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Atlanta Celebrates Invisors' Triumphant Ranking in Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies


Benjamin Hughes

May 10, 2024 - 15:17 pm


Invisors Enjoys a Hat-trick as One of Atlanta's Fastest-Growing Companies

ATLANTA, May 10, 2024 – It's been an exceptional journey of growth and success for Invisors, a prominent Workday Services Partner, who has, for the third year in a row, found a spot on the prestigious 2024 Pacesetters list. The Atlanta Business Chronicle, a leading source of business news and insights, has recognized the achievements of Invisors in their annual feature that shines a spotlight on the top 100 fastest-growing privately held companies in the Atlanta area.

A Testament of Success in Atlanta’s Competitive Environment

Companies that find their way onto the coveted Pacesetters list have navigated the challenging terrain of business with remarkable skill, showing significant revenue growth that stands as testimony to their innovation and operational excellence. To be eligible, entities must be headquartered in Atlanta, with a financial profile that boasts 2023 revenue between $1 million and $300 million. Moreover, a minimum of a 50% increase in sales over two years is a critical criterion, which underscores the competitive edge and steady expansion of those who make the cut.

In the fast-paced landscape of business that spans across 11 diverse categories from the culinary realm to the construction sector, Invisors claimed the 54th position. The recognition is not just a numerical ranking but an acknowledgment of their exponential growth in financial terms and their burgeoning workforce.

Celebrating Consistency and Dedication: Invisors’ Reaction

The distinction of being named on the Atlanta Pacesetters list, especially for the third consecutive time, reflects the unwavering dedication of Invisors to its mission and the consistent innovation the firm brings to the table. "Being named one of Atlanta's fastest-growing companies is a testament to our team's dedication, innovation, and commitment to our clients. We are thrilled to be recognized for our growth and excited to continue making a positive impact in Atlanta's dynamic business community," commented Will Hardy, partner at Invisors, sharing in the excitement of this accolade and what it means for the company's future trajectory.

Invisors: A Beacon of Growth and Recognition

The past year has been a banner one for Invisors as it hasn't just been about maintaining growth; the company has been basking in the spotlight due to several notable recognitions. Capturing a position on the Inc. 5000 list, which stands as the foremost ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies, signifies the broader business success of Invisors. Furthermore, featuring on the Inc Regionals Southeast List and being celebrated in the Gator100 list of the world's fastest-growing businesses associated with Gator alumni, Invisors secures its presence as an enterprise whose growth reaches beyond the borders of Atlanta.

Unveiling the Visionaries Behind Invisors

As a Workday Services Partner certified in excellence, Invisors has established its reputation by aiding companies to leverage their organizational data to inform better business decisions. The comprehensive deployment of Workday solutions stands central to their mission, empowering clients to attain their grandest business aspirations. Invisors believes that their success is intricately tied to the success of their clients and focuses its expertise on improving both perspectives and outcomes for businesses. From the initial rollout of projects to the ongoing optimization endeavors, Invisors remains steadfast in delivering outcomes that elevate their clients to new heights. To discover the extensive services and success stories of Invisors, interested parties can visit

Striving for Excellence: A Deep Dive into Invisors' Achievements

In a deeper look at Invisors' road to acclaim, it's clear that strategic focus on client enablement through data-centered solutions has been the cornerstone of their operation. The company's agility in adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape and their penchant for innovation have been pivotal to their propensity for growth. The seamless integration of Workday solutions serves as an invaluable toolkit for companies looking to harness the full potential of their resources.

Invisors has left an indelible mark on industries by helping businesses transition to data-driven operations that prioritize strategic insights and efficiency. Their proactive approach to customer service and their dedicated team of experts have been instrumental in fostering long-standing partnerships which is reflected in the company's impressive retention rates. It's this holistic approach to business solutions that has undoubtedly contributed to the recognition showered upon Invisors by both clients and industry peers alike.

The Pacesetters List: A Hallmark of Business Acumen in Atlanta

It's crucial to put into perspective the significance of the Atlanta Pacesetters list. This compilation is not just a ranking; it's a narrative of resilience, innovation, and strategic business planning. Being amongst the 100 fastest-growing companies is an honor that all the listed entities wear as a badge of merit. This recognition foments a culture of excellence and spawns a competitive spirit that transcends conventional business practices.

For Atlanta, a city bustling with potential and an ever-expanding business landscape, the Pacesetters list is a reflection of the city's robust economic engines at work. As these 100 companies grow, they bring with them wealth, employment opportunities, and a ripple effect of success that touches every corner of the metro area.

The Impact of Recognition on Business and Community

The uplifting effect a reputable listing such as the Atlanta Pacesetters can have on a company like Invisors cannot be overstated. Besides drawing the attention of potential clients and investors, it also instills a sense of pride within the workforce, thereby boosting productivity and the overall morale of the team. For Invisors, the repeat recognition underscores the company's reliability and stability, promising existing and future clients continued excellence and innovation in services.

Moreover, Invisors' repeated success stories have a considerable influence on the local business community, inspiring up-and-coming entrepreneurs and established organizations to strive for similar achievements. It sets benchmarks for performance and growth, encouraging a culture of excellence among Atlanta-based businesses that aspire to make their way onto the list.

The Future Looks Bright for Invisors and Atlanta's Business Ecosystem

As Invisors looks ahead to further its growth streak, the company is not only envisioning an expansion of its client base but also an enrichment of the services it offers. The spotlight from the Pacesetters list is sure to generate more interest in Workday's deployment and optimization services, which is a testament to Invisors' proficiency in this specialized market.

The trajectory of Invisors’ growth parallels Atlanta's ascent as a major business hub in the United States. The recognition of companies like Invisors underlines the vigorous and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in the city's economy. As Atlanta continues to lay the groundwork for businesses to flourish, we can anticipate more stories of success emerging from its fertile market in the years to come.


In conclusion, Invisors' third consecutive accolade on the Atlanta Pacesetters list is more than just an honor; it’s a narrative of a company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and the boundless potential of Atlanta's business climate. The recognition is a clear reflection of Invisors’ strategic prowess and its dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly to ensure that their clients have access to cutting-edge Workday solutions.

As Atlanta's economy burgeons and its private sector thrives, Invisors’ story serves as a beacon for both current and future businesses—signaling that with dedication, strategy, and a commitment to innovation, achieving exponential growth in this vibrant city is not just possible but expected. Hats off to Invisors and the many companies in Atlanta stepping up to the challenge, pushing boundaries and setting paces in the world of business.