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ASSA ABLOY Expands Its Empire: Messerschmitt Systems Now Part of the Access Solutions Giant


Lauren Miller

April 3, 2024 - 06:14 am


ASSA ABLOY Broadens Market Dominance with Acquisition of Messerschmitt Systems

In an announcement that signals further consolidation in the access solutions industry, ASSA ABLOY, a global front-runner in access solutions, has completed the procurement of Messerschmitt Systems. This German company is recognized for its innovative development and manufacturing of access control hardware and software specifically for the hospitality sector. The addition is set to entail access and in-room control solutions that will further cement ASSA ABLOY's standing in the market.

Stockholm, April 3, 2024 – ASSA ABLOY has effectively extended its portfolio by integrating Messerschmitt Systems, a prominent developer and producer of access control systems fulfilling the hospitality market's demands. This strategic move underscores ASSA ABLOY's commitment to enhancing its position in established markets by amassing supplementary products and solutions that resonate with its core business values.

Nico Delvaux, President and CEO of ASSA ABLOY, expressed his enthusiasm about the new merger. He acknowledged the significant milestone the acquisition represents in aligning with the company's strategy to bolster its foothold in the industry. “This acquisition delivers on our strategy to strengthen our position in developed markets through adding complementary products and solutions to our core business,” said Delvaux with an optimistic outlook on the future trajectory of the company's growth.

The strategic significance of this merger is further emphasized by the rich heritage of Messerschmitt Systems in the realm of hospitality access control. Their product suite is especially attractive to ASSA ABLOY as it enhances their current offerings to customers, providing more comprehensive access solutions. Stephanie Ordan, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Technologies business unit Global Solutions at ASSA ABLOY, shared her positive foresight regarding the acquired entity's fitting integration into their global strategy.

“The acquisition provides synergy opportunities and an attractive potential to accelerate our growth in the DACH region and Middle East. I am delighted to welcome the team to Global Solutions,” Ordan remarked, pointing out the growth prospects this acquisition opens up in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Middle Eastern territories.

Founded in 1985, Messerschmitt Systems has established itself as a reputable enterprise in the hospitality access control vertical. The company's headquarters are situated in Schwaig, east of Nürnberg, Germany, where a dedicated workforce of about 100 employees contributes to the firm's innovative strides in the industry. Following this acquisition, Messerschmitt Systems is poised to join the Global Solutions business area Hospitality under ASSA ABLOY's extensive umbrella.

The acquisition report details that Messerschmitt Systems' sales for 2023 reached approximately €11 million (MEUR), translating to around 130 million Swedish Krona (MSEK). However, it is crucial to note that the integration is expected to have a small dilutive effect on ASSA ABLOY's earnings per share (EPS) initially. This suggests a minute impact on profitability per share following the purchase, a standard repercussion in many corporate acquisitions.

When reaching out for more insights, interested parties can contact several key figures at ASSA ABLOY. Nico Delvaux, as President and CEO, can be approached for overarching company strategy and vision inquiries at the provided telephone number, +46 8 506 485 82. For financial aspects, thoughts can be directed to Erik Pieder, the CFO and Executive Vice President; he can be reached at +46 8 506 485 72. Björn Tibell, who oversees Investor Relations, is also available for enquiries at +46 70 275 67 68.


The ASSA ABLOY Group prides itself on being the global leader in access solutions. With a formidable workforce of 61,000 employees and staggering sales that reach SEK 141 billion, the group has etched its name in markets across the globe. The organization holds dominant positions in a plethora of sectors, which include efficient door openings, trusted identities, and advanced entrance automation. ASSA ABLOY is synonymous with innovation, providing safe, secure, and easy access to both physical and digital spaces. Their technologies play a pivotal role in creating more open and accessible environments daily – helping billions of people around the world.

