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brennan investment group amplifies denver presence with 117m industrial estate expansion 23


Brennan Investment Group Amplifies Denver Presence with $117M Industrial Estate Expansion


Lauren Miller

June 3, 2024 - 11:15 am


Expanding Denver Horizons: Brennan Investment Group's $117 Million Industrial Acquisition

In a pronounced move underscoring their long-term strategy, Brennan Investment Group has significantly expanded its holdings in Denver with the revelation of over $117 million in outlays geared for 2024. These substantial investments earmark a bold financial maneuver in the already bustling Denver real estate sector.

The strategies employed by Brennan Investment Group for its Denver aggregation have led to acquiring two sizable distribution hubs totaling an impressive 206,000 square feet. The properties, located strategically at 4999 Oakland Street in Denver and 18245 East 40th Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, boast enviable locations. The Oakland Street facility is fully leased to a recognized single tenant, whereas the East 40th Avenue location has multiple leasing agreements in place. These infill properties are opportunely situated near the heart of downtown Denver, not to mention the proximity to the vital Denver International Airport, levering their position within an accessible one-mile radius of the Interstate 70.

John Torp, Senior Vice-President for the Mountain West Region at Brennan Investment Group, shed light on the company's strategic investment ethos. According to Torp, the Group aims to procure assets that not only fall within high-growth American markets but also offer enticing value-add returns. Brennan's formula has notably been validated through Denver's robust demographic and economic swell over the years, yielding a persistent and strong industrial absorption rate. Brian Roach, Managing Principal at Brennan, noted the excitement enveloping the acquisition, linking it to the company's hefty 856,000 square foot Denver portfolio procured earlier in January 2023, which encompassed an expansive 17 buildings.

Kevin Brennan, a Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder at Brennan Investment Group, provided his own take on the Group's success in Denver, reiterating a tried-and-tested capital allocation methodology: investment is most fruitful in markets backed by solid demographics and steered by a seasoned, local, market-leading team. The Group's bedding strategy in Denver appears as a textbook case of its wider investment framework.

Diving into the illustrious background of Brennan Investment Group, the Chicago-based heavyweight in the private real estate sector has seen a prolific decade since its establishment in 2010. The Group has manifested a fierce acquisition trend, gobbling over $6.5 billion worth of industrial real estate, demonstrating an aggressive and forward-moving ethos. The ever-expanding portfolio of the Group now spans across 27 states and envelops a staggering 56.5 million square feet, tailoring an impressive blueprint of its growth and influence across the nation.

An essential asset to the Company's success lies in its co-investing collaborations with both private and institutional capital partners, aiming to garner superior risk-adjusted returns. Brennan Investment Group is steered by a cohort of the most seasoned veterans in the industry. Their formidable expertise is evident in the sheer volume of investments made in a prolific sweep of 5,000 properties, expanding their footprint well beyond the U.S., into the reaches of Canada and Europe.

Those who wish to delve into further details about Brennan Investment Group and its pervasive industrial prowess can visit their official online domicile at The site extends comprehensive information regarding their investment philosophy, property portfolio, and an in-depth look into the company's leadership and market strategies.

To connect with Brennan Investment Group, one can reach out to Ursula Walendzewicz through email - in the spirit of concise communication, potential inquiries can be channeled through a direct line at 8476308722. Brennan Investment Group, true to its transparent approach, welcomes dialogue with interested parties, ranging from investors, analysts, tenants to media personalities looking to capture the evolving landscape of industrial property investment.

Strategic Industrial Assets Cement Company's Industrial Footprint

Approaching the investment game with a mix of tactical foresight and shrewd positioning, Brennan Investment Group's most recent venture in Denver underpins a wider trajectory in market penetration and asset consolidation. The acquisition of the Oakland and East 40th Avenue distribution facilities not only broadens the company's industrial berth but also doubles down on their adept eye for property in key logistical nodes. Such strategic asset positioning is anticipated to fuel the company's projected growth, encapsulating an aggressive yet calculated conquest of Denver's high-value terrain in the industrial stark.

The fully-leased Oakland property delivers a strong investment thesis by holding a broadly coveted single tenancy, presenting a simplified management model and a consistent revenue stream. Just through its doors, the partially leased East 40th Avenue facility brands itself as an asset with potential yield growth through future leasing strategies. The inherent value of these industrial locations is magnified by their logistical benefits, providing immediate access to core avenues of transportation and commerce, thus fulfilling a definitive criterion of industrial real estate investment - location, location, location.

Riding the Wave of Denver's Growth

As part of the broader narrative, Brennan Investment Group's investment strategy in Denver is riding the crest of the region's historical growth trajectory. Since the 1990s, the city has laid the groundwork as an industrial behemoth in the American West, backed by its relentless demographic expansion and economic diversification. Testament to Denver's magnetism are its significant industrial development and vacancy rates that totter below the national average, thus signaling an auspicious market climate ripe for astute investment forays such as that of Brennan's.

Brian Roach's effusive remarks underscore a pivoting point in the company's strategy, aligning the January acquisition with the current portfolio addition. These developments are set to enhance the synergistic effects of their contiguous holdings, sewing together a fabric of distribution centers that are clockwork-in-sync with the city's pulsating industrial demands and a shifting global economy that increasingly values efficient supply chain operations.

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A Methodical Blueprint for Success

Brennan's investment blueprint, distilled by Kevin Brennan's insights, has placed an emphatic emphasis on 'experienced, local, market leaders.' Their investment pursuits are characterized by deep-rooted market knowledge combined with nimble-footed maneuvers ensuring propriety in their capital allocations. By nurturing and propagating a 'local leader' philosophy, Brennan Investment Group not only imbues its operations with a sense of much-needed contextual intelligence but also underscores a profound respect for the inimitable nuances that each local market enshrines.

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For media inquiries, contact:

Ursula Walendzewicz
Email: Ursula Walendzewicz
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Brennan Investment Group, LLC

The content in this article is an amalgamation of facts and statements provided by Brennan Investment Group and brought to public knowledge through various media publications. It aims to furnish readers with a coherent understanding of the company's movements within the industrial property market.

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About Brennan Investment Group

Brennan Investment Group stands as a paragon of a disciplined and visionary private real estate firm, with its core operations spread across the acquisition, development, and management of industrial real estate properties. Since its inauguration over a decade ago, it has been on an upward trajectory, embarking on a succession of acquisitions that have fortified its arsenal of industrial spaces necessary for the logistics and supply chain dynamics of modern commerce.

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In adherence to its founding values, the company's tradition of co-investing with a spectrum of investors illustrates its commitment to mutual growth and value circulation. The breadth of Brennan's industrial clout, touching upon thousands of properties and an international presence, exemplifies a level of expansion and adaptability that is emblematic of its standing as a formidable entity in the real estate sector.

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To explore further insights into Brennan Investment Group's operations and portfolio, or to initiate a dialogue with the company, visit their corporate site,, a comprehensive resource for understanding their investment perspective, success stories, and industry impact.

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In conclusion, Brennan Investment Group's latest Denver investments reaffirm their strategy of seeking out prime real estate in areas with robust growth prospects. By effectively capitalizing on the region's demographic surge and economic fortitude, Brennan solidifies its presence as a major industrial player, not just in the United Everest States, but on the international stage. Through concerted efforts in strategic asset acquisition and nurturing local expertise, Brennan Investment Group continues to set the standard for industrial property investment and development.

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