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apic announces major growth initiatives despite market adversities 23


APIC Announces Major Growth Initiatives Despite Market Adversities


Michael Chen

May 16, 2024 - 09:47 am


Arab Palestinian Investment Company Ushers in a New Era of Growth Amidst Challenges

On the memorable date of May 16, 2024, in the robust city of Ramallah, Palestine, the esteemed Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) successfully convened its ordinary general assembly. This pivotal congregation took place on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, amidst the erudite presence of APIC's Chairman and CEO, Tarek Aggad. The assembly was graced by the company's Board of Directors, esteemed representatives from the Ministry of National Economy, delegates from the Palestine Capital Market Authority, the external auditors, the legal council of the company, and an array of dedicated shareholders.

APIC’s General Assembly Meeting, Palestine

During the meeting, the APIC's Board of Directors proposed a groundbreaking resolution, which was subsequently ratified by the general assembly, to issue stock dividends worth an impressive eight million shares. This strategic move, representing approximately 6.84% of their briskly circulating paid-in capital totaling USD 117 million, is slated to propel the paid-in capital to mirror the heightened authorized capital of USD 125 million. Scheduled for distribution to the fortunate registered shareholders on May 14, 2024, these stock dividends are valued at a prodigious USD 20 million.

Financial Resilience in the Face of Adversity

The charismatic Tarek Aggad, APIC's guiding force, shared his keen insights into the company's operations during these tumultuous times. Addressing the assembly with candor, Aggad delineated the momentous political and economic trials faced by Palestine in the wake of the conflict in Gaza and parallel global challenges. These pertain to the drastic escalation in financing costs, along with the surge in raw materials, shipping, storage, and energy prices, which have been further compounded by the tangible decline in the value of the shekel in comparison to the resolute US dollar.

Despite these formidable barriers, Agic applauded APIC's unyielding resilience and unswerving pursuit of excellence. The company's recent fiscal year was marked by considerable accomplishments. In 2023, APIC reported total revenues at the USD 1.2 billion mark, with EBITDA reaching around USD 73 million—a modest downtick of 6.5% relative to the preceding year. Meanwhile, net profits stood robustly at USD 19 million, and the slice of the pie attributed to APIC shareholders was a respectable USD 17.7 million.

Economic Outlook Amidst Escalating Conflict

The ambiance turned somber as Aggad touched upon the future economic trajectory for Palestine, with the war on Gaza and the occupation's aggressive and destructive tactics casting a long shadow. The devastating impacts of the comprehensive blockade on Gaza, the calamitous obliteration of its infrastructure, the retention of tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority, and the stiff restrictions on imports, exports, and the movement of both people and goods in the West Bank were brought into stark light.

The APIC leader forecasted a stark toll on the Palestinian GDP for 2024, spiraling down due to these adversities. The opaque limits of this crisis, Aggad cautioned, could severely hamstring efforts geared towards reviving the economy, which, by extension, would adversely impact APIC Group as a vital piece of this economic mosaic.

A Glimpse into APIC's Robust Portfolio and Contributions

APIC isn't just a formidable name in business; it's a mosaic of varied investments across a wealth of sectors including manufacturing, trade, distribution, and services, not just within Palestine, but spanning Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Turkey. Their subsidiaries paint a picture of diversity and specialization — from Siniora Food Industries Company, a name synonymous with quality food production; to Unipal General Trading Company, a giant in distribution; and Palestine Automobile Company, the vanguard of mobility.

The investment holding company truly shows its mettle with ventures such as Medical Supplies and Services Company, a lifeline in healthcare; National Aluminum and Profiles Company (NAPCO), shaping the framework of industries; and Sky Advertising and Public Relations and Event Management Company, a maestro in marketing communications. Within these entities, APIC solidifies its stance as a cornerstone of economic growth and employment, nurturing over 3,150 individuals through these subsidiaries. For a closer look at their corporate saga, APIC welcomes inquisitive minds to visit their online abode at

Unwavering Commitment to Shareholders and Solid Financial Performance

APIC’s decision to distribute substantial stock dividends stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to creating and sharing value with its shareholders. The move is positioned to not only bolster capital for future ventures but also reflect confidence in the company's enduring success. This enrichment of shareholders' equity is a strong signal that even in times of economic distress, APIC is adept at managing its assets to secure and advance shareholder interests.

