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ameritas ushers in new era with orlando cruz as retirement plans svp 23


Ameritas Ushers in New Era with Orlando Cruz as Retirement Plans SVP


Benjamin Hughes

June 3, 2024 - 17:45 pm


Ameritas Welcomes Orlando Cruz as New Senior Vice President of Retirement Plans

LINCOLN, Neb., June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ameritas, a well-established leader in the insurance and financial services industry, is proud to announce a major addition to its executive team. The organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Jurgensmeier, has made a strategic decision in appointing Orlando Cruz to take the helm as the new senior vice president of retirement plans, effective Monday, June 3.

With an impressive tenure spanning over three decades, Orlando Cruz is a seasoned veteran in the realm of retirement and wealth management. Throughout his substantial career, he has accrued a wealth of experience by serving in upper management roles at several high-profile financial firms, contributing to their growth and success.

Orlando Cruz named new head of Ameritas retirement plans. Orlando Cruz named new head of Ameritas retirement plans.

Experienced Leadership for Ameritas Growth

"Orlando is an experienced industry leader," stated Jurgensmeier, expressing his confidence in Cruz's appointment. He went on to commend Orlando's forward-thinking approach, which lays an emphasis on the dual fronts of growth and the enhancement of operational and financial standings. There is a shared sentiment within Ameritas that Orlando Cruz is meticulously equipped to expand upon the recent upswing experienced by their retirement plans sector.

Orlando Cruz most recently exemplified his profound adeptness at MissionSquare Retirement, holding the title of senior vice president and chief growth officer. His oversight there encompassed the entire umbrella of the entity's defined contribution business. Additionally, he portrayed excellence in steering the company’s broker-dealer and its registered investment advisor, MissionSquare Investment Services, in his role as president.

Before his significant accomplishments at MissionSquare Retirement, Orlando Cruz incubated his leadership skills as president at two other major organizations: MetLife Securities, Inc., and Voya (formerly known as ING), for their retail retirement investor division. His academic background is rooted in finance, earned from the prestigious University of Miami, further solidifying his expertise in the field. Beyond his corporate roles, Cruz has been a prolific participant in various industry associations, contributing his knowledge and insights to the broader financial community.

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Ameritas: A Foundation of Financial Solutions

Founded in the year 1887, Ameritas stands upon a long and storied foundation as a purveyor of diverse insurance and financial services aimed at individuals, families, and business entities. Their comprehensive catalogue of offerings spans from life insurance and annuities to individual disability income insurance, in addition to group dental, vision, and hearing care insurance, and not least of all, retirement plans.

For those interested in learning more about Ameritas and its services, further information is readily available at their official website

Cruz's Comprehensive Background

Reflecting on Cruz's extensive experience, it is clear he is more than adept for the role. During his tenure at MetLife Securities, Inc., his strategic decisions as president were pivotal to the firm's success. Similarly, at Voya, Cruz's leadership significantly influenced the company's retail retirement investor channel, ensuring clients received optimal financial advice and services.

His contribution to the financial community has been recognized by leading industry associations. Membership and active participation in these associations underline his commitment to excellence within the industry and his advocacy for the formulation of policies that benefit both the financial sector and its clientele.

Contact and Communication

Ameritas prides itself on transparent and open communication, welcoming inquiries and discussions regarding their array of services. Derek Rayment, Sr., a Media Relations Specialist at Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., serves as a conduit for media related communication. Those interested in more detailed information or with specific questions are encouraged to reach out through the provided contact details.

Derek Rayment, Sr. Media Relations Specialist Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Phone: 402-467-7850 Email: [email protected]

A Future Shaped by Innovation and Expertise

The appointment of Orlando Cruz comes at a time when Ameritas is actively seeking to bolster its market presence and continue its pattern of innovation within the financial services sector. Cruz’s track record of fostering growth and optimizing financial performance aligns seamlessly with Ameritas’ corporate objectives. His strategic vision is set to propel the company forward in its mission to provide leading financial solutions to its clientele.

Under his leadership, stakeholders can expect a renewed focus on service excellence, a drive to develop cutting-edge retirement planning tools, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction as the primary metrics of success. Cruz’s influence is anticipated to be a catalyst for progressive change, distinguishing Ameritas as a top-tier provider in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Commitment to Client-Centered Services

Orlando Cruz's philosophy centers on providing services that suit the unique needs of each client, a perspective that has been honed through decades of working across various facets of the industry. Ameritas now seeks to harness this client-centered approach, ensuring a personalized experience that caters to the intricate expectations and preferences of their diverse customer base.

