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Apollo's Bold Move: Seizing Majority Control in Caverion Corporate Shake-Up


Benjamin Hughes

April 3, 2024 - 06:47 am


Apollo's Strategic Acquisition: Caverion Falls Under Majority Control

HELSINKI, April 3, 2024 – In a recent high-profile corporate development, Caverion Corporation, a major player in the building services and industrial services market, has announced that it has been the subject of a significant shareholding change. Apollo HoldCo SARL, an entity representing a collective of its own and its subsidiaries’, has seen its shareholding soar past the critical 90 percent threshold. This development occurred on April 2, 2024, indicating a major shift in the company's ownership landscape.

Majority Stake Acquisition

The pivotal transaction resulted in Apollo HoldCo SARL's indirect shareholdings in Caverion reaching an astonishing 129,361,829 shares. This figure translates to a dominant 93.12 percent control of all shares and voting rights within Caverion Corporation. While Caverion operates with a singular class of shares—with each share meriting a single vote—the calculation for this considerable majority was derived from Caverion's total number of registered shares, which stands at 138,920,092.

Impact of the Transaction

This corporate maneuver relates back to an earlier announcement made by Caverion on March 5, 2024. The release detailed Triton Investment Advisers LLP's intentions to amalgamate its portfolio companies, Assemblin Group AB and Caverion. This intended fusion forms part of an internal structuring within Triton, resulting in a shared ownership umbrella. This announcement specifies that, though there has been a reshuffling in the ultimate controlling entity, Caverion's immediate ownership structure remains unaffected.

Detailed Ownership Structure

Following the stock exchange guidelines, the provided tables scrupulously outline the exact percentages of share and voting rights in possession post-transaction. They also indicate there were no preceding notifications applicable before this substantial ownership change. A deeper looking glass into the resulting situation shows a direct and indirect shareholding, both held through clusters of associated corporations, culminating in the 93.12 percent total control by Crayfish BidCo Oy and Apollo HoldCo SARL.

Transparency and Compliance

Caverion remains transparent, providing detailed breakdowns in line with the Finnish Securities Markets Act. The disclosure offers an exhaustive list of all the subsidiary entities through which Apollo HoldCo SARL effectively holds said voting rights and shares. This list comprises a cascading structure that funnels down from the ultimate holding company to the direct ownership by Crayfish BidCo Oy, which is now the penultimate owner of the said significant shareholding percentage.

The detailed chains of custody affirm that there are no current financial instruments, such as derivatives or convertible bonds held, that would imply further indirect shareholding or voting rights in Caverion. The ‘N/A’ statuses across the board in the related tables confirm the absence of such financial instruments, strengthening the direct control exerted by Apollo HoldCo SARL.

The Controlled Undertakings

The announcement proceeds to reveal the full chain of controlled undertakings that start with the ultimate controlling entity, Apollo HoldCo SARL. The hierarchical structure then extends through several levels before eventually connecting to Caverion. Despite the various names indicated within the ownership network, most entities hold an explicit '0.00' percentage in shares and voting rights, with the notable exception being Crayfish BidCo Oy whose involvement is clearly pivotal to the entire restructuring process.

Corporate Communication and Media Distribution

Caverion Corporation ensures the dissemination of the pertinent information through the official channels. The news reaches the investors and general public via well-established platforms such as Nasdaq Helsinki and prominent media publications. Additionally, a dedication to comprehensive communication is seen on its official website, offering exhaustive details of the company's operations, structures, and key financial data.

Contact for Further Information

Inquirers looking for more depth on this significant shift in ownership and what it presages for Caverion Corporation's future can reach out directly. The appointed contact person, Noora Koikkalainen, takes the helm as the Head of Marketing, Communications, IR and Sustainability. She is available for further insights reachable via telephone or the provided email link.

Supporting Documents and Sources

Corroborating the foregoing details, Caverion has facilitated the provision of additional data through accessible links. All related documentation, inclusive of this pivotal notification about the shifts in ownership and control, are available for download in PDF format. This material can be procured from the link available on the Cision news webpage. It stands as an offering to anyone keen to probe deeper into the legal and financial technicalities of this acquisition.


The announcement by Caverion Corporation regarding the change in holding structure conveys important changes in the power dynamics within the company. Stakeholders and market analysts alike will no doubt watch keenly to see how this surge in ownership by Apollo HoldCo SARL will influence Caverion’s strategies and market presence. What remains apparent is that in a landscape of aggressive mergers and acquisitions, Caverion now emerges as a key entity within the portfolio of one of the world’s most influential investment concerns.

As the dust settles on this corporate maneuver, the underlying story is one of strategic alignment and consolidation, with substantial influence over Caverion Corporation now resting in the hands of an industry titan. The reverberations of such a takeover will be felt not just within the company, but throughout the industry and among its competitors. The rebalancing of control within Caverion stands not only as a testimony to the fluid nature of corporate ownership, but also as a prelude to future strategic moves which may redefine the industry's landscape.

Stakeholders and broader market participants will monitor the unfolding implications of this takeover, particularly in relation to the promised maintenance of Caverion's current operational framework. Expert opinions speculate on a potential host of strategic pivots, investment into innovative technologies, or even expansion into new markets under the guidance of its newfound majority shareholder. As such, this changing of the guard is poised to be more than just a nominal shift; it could signify a transformative era for Caverion Corporation.

Moving forward, as Caverion and Apollo integrate into a single holding structure, the narrative will revolve around how this integration will influence the operations, decision-making processes, and the strategic roadmap of the corporation. Will there be a notable shift in Caverion’s approach to business development, service delivery, and customer engagement? Or will Apollo tread softly, merely overseeing from a distance while allowing the Caverion's management to steer the ship as usual? Only time will unveil the true impact of this corporate restructuration.

The unfolding of these events will indeed be a testament to the complexities and dynamics of global corporate governance. It highlights the intricate web of control that can exist within multinational corporations and investment landscapes, providing a compelling case study on how indirect control through multi-layered ownership structures can effectuate significant changes without the immediate alteration of a company’s on-the-ground modus operandi.

With an eye to the future, Apollo's expansive portfolio and proven experience in cultivating growth within its acquisitions suggest that Caverion may be embarking on a journey of accelerated growth and increased market prominence. Such potential progress paints an optimistic future for employees, customers, and investors, setting the stage for a novel chapter in the company’s history. Caverion's corporate narrative is one to follow closely in the upcoming months and years, as it adapts to the expectations and strategic vision of its commanding majority shareholder.

As industry observers await further developments and potential announcements from Apollo and Caverion, the speculation brews over what the ultimate goals and synergies might emerge from this strategic realignment. What is abundantly clear, however, is that Caverion Corporation has been steered onto a new trajectory, potentially aligning with Apollo's broader ambitions in the sector. The gravity and implications of this development remain to be fully realized, but Caverion stands today as a corporate entity reflecting the wider consequences of a reshaped ownership panorama.

Echoing through the corridors of the building and industrial services markets will be conversations about strategy, stewardship, and the future direction of Caverion under Apollo's majority ownership. This is a transformative period not only for the company and its personnel but for the industry as a whole, signaling a paradigm shift that could resonate with repercussions both domestically and internationally. General sentiment suggests that this change in Caverion's ownership will be a catalyst for innovation, dynamism, and a refreshed corporate ethos in the years to come.