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Boardroom Turmoil: How Trump's Legal Maneuvering Could Shape the Future of Tech Stocks


Michael Chen

April 2, 2024 - 19:25 pm


Legal Showdown: Trump Takes on Co-founders Over Stock Dispute

In a sudden escalation of corporate tensions, Donald Trump has initiated legal proceedings against his co-founders of Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. The dispute centers around the ownership of stock in the social media company that the former president asserts his partners, Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss, are not entitled to.

A pedestrian takes a photo of a screen displaying Trump Media stock information in New York on March 26 Photographer: Yuki Iwamura/Bloomberg

The Battle for Corporate Control

The lawsuit, filed on March 24 in a Florida state court, came to the public's attention after a preceding lawsuit was lodged by Litinsky and Moss against Trump in the Delaware Chancery Court. They were seeking their promised stake in the company following their assertions over the split of shares.

Litinsky and Moss hold a significant 8.6% stake in Trump Media, but Trump's argument is that the duo doesn't deserve this ownership slice. He alleges they have failed to adequately put in place corporate governance structures, successfully launch the Truth Social platform, or find a suitable merger partner. Trump's assertion is that these failings have been detrimental to the company.

Stock Market Roller Coaster

The company's shares have experienced volatile fluctuations since Trump Media began trading last week after merging with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Share prices took a steep dive of 21% on Monday, influenced by a securities filing revealing a staggering $58 million loss and dismal revenue for 2023. Additionally, the company issued an advisory about the critical need for SPAC proceeds to stay afloat.

However, in a twist of fate, the stock saw a rebound, rising 7.8% to $52.45 by Tuesday afternoon in New York.

A Clash of Claims

The lawsuit articulates that Litinsky and Moss have engaged in relentless efforts to undermine the SPAC transaction, which is vital for the future of both the company and their respective shareholdings. In their own legal challenge, they claim Trump aimed to amass millions of additional shares, which would dilute their vested interest in the company. An attempt was made to contact the lawyers representing Litinsky and Moss, but they have so far not responded to emails requesting comments regarding the lawsuit by Trump.

For further details on Trump Media's challenges and Trump's financial situation, readers can review the full story here: "Trump’s Net Worth Drops $1 Billion as Social Media Firm Sinks".

Trump Media's Market Value and Trump's Net Worth

Despite recent tribulations, Trump Media boasts an impressive market valuation of $7.13 billion. Trump himself holds a majority share of 57% in the company. Even amid the financial downturn, this majority stake translates to a colossal value of $4.06 billion in theory.

Additional information on Trump's legal entanglements can be found in the article: "Keeping Up With the Trump Trials".

Delaware Court Developments

A Delaware judge, Sam Glasscock III, chose not to prioritize the expedited handling of the lawsuit filed by Litinsky and Moss after receiving assurances from Trump's legal representatives that there would be no devaluation of the co-founders' shares. However, recent developments suggest the pair plan to request an injunction to prevent the Florida lawsuit from proceeding while they litigate allegations that Trump intended to encroach upon their shares from the start.

Judge Glasscock expressed astonishment upon discovering the launch of a separate suit by Trump in Florida, a striking move as he could have brought counterclaims within the Delaware court. The judge is now contemplating potential sanctions against Trump for his legal strategy in the Delaware case.

Future Legal Battles and Company Outlook

The legal saga promises to unfold with intensity in the upcoming months. With Trump’s financial interests heavily tied to the outcome, the direction of Trump Media's stock will be closely watched by investors and political observers alike. The stakes are high, both financially and legally, with the potential for significant consequences based on the courts' decisions.

For details on the legal case in Florida, refer to: "Trump Media & Technology Group v. United Atlantic Ventures, Florida Circuit Court, 12th Judicial Circuit (Sarasota)".

Historical Context and Significance

The interplay between Trump's political ambition and his business endeavors is not new. However, the gravity of this dispute stands out due to its direct impact on his personal wealth and possibly on his political influence. The outcome will likely resonate through both the business world and the political sphere as Trump remains a prominent figure in American public life.

Market and Investor Reaction

As this legal drama unfolds, the future of Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. and its flagship Truth Social platform remains uncertain. The stock market's responsiveness to company news and legal developments underscores the fragility of investor confidence in this era of startups merging with SPACs. The decisions made in courtrooms across the United States could swing financial fortunes in unpredictable ways.


To summarize, the legal conflict over control and stock entitlement at Trump Media has erupted aggressively. While further developments in court are awaited, the business community and Trump's supporters are bracing for the repercussions of these proceedings. It is a battle that merges the complexities of corporate governance, financial revelations, and the clout of high-profile personalities. The consequences of this contest will likely radiate far beyond the boardroom, influencing political campaigns and investor confidence for years to come.