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Aeromexico's Ascent: March 2024 Performance Hits New Heights


Benjamin Hughes

April 5, 2024 - 00:24 am


Soaring High: Grupo Aeromexico Reports Impressive March 2024 Operational Results

MEXICO CITY, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent announcement, Grupo Aeromexico S.A.B. de C.V., widely recognized as Aeromexico, has shared its operational results for the month of March 2024. A statistical analysis reveals notable year-on-year growth in several key performance indicators, showcasing the airline's resilience and strategic adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of commercial aviation.

A Surge in Passenger Traffic

The data reports a total of 2 million and 98 thousand passengers transported by Grupo Aeromexico in March 2024. This marks a 2.8% increase in the number of passengers compared to the same month last year, indicating positive momentum in the airline's patronage. Within these figures, the leap in international passengers is particularly striking, with a 25.8% surge observed over the year. On the domestic front, however, there was a 5.6% decline in passenger numbers, providing a nuanced picture of the airline's current operational landscape.

Expanding Capacities and Reach

Capacity, as measured in available seat kilometers (ASKs), has experienced a robust growth of 13.4% compared to the previous year. This has been predominantly driven by a substantial 25.8% increase in international ASKs, demonstrating the airline's strategic focus on expanding its global footprint. Conversely, domestic capacity shrank by 6.9%, mirroring the dip in the number of passengers on internal routes.

The Demand Dynamic

When it comes to demand, indicated by passenger-kilometers (RPKs), Aeromexico has witnessed an encouraging spike of 17.9% year-on-year. Unpacking these figures reveals that international demand has catapulted by a considerable 30.5% since March 2023, signaling the carrier's rising popularity on international routes. However, a slight 2.6% decrement in domestic demand requires contemplation and strategic consideration for the airline's internal business paradigm.

Load Factors: The Efficiency Indicator

March 2024's load factor reached an impressive 86.3%, marking a 3.3 percentage point increase from last year's figure. The load factor paints a picture of an airline's efficiency in filling available seats, and Aeromexico's recent performance signals a significant optimization of its capacity utilization. The international load factor augmented by 3.1 percentage points, complemented by an even greater increase of 3.9 percentage points in the domestic market.

Detailed Comparative Assessment

Included in Aeromexico's disclosure are detailed comparative tables that illustrate the changes in operational matrices between March 2023 and 2024. These figures are further extended to showcase cumulative data for the first quarter, providing a broader context for the airline's performance across the span of three months.

To ensure accuracy, it is noted that figures might not sum to total due to rounding specifics, nevertheless, they serve as an invaluable tool for stakeholders to gauge the company's trajectory.

Responsible Reporting and Future Outlook

Despite the auspicious numbers presented, Grupo Aeromexico takes care to clarify that these reported figures have not been subjected to audit, hence they should be consumed with a grain of salt when predicting future performance. For the sake of transparency, Aeromexico acknowledges the multitude of factors at play that could significantly influence future results. Therein, past performance is not necessarily dependable as an infallible predictor for future projections.

Exploring the Glossary

For the uninitiated, Aeromexico provides a brief yet comprehensive glossary that sheds light on the technical terms used within the report:

"RPKs": Defined as Revenue Passenger Kilometers, this metric amounts to the distance flown by paying passengers, combining data from both itinerary and charter flights. It's a multiplicative product of the number of passengers with the total distance flown.

"ASKs": These are Available Seat Kilometers, essentially reflecting the airline's capacity. The seats available for flights, regardless of their occupancy status, are factored in with the flight distances, coalescing into an aggregate metric of the carrier's potential to transport passengers.

"Load Factor": This is the ratio of utilized seating space. It's the percentage of filled seats during flights and is a direct indicator of how efficiently an airline conducts its flight operations.

"Passengers": Simply put, this represents the aggregate number of individuals flown by the airline within the measured time frame.

Forward-Looking Statements and Cautions

The report is accompanied by a statement that predicates the presence of forward-looking statements within its contents. These are projections based on current expectations and visions held by the airline's management regarding future operations. Words such as "believe," "anticipate," "plan," and "expect" earmark such forward-looking statements, however, Aeromexico duly cautions stakeholders that such statements are susceptible to a myriad of risks, uncertainties, and variables that could drive actual outcomes to deviate from forecasted scenarios.

Introducing Grupo Aeromexico

At the heart of this aviation narrative is Grupo Aeromexico, S.A.B. de C.V., a prominent holding company whose subsidiary engagements pivot around commercial aviation in Mexico, along with patronage in passenger loyalty programs. Headquartered in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport, Aeromexico serves as Mexico's global airline disseminating its aeronautical network across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Its fleet consists of state-of-the-art Boeing 787 and 737 jets, along with the contemporary generation Embraer 190.

As a founding member of the monumental SkyTeam alliance, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, Aeromexico benefits from the collaboration and shared connectivity across over 170 countries through the alliance's nineteen partner airlines. Under its ambit, Aeromexico has also instituted a specialized Health and Hygiene Management System (SGSH), instituted to safeguard both clients and staff throughout its operational touchpoints.

For those intrigued by the Aeromexico experience or seeking further insights, additional details can be discovered on the official website at, while comprehensive information regarding the SkyTeam alliance can be located at

A Proactive Approach to Health and Safety

In the face of contemporary traveling concerns, Aeromexico proactively emphasizes its commitment to the health and safety of its passengers and staff. The company's dedication materializes through the SGSH – a series of rigorous protocols designed to align with international health guidelines, thus ensuring peace of mind for travelers as they navigate through various phases of their journey with the airline.

A Resilient Trajectory Amidst Global Uncertainties

Aeromexico's March 2024 report is reflective of a resilient airline, taking measured strides amidst global uncertainties. While domestic performance hints at room for enhancement, international prospects shine with promise. The admirable load factors across both sectors further bolster confidence in the airline's capabilities to maximize its seat inventory, striking a balance between expansion and efficiency.

The airline's agility in navigating the complex dynamics of modern aviation is evident, paralleling an ever-growing consumer demand for air travel post-pandemic. As Aeromexico continues to soar, it stands primed to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the skies of tomorrow.

Striving for Sustainable Success

Aeromexico's vision transcends operational metrics, steering towards a sustainable model of success that integrates economic, environmental, and social considerations. The airline actively explores avenues to diminish its carbon footprint, partaking in discussions and actions centered around climate change and responsible tourism. It is a journey of continuous improvement, both within the organization's internal ambit and throughout its extensive network of global destinations.


The operational results divulged by Grupo Aeromexico for March 2024 denote more than numerical achievement; they narrate the tale of an airline in motion – adapting, growing, and innovating amidst an ever-changing global stage. With steadfast objectives and a forward-facing ethos, Aeromexico seeks to not only elevate its service and performance but also to empower its patrons and staff with enhanced flight experiences and sustainable travel solutions for years to come.

Grupo Aeromexico remains a beacon of resilience and progress in the airline industry, exemplifying a clear flight path towards excellence. As stakeholders look towards the future, the airline's ability to adapt and reinvent itself amidst shifting market winds will continue to be the critical determinant of its altitude in the marketplace.

Entwining steadfast resolve with an eye towards the horizon, Aeromexico forges ahead. The skies, as they say, hold no limits.