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brother international corporation merges with subsidiary to bolster growth in mobile and labeling solutions 23


Brother International Corporation Merges with Subsidiary to Bolster Growth in Mobile and Labeling Solutions


Benjamin Hughes

April 1, 2024 - 20:52 pm


Brother International Corporation Announces Strategic Merger to Accelerate Mobile and Labeling Solutions Growth in the Americas

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a strategic move aimed at augmenting its market presence and enhancing its suite of mobile and labeling solutions, Brother International Corporation (BIC) has officially absorbed its wholly-owned subsidiary, Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS). This significant integration is set to leverage BIC's expansive global infrastructure to bring an added layer of value to mobile and label printing products, solutions, and services.

The consolidation of BMS into BIC's operations presents an opportunity to unify the company's expansive portfolio, which spans across diverse segments such as business and consumer printing, labeling, scanning, industrial sewing, crafting, wide-format and garment printing, and gear motors. This amalgamation is expected to streamline organizational functions, maximize synergies, and uplift the comprehensive value proposition offered to the market.

A Unified Vision for Innovation and Growth

Don Cummins, the president of Brother International Corporation, highlighted the promising future of the new corporate structure. "Brother Mobile Solutions has been a standout performer in our strategy for auto-identification printing solutions," he noted with optimism. "We're thrilled to bring BMS under the BIC umbrella to spur its ongoing growth initiatives. By uniting our strengths and harnessing shared resources, we're in a prime position to spark innovation, foster enhanced collaboration, and align our organization-wide objectives more closely."

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The realignment enables BMS to tap into additional support and expertise, fostering a more integrated business approach and better resource utilization. With a broad array of mobile and desktop labeling solutions, BMS has made significant strides across various sectors, including retail, warehousing, public safety, as well as datacom and electrical industries, bringing improvements in performance and efficiency.

Ravi Panjwani, the president of Brother Mobile Solutions, expressed immense pride in the progress and soaring demand for their state-of-the-art solutions. "By melding the distinctive strengths of Brother Mobile Solutions with the rich resources and seasoned expertise of Brother International Corporation, we're setting the stage for an even more triumphant presence in our competitive market," he said with confidence.

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The headquarters of BMS will remain steadfast in Westminster, CO. This location will continue to serve as the hub for the company’s dedicated team of engineers, support staff, product management, and marketing professionals, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in innovation and customer service.

For more information on the broad range of products and services offered by Brother Mobile Solutions, interested parties can visit their website at Similarly, further insights into Brother International Corporation's offerings can be found by visiting

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About Brother Mobile Solutions

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc., operating under Brother International Corporation's wing, has carved a niche for itself by providing state-of-the-art mobile and desktop printing as well as industrial labeling solutions. These innovations cater to a wide range of field workforces and enterprises on the move. For a deeper dive into the solutions and products offered by Brother Mobile Solutions, please peruse their website at

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About Brother International Corporation

As a global leader, Brother International Corporation prides itself on its extensive track record as an acclaimed purveyor of home office and business products, comprehensive solutions for the sewing and crafting enthusiast, and groundbreaking industrial solutions shaping our daily lives.

This widely respected enterprise is part of the larger family-owned conglomerate, Brother Industries Ltd., with a staggering $6 billion in worldwide sales. Its roots extend back over a century. The Brother Group's dedication to innovation is embodied in its sprawling corporate structure headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, where it operates a seamless integration of sales, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, and administrative functions.

Beyond its main base in New Jersey, Brother's reach extends across the United States, with additional facilities sited in the states of California, Illinois, and Tennessee. Its influence spans the American continent, with subsidiaries operating in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering excellence in a host of diverse markets. For a comprehensive look at Brother International Corporation and its diverse offerings, visiting the website at is highly recommended.

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For media inquiries, contact details are as follows:

Brother International Corporation USA Ashley Guido For the direct email, please click here.

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In conclusion, the merger between Brother International Corporation and Brother Mobile Solutions symbolizes a significant stride in operational efficiency and market dominance, particularly within the United States, Canada, and Latin American markets. These newly formed alliances, fostered by strategic business realignments, signal a period of innovation and growth for BIC. The company foresees enhanced product offerings and services that will definitively benefit partners and customers alike.

As this merger takes shape, the industry eyes are on Brother International Corporation to set new benchmarks in mobile and labeling solutions, propelling its business to new heights and delivering unparalleled customer experiences across the Americas.

