-shelf product innovation firm, BSM Partners stands apart. The company's research division, in collaboration with a vast client network ranging from industry titans to burgeoning start-ups, specializes in the formulation, review, and consultative guidance in the development of a myriad of new products on an annual basis.

For individuals desiring to explore or learn further about BSM Partners and its comprehensive suite of services, details can be found at the firm's online information hub,

For more information, please refer to the official PRNewswire release here.

BSM Partners – A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Grounded in a strong tradition of innovation, BSM Partners has carved a niche for itself as an industry leader in the pet care research and consultancy domain. The firm's comprehensive services are designed to serve as a catalyst for innovation in pet care, enabling businesses to translate their strategic visions into market-ready products. With the expansion into European territory, BSM Partners reaffirms its commitment to fostering global partnerships, nurturing emerging market trends, and delivering excellence in pet care solutions.

The Catalyst Behind BSM Partners' European Venture

Émilie Mesnier's ascendancy to the role of Vice President for European Operations is a reflection of the company's dedication to leadership from within. Her unparalleled industry experience, deep roots in France, and her illustrious background in food science are poised to position BSM Partners as a leading figure in Europe's pet care industry. Under Mesnier's guidance, the European arm of BSM Partners will aim to replicate the success and innovation that has been the hallmark of the company's achievements in the United States. As the European market continues to evolve, Mesnier's insights and experience will be instrumental in navigating the complexities and dynamics of regional marketplaces.

The Expert Team Fueling BSM Partners' Success

At the core of BSM Partners' operations is a highly skilled team of professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. This interdisciplinary team has forged a collaborative environment where scientific rigor meets industry savvy, creating an ecosystem where innovative ideas can thrive. The collective experience of the team positions BSM Partners at the apex of research and development in pet care, enabling the company to anticipate market shifts and consumer demands with precision.

Fostering Growth in the Fast-Paced Pet Food Industry

BSM Partners recognizes the pet food landscape as an ever-evolving arena, with consumer preferences and regulatory standards continually reshaping the contours of the market. Brent Kirn's remarks highlight the company's agility and proactive stance in bringing cutting-edge pet products to fruition, signaling growth as a function of experiential knowledge and rapid execution. Kirn's emphasis on "speed to market" encapsulates the urgency with which BSM Partners approaches product innovation, understanding that timely introductions are paramount to capturing market opportunities.

Nate Thomas: Visionary Leadership

Nate Thomas's foundational role in establishing BSM Partners is a testament to the company's inventive spirit. He stands as a pioneering force behind BSM Partners' philosophy that transcends international borders, underscoring the global nature of pet care innovation. Thomas's strategic mindset is reflected in the expansion move, positioning the firm as a nexus of support for partners, both in Europe and the U.S. The establishment of the European office is a physical representation of this global vision, serving both the company's expansion goals and the broader mission to enrich the pet care industry.

The Research Division: A Potent Engine for Innovation

BSM Partners is not merely a consultancy but a think-tank where new pet care concepts are born and nurtured. The research division's collaborative efforts with an extensive clientele demonstrate the firm's capacity to operate on a spectrum that ranges from reviewing small-scale product formulations to advising on large-scale market introductions. This breadth of operation is a cornerstone of the BSM Partners model, ensuring that every product reviewed and developed benefits from a meticulous and comprehensive approach.

For more information about how BSM Partners can assist your company in reaching new heights in the pet care market, visit their website at Here you can find an array of resources and contact information to connect with a team member who can guide you through the services and support that BSM Partners offers. Their digital platform serves as a gateway for potential partners and clients to engage with their innovative strategies and solutions.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for BSM Partners

As BSM Partners embarks on this new chapter with their European office, the firm is poised to make a significant impact on the pet care market on both sides of the Atlantic. The expansion is a reflection of their unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and service excellence. With a steadfast team, a visionary leadership, and a robust research division, BSM Partners is set to revolutionize the way pet care products are developed and brought to market, contributing to the overall well-being of pets and satisfaction of pet owners worldwide.

In conclusion, the launch of BSM Partners’ European office signifies not just the physical growth of the firm, but a strategic enhancement in their ability to serve a global clientele. This move reinforces the firm's reputation as a leader in the pet care research and consultancy industry. As BSM Partners continues to trailblaze the path of innovation and superior service, their European presence is sure to become a cornerstone for their international operations, exemplifying their commitment to excellence, driving growth, and establishing lasting partnerships in an industry that caters to our beloved animal companions.

Visit the official webpage of BSM Partners for further details and insights into their expertise and services:

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