The financial landscape is one that requires transparency, trust, and tailored solutions. Cruz's past roles have demonstrated his ability to navigate this complex terrain, delivering strategies that resonate with and empower individuals in their financial journeys. It is this blend of empathy and expertise that Ameritas believes will drive the future success of their retirement plans business line.

A Focus on Growth and Excellence

Cruz’s appointment is a testament to Ameritas’ ongoing commitment to excellence and growth within the financial services field. As the company sets its sights on future expansion, the decision to bring in a leader with Cruz's proven ability to deliver results speaks volumes. Ameritas is poised to make great strides under his leadership, building upon the company's legacy while charting a course for new accomplishments.

The clear expectation is for Cruz to foster a dynamic environment where innovative ideas and practices can flourish. He is anticipated to lead initiatives that will expand Ameritas' market share and enhance the value offered to clients, all while maintaining the principles of integrity and quality service that have defined the company for over a century.

Investment in Talent and Leadership

Recognizing the importance of veteran expertise in driving company objectives, Ameritas’ strategic hiring of Cruz symbolizes their investment in leadership that can provide both vision and tangible results. His expansive career underscores a dedication to the financial services industry and a consistent track record of elevating the institutions he has been a part of.

By integrating Cruz’s prowess in leadership with Ameritas’ robust financial offerings, the company reinforces its promise of delivering unparalleled service and innovative financial solutions. Such strategic recruitment decisions are a signal to the market of Ameritas' resolve to remain at the forefront of financial services, ensuring long-term sustainability and client trust.

Building on a Foundation of Success

Ameritas’ decision to appoint Orlando Cruz comes during an upward trajectory for their retirement plans sector. The company seeks to capitalize on this momentum by aligning with new strategic initiatives that Cruz will implement. His past accomplishments suggest a profound capability to engender growth, which Ameritas aims to utilize fully.

The drive towards enhancing operational efficiency and financial performance is a high-stakes endeavor for any business. With Cruz at the helm of the retirement plans division, Ameritas is well-equipped to tackle these challenges head-on. His leadership brings with it the promise of reaching new heights and establishing benchmarks in delivering top-tier financial services and retirement solutions.

Ameritas: A Legacy of Innovation and Service

As a leader in the insurance and financial services industry for generations, Ameritas has consistently demonstrated its capacity to innovate while never straying from its commitment to exceptional service. The appointment of Orlando Cruz is a continuation of this tradition, promising a future ripe with potential and guided by a set of core values that prioritize clients’ needs and aspirations.

With a century-old legacy at its back, the adoption of a fresh strategic vision under Cruz’s guidance anticipates an era of accelerated growth and reinforced client relationships. Ameritas stands ready to forge new paths in the financial services landscape, remaining a stalwart ally to those seeking to secure their financial futures.

The Ameritas Mission: Empowering Financial Futures

At the heart of Ameritas lies a fundamental mission: to empower individuals, families, and businesses by equipping them with robust financial services and products. This enduring vision shapes every strategic move, with Cruz’s leadership poised to magnify its impact. The clear goal is to facilitate not just financial stability but also the advancement of clients, assisting them in reaching their goals and dreams through sound financial planning and tailored advice.

In a world characterized by financial uncertainties, Ameritas, with leaders like Orlando Cruz, serves as a beacon of security and prosperity. The company’s comprehensive suite of products, coupled with a leadership team dedicated to client success, sets the bar for excellence in financial services.

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Conclusion: A Look to the Future with Orlando Cruz and Ameritas

The recent announcement of Orlando Cruz as the new senior vice president of retirement plans at Ameritas has enthused the corridors of the financial services industry. With a strategic mindset aimed at robust growth and a storied history of operational achievements, Cruz is primed to steer Ameritas towards a future filled with promise and success.

As the financial scene continues to evolve, Ameritas, backed by a team of esteemed leaders including Orlando Cruz, is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, providing clients with the confidence to navigate their financial landscapes. The shared vision of growth, service excellence, and unwavering dedication to clientele will remain the beacon guiding Ameritas in its mission to deliver the best in insurance and financial solutions.

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Ameritas Media Contact: Derek Rayment, Sr. Media Relations Specialist Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Phone: 402-467-7850 Email: [email protected]

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