For an in-depth understanding and further information, readers and stakeholders are directed to Cision's platform, where the original notification and details about the acquisition can be found:

Additional Information and Access to Official Documents

For stakeholders interested in official documentation related to the announcement, ASSA ABLOY has made available for download the press release in PDF format. The document can be accessed via this link: This file is poised to offer comprehensive insight into the transaction's specifics.

Moreover, visual representation of the company's brand and its standing in the industry can be viewed through the image of the ASSA ABLOY logo displayed on a door. It is symbolic of the company's commitment to security and open access, which can be found on Cision's news portal using this URL:,c3285013.

The materials provided are a testament to the transparent nature of the company and demonstrate the importance of consistency in brand representation post-acquisition.


The strategic acquisition of Messerschmitt Systems is a clear indication of ASSA ABLOY's ongoing commitment to expansion and innovation in the access solutions industry. By supplementing its broad range of products with Messerschmitt Systems' specialized offerings, ASSA ABLOY not only fortifies its own market presence but also extends its reach to more customers within the hospitality sector, reinforcing the global narrative of interconnectivity and unified access.

The collaboration of the seasoned expertise of Messerschmitt Systems with the global reach and innovation-focused approach of ASSA ABLOY heralds a new chapter in providing sophisticated, secure, and user-friendly access solutions. As both companies embark on this endeavor, the market can anticipate a surge in innovative technologies that will further the concept of a seamlessly accessible world.

With the additional information, contact numbers, and URLs provided, ASSA ABLOY ensures stakeholders can closely follow this merger and the forthcoming integration of Messerschmitt Systems into their Global Solutions business area Hospitality – promising a brighter, more secure future for access control in the hospitality industry and beyond.

In the constantly evolving landscape of global access solutions, ASSA ABLOY's acquisition of Messerschmitt Systems exemplifies strategic growth fueled by synergy and a shared vision of enhancing user experience through technology. With both entities now on a unified front, the assimilation will likely spark further innovation and heighten ASSA ABLOY's contributions to a more open and connected world.

Contact Information for Further Enquiries:

  • Nico Delvaux, President and CEO Phone: +46 8 506 485 82
  • Erik Pieder, CFO and Executive Vice President Phone: +46 8 506 485 72
  • Björn Tibell, Head of Investor Relations Phone: +46 70 275 67 68

For a direct link to the comprehensive press release and visual assets:

In a world where the importance of security can never be overstated, ASSA ABLOY's strategic move stands not just as a business transaction but as a testament to its unwavering dedication to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company's unrelenting drive to push the envelope in the realm of access solutions ensures that ASSA ABLOY will remain at the forefront of the industry, setting benchmarks and crafting the keys to a more accessible, secure future for all.

Given the magnitude of this acquisition, the market watches closely to see the ripples that this transaction will create across the industry. ASSA ABLOY and Messerschmitt Systems together aim to redefine access for the hospitality realm, sharpening the edge of innovation and cementing their presence as a hybrid entity driven by a tradition of excellence and a pledge to technological evolution.

The consequential merger between these two giants of the access solutions space speaks volumes about the future of the industry and the advanced security architecture that defines contemporary hospitality management. What this signifies is more than a change of ownership – it represents a leap forward in the pursuit of exemplified security and accessibility.

Future reports and updates on the integration process will undoubtedly shed light on the operational efficiencies and product advancements that will emerge from this alliance. The market expects that as Messerschmitt Systems aligns with its new parent company's objectives and infrastructure, a tangible impact on security, efficiency, and innovation will materialize, fostering a legacy that will resonate across the industry for years to come.

As the details of this acquisition unravel, ASSA ABLOY's anticipation of enhanced market leadership through inspired innovation, enriched product lines, and reinforced customer engagements will come under focus. Those with a stake in the future of access solutions will be observing, anticipating the fresh pathways this collaboration will pave in the field of security and access management.

With the wealth of information already available and further updates to be released, confidence in the forward movements of both ASSA ABLOY and Messerschmitt Systems remains steadfast, setting a course for novel approaches to deliver uncompromised access and security solutions around the globe.