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Breakthrough Auction: Montgomery Capital's Sale of Holy Kombucha's Assets Offers Investment Opportunity


Lauren Miller

April 1, 2024 - 21:59 pm


Montgomery Capital Partners Announces Upcoming Public Sale of Holy Kombucha, Inc.'s Assets

In an unfolding event in the financial world, Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP, a secured party, has revealed that it will conduct a significant public sale. This sale, also known as a secured party public auction, is scheduled for April 23, 2024, at precisely 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. This event, which will take place over the phone, is positioned to attract the attention of keen bidders from across the region and potentially the nation.

Sale Terms and Offered Assets

The forthcoming sale aims to foreclosure the security interest owned by Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP in the personal property assets of Holy Kombucha, Inc. These assets entail a wide array of property, including their stock of inventory, all accounts receivable, and a selection of machinery and equipment which the Texas corporation owns. The latter is collectively referred to as 'FF&E' throughout the transaction documents and discussions.

Further, the sale will include a range of Holy Kombucha, Inc.'s owned trademarks. Some of these prominent trademarks are "Yerbucha," "Drink Well. Do Better.," "Holy Kombucha," "Holy Tepache," and "Holy Beverages," among others. This array of trademarks forms part of the intellectual property assets that are up for grabs. Additionally, other general intangibles that the Borrower holds are also included as part of the collateral being sold.

The assets, collectively referred to as the 'Public Sale Collateral,' are to be sold in an 'as is' and 'where is' condition. Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP has made it clear that no warranties—expressed or implied—in relation to the title, use, enjoyment, possession, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, completeness, condition or likewise, will be made during the disbursement of the said Public Sale Collateral.

As per the terms laid out, the eventual purchaser will take ownership of these assets devoid of the Secured Party's liens and any subordinate security interests. This arrangement also indicates that the sale is without recourse to Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP, as well as its attorneys and representatives. Prospective bidders are thus advised to regard the stipulations and the nature of the assets closely.

Bidding Process Pre-Requisites

Engaging in the bidding process comes with pre-determined requirements, ensuring only qualified and serious bidders partake. Those interested must first submit a signed confidentiality agreement that satisfies the necessary form and substance according to the Secured Party unless such a requirement is waived. In addition to this, potential bidders are obligated to provide contemporary financial statements or other evidence which demonstrates the financial capacity of the bidders to purchase the Public Sale Collateral.

Moreover, the bidders are expected to complete and responsibly execute an Asset Purchase Agreement in the template that the Secured Party provides. A bid deposit, which will be held in escrow by the Secured Party, equivalent to ten percent of the bid amount is also a requisite. Those who meet these stated prerequisites will be acknowledged as 'Qualified Bidders.'

These Qualified Bidders will then gain access to the telephonic Public Sale by being provided with a telephone number and a passcode. They will also have the opportunity to bid in a competitive surrounding structured to ensure a transparent and fair auction.

Auction Structure and Purchase Completion

On the day of the Public Sale, the assets may be proffered in separate or combined lots, with the potential for the entire Public Sale Collateral to be offered as one single lot. It's a strategic procedure that allows bidders to approach the purchase in a manner that suits their interests best. Following the conclusion of the Public Sale, the triumphant bidder or bidders are required to finalize their bids via wire transfer to the Secured Party.

It should be noted that the Secured Party holds the right to credit bid on any or all of the Public Sale Collateral during the Public Sale. Additionally, they reserve the discretionary power to reject any and all bids, and to adjourn or cancel the Public Sale as the circumstances dictate.

Additional Information and Key Contacts

Individuals or entities with keen interest in the Public Sale can obtain extensive information concerning the Public Sale Collateral. Documents such as the confidentiality agreement and the format of the asset purchase agreement can be accessed. Specific details regarding the Public Sale can also be clarified through direct contact.

Enquiries can be directed to Carlos A. Lacayo via email at [email protected] or by phone at (917) 902-1506. Alternatively, Isaac J. Brown can also be contacted for additional details pertaining to the sale, and he can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at (214) 740-4037.

This organized sale is being spearheaded by Montgomery Capital Advisers, LLC. They are the source and the primary contact should any interested parties wish to seek further details or clarifications.

Curious parties are therefore encouraged to act promptly and reach out to the given contacts to ensure they have all necessary information and are able to partake in this potential investment opportunity.

In conclusion, this transaction signifies a substantial movement of assets and is poised to be an important event for involved parties ranging from the current security holders to the potential investors. The sale of Holy Kombucha, Inc.'s assets by Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP, through a secured party public sale, marks an eminent point in the evolution of this Texas corporation.


Carlos A. Lacayo

Email: [email protected]

Direct: 917-902-1506

Isaac J. Brown

Email: [email protected]

Direct: 214-740-4037

SOURCE Montgomery Capital Advisers, LLC

The news related to this public sale is fueled by the circumstances surrounding Holy Kombucha, Inc., and while the backdrop to this sale is not specified within this press release, the liquidation of assets often indicates a restructuring or divestment strategy by a corporation. This pivotal stage for Holy Kombucha, Inc. beckons the interest of financial analysts and investors alike.

As the date of the Public Sale nears, industry watchers and prospective bidders will be positioning themselves for what could be a significant acquisition of diverse assets. With stakes high and the potential for a strategic bid that could reshape an entrant's portfolio, the auction promises to be a focal point for many in the financial and beverage industries.

Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP is setting the stage for an auction that not only serves their interests as a secured party but also opens the door for new ownership and perhaps a new chapter for the assets and trademarks of Holy Kombucha, Inc. As these details disseminate through relevant channels, one thing is certain: The eyes of many will be on Dallas come April 23, 2024.

This event is more than an exchange of assets; it is a testament to the fluid nature of business, the transformation of brands, and the continuous cycle of investment opportunities. Whether new players emerge or established entities expand their reach, the outcome of this Public Sale will undoubtedly ripple through the business landscape.

Interested parties are thereby urged to promptly connect with the provided contacts and fulfil all necessary prerequisites to qualify as a bidder. With the playing field set and the pieces moving into place, the auction is shaping up to be both a strategic and competitive encounter.

**For those looking to explore the full details of this intriguing sale, direct communication is available at the aforementioned contacts. Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP stands ready to engage with all prospective bidders, offering a unique opportunity for the acquisition of Holy Kombucha, Inc’s curated collection of assets.

Whether for seasoned investors or newcomers eager to delve into the business, this Public Sale represents an open door to possibilities. With the essence of Holy Kombucha, Inc.’s brand on the line, the impact of the upcoming auction will be closely monitored as it unfolds, potentially leaving a lasting imprint on the market.

In anticipation of the auction, the industry is reminded of the intrinsic value and history of Holy Kombucha, Inc.’s brand. These assets are not just physical items; they symbolize a business's identity and potential for growth. This sale, therefore, is not only about the highest bid but about the future prospects that come with such a significant acquisition.

As April 23 approaches, Dallas becomes the focal point for a momentous occasion in the world of commerce. Montgomery Capital Partners IV, LP is orchestrating an event that will not only determine the fate of Holy Kombucha, Inc.'s assets but also potentially set a new direction for the brand's legacy.

With the stage set for a significant turnover in assets, Montgomery Capital Advisers, LLC readies itself to assist and manage the influx of inquiries and the execution of this major transaction. The financial community awaits, as the clock ticks down to a pivotal moment in the legacy of Holy Kombucha, Inc.