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The strategic integration of Brother Mobile Solutions under the expansive corporate wing of Brother International Corporation delineates a clear path toward enhanced market penetration and the realization of long-term growth objectives. This organizational unification is not merely an act of consolidation but a concerted effort to harmonize the diverse and innovative portfolios of both companies. The combined capabilities promise to drive forward a collective vision where state-of-the-art technology, customer-centric solutions, and operational excellence converge to create unprecedented opportunities in the field of mobile and labeling solutions.

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Considering the competitive nature of the technology landscape and the dynamic pace of industry demand, this merger emerges as a testament to Brother International Corporation's agility and dedication to evolution. It embraces the notion that true progress stems from the power of collaboration and shared vision. Customers from myriad sectors, ranging from retail to public safety, are set to witness a transformation in their operational capabilities as a result of this strategic business maneuver. Moreover, the synergy between the various divisions within Brother International Corporation, encompassing a wide array of printing and labeling technologies, positions the company at the forefront of industry innovation.

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As BMS proudly positions itself under the protective and empowering umbrella of BIC, the resulting entity strengthens its foothold in the market with an amplified voice and an enlarged sphere of influence. The alignment of BMS's visionary strategies with BIC's established global presence ushers in a new era for both the organizations and their clientele. This chapter in Brother's esteemed history is characterized by a greater capacity for innovation, a broader product mix, and a more holistic approach to customer service.

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Looking to the future, it's clear that the decision to integrate Brother Mobile Solutions with Brother International Corporation is more than a mere organizational shift. It is, at its core, a strategic initiative that embodies the progressive ethos of both companies, enshrining a commitment to extensive reach, a diverse suite of offerings, and a dedication to cutting-edge solutions that are primed to exceed market expectations. Customers stand to benefit from an enriched array of options and a level of support that is reflective of the combined expertise and resources of the merged entities.

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As the dust settles on this momentous merger, the message to the industry is one of unity, innovation, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. The move is not only a reflection of Brother International Corporation's commitment to driving accelerated growth but equally a manifestation of its resolve to shape an industry landscape where excellence and customer value are paramount. The reinforced organization is now poised to dictate the pace of technological advancements and redefine efficiency across a broad spectrum of markets, spanning retail, warehousing, public safety, and beyond.

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This merger heralds a time of promising opportunities for Brother International Corporation, signaling a period of revitalization and renewed momentum. It opens up avenues for the company to delve deeper into the needs of its customers, refine its product offerings, and expand its reach in delivering seamless, integrated solutions that are tailored to the evolving demands of the modern mobile workforce and enterprise landscape.

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In essence, the integration of Brother Mobile Solutions into Brother International Corporation is emblematic of the company's drive to not only remain relevant in a fiercely competitive market but to truly excel and set the bar for industry excellence. With its eyes firmly set on the horizon, Brother International Corporation is prepared to navigate the currents of change with an enhanced product portfolio and a vision to transform the way we work and connect in a mobile and digitally-driven world.

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In the broader context of the company's already rich history and its dedicated pursuit of innovation, this merger is poised to be yet another successful chapter in the Brother International Corporation story. It amplifies the company's ability to meet the sophisticated needs of its diverse customer base while preserving the heritage of quality and innovation that has defined Brother for over a century.

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As Brother International Corporation looks to the future with Brother Mobile Solutions as an integral part of its family, it reaffirms its commitment to ingenuity, customer focus, and market leadership. It is this synergy of shared goals and collaborative spirit that is expected to fuel the next wave of triumphs for the company, cementing its position as a leader in technological solutions that empower businesses and individuals across the globe.

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Continued exploration of innovative solutions is the hallmark of Brother International Corporation, and with this merger, the company is steadfast in seeking out and delivering groundbreaking technologies that revolutionize how businesses operate. Their journey is one of continual advancement, striving always to provide products and solutions that are not only functionally superior but also accessible, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of those who rely on Brother's time-tested expertise.

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The merger represents a strategic step by Brother International Corporation, underpinning its resolve to deliver greater customer value and operational excellence. It bolsters the company's aspirations of being the go-to partner for creative and efficient solutions in mobile and label printing technologies, setting a new standard for product innovation and customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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In sum, the union of Brother Mobile Solutions and Brother International Corporation is much more than a corporate restructuring. It is a visionary alignment that promises to catalyze growth, enhance market competitiveness, and redefine the future of mobile and labeling solutions in the Americas and beyond.

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