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bank rakyat indonesia triumphs in q1 with surging profits and bullish analyst sentiment 23


Bank Rakyat Indonesia Triumphs in Q1 with Surging Profits and Bullish Analyst Sentiment


Benjamin Hughes

May 10, 2024 - 08:43 am


PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Announces Impressive Profit Surge in Q1 2024

In an eye-opening financial report that has caught the attention of investors and market analysts alike, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (IDX: BBRI) proudly declared a remarkable profit of IDR 15.98 trillion for the first quarter of 2024. This financial milestone has cemented the confidence of many in the banking giant, translating into a unanimous 'Buy' recommendation on BBRI shares.

Robust Financial Health Attracts 'Buy' Recommendations

The captivating financial success story of Bank Rakyat Indonesia continues to unfold as market experts maintain a bullish stance on its stock. Bloomberg Technoz, utilizing a Bloomberg consensus, revealed that an overwhelming majority of 33 analysts, accounting for 97.1%, are advocating investors to purchase BBRI shares. The anticipation for a lucrative return on investment is further bolstered by the high price target set for BBRI shares in the forthcoming 12 months, positioned at an enticing IDR 6,653.

Insights from Leading Market Analysts

The positive outlook on BBRI’s performance did not come without thorough analysis and expert insight. Sucor Securities' seasoned analyst, Edward Lowis, painted a picture of formidable financial vitality for BBRI, noting a 16% increment in the Net Interest Income. This leap reflects the bank’s adept handling of credit growth. Lowis’s conviction in the future prospects of BBRI led him to endorse the shares as a Buy, with a price target ambitiously outlined at IDR 6,400. He justified this target by correlating it to 2.8 times the projected book value in 2024 and factoring in a projected 23% return on equity against a 12% cost of equity.

Ciptadana Securities' expert, Erni Marsella Siahaan, while acknowledging a modest 1.4% dip in BBRI's quarterly net profit, found it to be in concert with the widely accepted full-year consensus forecast of 24%. Despite the slight variance from her initial projections, Siahaan’s sentiments mirrored those of her peers, recommending investors to adopt a 'Buy' position. Her faith in BBRI's potential prompted a revised price target of IDR 7,000 per share, slightly tapered from the original IDR 7,150.

Credit Disbursement and Segment Growth Drive Robust Performance

BBRI's exceptional financial report points toward its aggressive credit disbursement up to the end of March 2024, which tallied an impressive IDR 1,308.65 trillion, marking a sturdy year-over-year growth of 10.89%. A significant portion of the credits, approximately 83.25% or IDR 1,089.41 trillion, was directed strategically towards the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) segment. This substantial allocation indicates BBRI’s commitment to propel this critical sector of the economy and outlines its impact on the bank's asset growth. BBRI's calculated investment decisions have resulted in their assets swelling to an enormous IDR 1,989.07 trillion, expanding by a robust 9.11% on a year-over-year basis.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia showcased growth across all loan segments. The micro segment swelled by 10.51% to reach IDR 622.61 trillion, the consumer segment by a notable 11.62% to IDR 193.96 trillion, while the small and medium segment experienced an 8.06% rise setting the value at IDR 272.85 trillion. Not to be outdone, the corporate segment also exhibited remarkable growth of 15.10%, achieving IDR 219.24 trillion.

Strategic Optimism by BRI's Top Executives

Sunarso, BRI's President Director, has been vocal about his high expectations for the bank's future performance. Echoing a sentiment of strategic optimism, he expressed confidence that Bank Rakyat Indonesia is well on course to attain a double-digit credit growth, hoping for a 10-12% year-over-year increase, despite prevailing high interest rates. At the end of the first quarter of 2024, the bank’s Liquidity Loan-to-Deposit Ratio (LDR) stood strong at 83.28%, and they boasted a commendable Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 23.97%. Sunarso offered reassurance, affirming, "We currently do not have liquidity issues as it remains ample. We will continue to maintain this healthy liquidity and sustain double-digit credit growth."

Additional Information and Resources

For individuals and investors yearning to delve deeper into the financial dynamics of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, additional insights and information can be accessed directly through their official website at The portal offers an extensive array of resources and updates on the bank's performance, strategic initiatives, and contribution to the broader economic framework.

Embedding Prosperity Through Strategic Foresight

The ability of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia to harness robust credit growth and allocate resources efficiently to various segments of the economy underpins their current success. Their strategic penetration into the MSME sector aligns with broader economic empowerment initiatives and showcases their role as a catalyst in Indonesia's economic engine. The keen observation of a sustained credit growth, despite the economic challenges posed by high interest rates, is testament to the bank's resilient financial practices and its prudent strategic foresight.

Encouraging a Landscape of Financial Stability

Responding to the constantly evolving financial landscape, BBRI’s President Director’s emphasis on a strong liquidity profile and commitment to sustaining growth is indicative of the bank’s foresight in navigating market conditions proactively. The financial institution's adeptness at ensuring a stable liquidity pool serves as a backbone for its continued ability to finance growth and fortify its market position.

Analysts Champion BBRI's Vision and Performance

The acclaim bestowed upon BBRI by market analysts goes beyond mere numbers; it resonates with their belief in the bank’s strategic vision and operational execution. The robust rise in the Net Interest Income echoes the profitability of the bank's core operations, further corroborating analysts' confidence in recommending BBRI as a valuable investment opportunity. It is this fusion of trust, performance, and optimistic forecasting that cements their recommendation to potential investors.

Forward-Looking Statements Instill Investor Confidence

BBRI's strategic declarations foster a sense of assurance among its stakeholders. By setting tangible targets for credit growth and maintaining a solid liquidity reserve, Bank Rakyat Indonesia communicates a narrative of sustainable growth and financial resilience. This message of strength and stability is inevitably translated into an investor-confidence booster, promoting a favorable investment landscape for BBRI shareholders.

Spearheading Growth in Challenging Times

Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s ability to steer through high-interest periods while escalating its credit distribution, particularly to pivotal economic segments such as MSMEs, is indicative of a well-managed financial institution. The bank's agility in adapting to market challenges, boosting its assets, and ensuring consistent growth across its loan segments portrays a picture of a bank that is not only surviving but thriving in uncertain times.


As the narrative of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s first quarter of 2024 unfolds, it tells a tale of prosperity, enduring confidence, and strategic ingenuity. The bank's clear vision, combined with its solid financial fundamentals, continue to garner admiration and advocacy from financial experts. With BBRI shares being warmly received in the market, backed by sound financial insights and recommendations, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia stands poised to fortify its position as a leading financial institution in the Southeast Asian region.