With precise calculations, APIC's board has chosen to calibrate the dividends to leverage the market value. Considering the shareholders' perspective, this promises not only a numerical enhancement of shares but a potential avenue for heightened market worth and a quotient of liquidity that could be advantageous in the volatile global economy.

APIC's Resilience amid Political and Economic Uncertainties

Tarek Aggad’s comprehensive review of APIC's performance amidst the political upheaval and economic instability provides a narrative of enduring resilience. The company's strategic adaptation to the harsh economic blows dealt by regional conflicts and the global economic downturn is not only commendable but reflects a strategic foresight in governance and business agility.

Despite the contraction in EBITDA and the pressing challenges imposed by worldwide trends, APIC's ability to sustain profitable outcomes and navigate through the turmoil speaks to a well-embedded corporate fortitude. This agility enables APIC to remain anchored in profitability, even as it navigates the tempest of shrinking GDP and the crunch on the Palestinian Authority's fiscal space.

The Prognosis for Palestine's Economy and APIC's Role

The prognosis Aggad delineates for Palestine's economy is one filled with caution and concern. His vivid depiction of a future marred by the current siege on Gaza and ensuing economic suffocation is a jarring reminder of the fragility of regional stability. With the grim forecast of a descending GDP, the picture painted is not merely a reflection of economic metrics but one that captures the human cost and suffering behind the figures.

As APIC stands as an embedded part of Palestine's economy, its fate is inextricably linked to the larger economic currents. The foresight in leadership shines through as Aggad not only anticipates challenges but also understands the pervasive impact that the broader economic conditions will have on APIC's operations and prospects. This reflective and holistic approach towards the corporate landscape demonstrates APIC's commitment to enduring not just as a business entity but as a proactive participant in Palestine's economic resilience.

Deep Dive into APIC's Diversified Investment Strategy

The array of industries and geographies that APIC spans is a reflection of their sophisticated investment strategy which is both diversified and regionally anchored. Whether it's the sustenance provided by the food industry, the convenience granted by automotive solutions, the criticality of medical supplies, the sturdiness of aluminum profiles, or the expansive influence of advertising and public relations — each subsidiary stands as a pillar in their respective domains, contributing to the pillars of both APIC and the territories they operate in.

Such diversity not only hedges against sector-specific downturns but also allows for participation in various growth trajectories that different markets and economies offer. APIC's investment strategy exhibits a delicate balance between consolidation and expansion. Their presence in critical industries provides robustness against unforeseen market swings, whilst a geographical spread across the Middle East is indicative of an ambition to harness regional growth and integrate deeper into emerging market economies.

Conclusion: A Testament to Tenacity, Strategy, and Growth

As APIC rides the wave of challenges and triumphs, its general assembly and the decisions that emanated from it stand as a testament to a pragmatic yet optimistic outlook. The comprehensive address by Tarek Aggad serves as a beacon of tenacity, strategy, and a growth mindset essential for navigating uncharted economic waters.

The investment giant’s maneuvers such as stock dividends amplify not just its financial metrics but also its robust stakeholder relations. With contingency preparations and a diversified portfolio cushioning against volatility, APIC's footprint reflects an archetype of corporate resilience — one that young enterprises can aspire to emulate.

The future for Palestine's economy may present a frigid landscape of fiscal frost, but if entities like APIC continue to drive forward with conviction and adaptation, there rests hope for a thaw and subsequent spring of economic resurgence.

APIC Social Responsibility and Vision for the Future

Furthermore, APIC's enduring success is not solely measured by its financial achievements. The company deeply values corporate social responsibility, tirelessly working to ensure that its strategies and operations benefit not only shareholders but also employees, customers, and the larger community. Its future vision is not limited to expanding profit margins but includes spearheading initiatives that uplift the quality of life and foster sustainable development within the regions it serves.

In a wider context, APIC not only seeks to bolster the Palestinian economy but also aspires to shape a resilient and vibrant economic environment that can weather political conflicts and economic turbulence. Through investment in people, technology, and innovative practices, APIC aspires to play a pivotal role in the economic renaissance of Palestine and beyond.

APIC Information and Imagery

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SOURCE: Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC)