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batteries plus shatters sales records with strategic expansion and innovative service 23


Batteries Plus Shatters Sales Records with Strategic Expansion and Innovative Service


Michael Chen

May 13, 2024 - 14:27 pm


Batteries Plus Achieves Unprecedented Sales Success

HARTLAND, Wis., May 13, 2024—Batteries Plus, renowned as the premier specialty battery franchise catering to both consumers and businesses, has publicly celebrated a remarkable milestone at the dawn of May, having eclipsed its historical commercial sales norm for April by a notable margin of 1.37%. This accomplishment arrives on the heels of the company's announcement of a previously record-breaking sales month in January of this year. Such marked success has set the bar noticeably higher for the enterprise, with anticipations for even greater feats in the forthcoming months.

The month of April was particularly outstanding for Batteries Plus across their network of franchisees, as commercial sales soared to $20 million, significantly outperforming their previous best single-month record by close to $300,000. The sales boost can be attributed in part to the addition of 7 new national accounts, a move that propelled Batteries Plus to a new summit in terms of the total number of national accounts held, proving to be a critical factor in the company's sales triumph.

According to Jon Sica, Chief Operating Officer of Batteries Plus, the company is currently experiencing a highly enviable phase of consistent growth and record-setting sales performance for the fourth consecutive month. With more than 700 active franchise locations and counting, Sica exudes confidence that there will be more of such upbeat announcements as the year unfolds.

Batteries Plus boasts a robust expansion with over 800 stores either open for business or in the process of setup across the nation. What sets the brand apart is its unique ability to merge national reach with a local sensibility. The company distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive catalog of products and services that extend far beyond traditional batteries. They power a diverse array of operations from tools, equipment, and fleet vehicles to fire and security systems. Additionally, the franchise caters to modern electronics servicing needs such as cell phone repairs and programming of key fobs, thus enhancing their value proposition and appeal to a broad spectrum of customers and businesses throughout the United States.

The dedication and hard work of the franchisees are at the heart of Batteries Plus's most recent record-breaking sales achievements, asserts Joe Malmuth, Chief Development Officer for Batteries Plus. He credits the franchisees for their relentless efforts to deepen the brand's roots in their local communities and firmly establish it as the premier B2B supplier for specialty batteries.

As we look toward a future increasingly reliant on battery technology, Batteries Plus has attained noteworthy rankings, reflecting its burgeoning influence and success. Featured on the Franchise Times Top 400 list, the company placed at number 130, exemplifying its considerable market presence. Furthermore, Batteries Plus made an impressive leap on Entrepreneur Magazine's prestigious Franchise 500 list, vaulting 40 places from last year and achieving a striking improvement of 162 rankings over the past three years. Such honours signify the company's exceptional strides in unit growth, financial strength and stability, as well as its powerful brand presence.

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About Batteries Plus: Established back in 1988 and headquartered in Hartland, WI, Batteries Plus has emerged as a leading omnichannel retailer of batteries, specialty light bulbs, and phone repair services for various market segments. The retailer goes the extra mile to offer key programming, along with key replacement and cutting services. Through their national network of stores, Batteries Plus underscores a powerful value proposition that includes an unparalleled range of products, immediate in-stock availability, and superior customer service. Ownership of Batteries Plus rests with Freeman Spogli, a distinguished private equity firm situated in Los Angeles and New York City. To gain deeper insights into one of Forbes®' Best Franchises to Buy in America, interested parties can explore Batteries Plus Franchise.

Media Contact: For additional information or inquiries, members of the media may contact Conner Gossel from Fishman Public Relations at [email protected] or reach out by phone at 937-545-9812.

For full details on Batteries Plus and their latest announcements, visit Batteries Plus News.

Remarkable Growth Amidst a Competitive Sector

The astounding growth trajectory of Batteries Plus is especially noteworthy given the highly competitive and rapidly evolving nature of the specialty battery marketplace. The ability of Batteries Plus to not just stay afloat but actually excel and set new precedents in sales achievements is a testament to the effectiveness of their strategic approach. Emphasizing an omnichannel retail presence that effectively blends in-store experience with digital accessibility has allowed the company to capture a substantial share of consumer attention and loyalty.

Strengthening the Franchise Network

As Batteries Plus continues to enjoy this period of profitability and expansion, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners witness the potential for success within the franchise model. The franchise's noteworthy performance and accolades serve as a catalyst in attracting a growing number of franchisees who are eager to associate themselves with a firm that has firmly established its brand and financial performance. This leads not only to an increase in the number of stores but also to the enrichment of the franchise community through shared knowledge, resources, and best practices.

Industry-Leading Innovation and Service

Unwavering in their dedication to innovation, Batteries Plus has positioned itself at the forefront of the battery and mobile repair industry. The consistent addition of new services, such as key fob programming and an extended range of repair services, keeps the franchise at the cutting edge of consumer needs. This strategy not only draws in a wider customer base but also retains existing clientele by providing a one-stop-shop experience for all battery-related and electronic maintenance needs.

Navigating the Challenges of the Future

Looking to the future, it is apparent that the demand for advanced and specialty battery solutions will continue to grow. This is particularly due to the increasing proliferation of battery-dependent technologies and the push for greener, more sustainable power sources. Batteries Plus's achievements and optimistic outlook suggest that the company is well-prepared to navigate these challenges and capitalize on the expanding market opportunities.

A Testament to Franchisee Commitment

The narrative of Batteries Plus's success goes beyond mere numbers and reflects a deeper story of franchisee commitment. It is the daily grind of attentive customer service, operational efficiency, and community involvement by franchisees that molds the reputation of Batteries Plus as a reliable and indispensable supplier of specialty batteries. Their localized efforts culminate into the larger image of brand success, making each sales record as much a personal victory as it is a corporate one.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Potential

Batteries Plus emerges as a prime example of what can be achieved when a company not only recognizes the potential within its industry but also harnesses it effectively. Through strategic franchise growth, continuous innovation, and an intrinsic understanding of market trends and customer needs, Batteries Plus is more than just a battery supplier. It is a brand that has encapsulated the essence of potential turned performance. As they continue to chart a course for success, Batteries Plus stands ready to power the needs of the future, one battery at a time.

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