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Ademi LLP Investigates HMN Financial Deal for Shareholder Fairness


Michael Chen

May 15, 2024 - 16:55 pm


Detailed Investigation Initiated by Ademi LLP on HMN Financial Acquisition

In a significant development that concerns the shareholders of HMN Financial, a probing inquiry is underway to scrutinize the recent transaction with Alerus. Ademi LLP, a prominent legal firm with a history of specializing in shareholder rights, has cast a keen eye on the deal's apparent anomalies.

Shareholders' Concerns Under The Microscope

MILWAUKEE, May 15, 2024—Ademi LLP is currently investigating potential breaches of fiduciary duty and legal violations in the merger agreement between HMN Financial and Alerus. Shareholders of HMN Financial are recommended to visit or contact Guri Ademi at 866-264-3995, at no cost or obligation, to learn how they could become involved in the process.

The transaction stipulates that HMN Financial shareholders will receive 1.25 shares of Alerus common stock for every HMN Financial common stock they possess. Using the closing price of Alerus stock at $20.69 as of May 14, 2024, the complete value of the deal sums up to an estimated $116.4 million, working out to roughly $25.86 for each share.

Upon finalizing the deal, it has been agreed that one director from HMN Financial’s board will secure a position on the Alerus Board of Directors. Nevertheless, the agreement has raised eyebrows for its exclusionary nature towards alternative proposals for HMN Financial by imposing a hefty financial disincentive should HMN Financial consider a competitive offer. This clause effectively puts a stranglehold on the possibility of other bids, potentially compromising shareholder interests.

Further scrutiny reveals that insiders of HMN Financial are poised to reap substantial rewards from the change of control arrangements, an aspect that has further fueled the investigatory efforts of Ademi LLP. Their inquiry aims to determine if the actions of the HMN Financial board align with the best interests of all shareholders, rather than a select few.

Seeking Fairness and Transparency

The probing eye of Ademi LLP is ensuring no stone is left unturned in ascertaining whether HMN Financial's board conducted itself with due diligence and in the rightful interests of their shareholders. Shareholders owning common stock in HMN Financial are urged to reach out for additional information—either through the protected email [email protected] or the toll-free number 866-264-3995, and are assured that all inquiries will bear no costs or obligations.

Ademi LLP is well-versed in shareholder litigation involving mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and protection of individual shareholder rights on a national level. The firm's expertise in these complex legal matters is well-established, and they invite shareholders to call for more information. It's important to note that the firm's advertising is attorney advertising and that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in future cases.

Contact Information for Further Inquiry

Ademi LLP has made it simple for shareholders and the media to get in touch with them regarding the matter at hand. Additional contact details are as follows:

Guri Ademi
Toll-Free Contact Number: (866) 264-3995
Fax: (414) 482-8001

For those wanting to delve deeper into the details of the case or to initiate a dialogue with Ademi LLP, the information provided should serve as the primary channels of communication.

The Ademi LLP investigation promises scrutiny and accountability at a profound level, ensuring that the transactions in progress are not only legal but also equitable and in the absolute interest of the shareholders. The issue at hand is not simply a contractual disagreement but a test of the corporate governance and ethical handling by the HMN Financial board of what is owed to the collective body of shareholders.

The Path Forward for HMN Financial Shareholders

It is a critical time for all HMN Financial shareholders, as the path they choose to tread could shape the future profitability and governance of their investment. With the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions, the guidance and scrutiny provided by legal entities such as Ademi LLP are invaluable. Their investigation into the dealings of HMN Financial's board seeks to safeguard the principles of fair market practice and equitable treatment of all shareholders.

The implications of the findings from this investigation are far-reaching, not only for those directly involved with HMN Financial but also as a precedent for similar transactions in the financial sector. It is a reminder that the alignment of corporate actions with shareholder interests is not just a legal obligation, but a benchmark for evaluating the integrity and stewardship of those who helm public companies.


As the probing examination into the transaction between HMN Financial and Alerus ensues, the eyes of the financial world are intently focused on the outcomes. Ademi LLP stands as a sentinel for fairness and due process, offering a beacon of hope for those who might otherwise remain voiceless amidst corporate transactions. The firm remains committed to its mission of ensuring that the rights of individual shareholders are never overshadowed by the interests of the few.

This inquiry illustrates the vital role of legal oversight in the turbulent seas of corporate mergers and acquisitions. A responsibility to the many over the few underscores the democratic principles upon which the market economy functions. It is through the thorough and vigilant efforts of entities like Ademi LLP that these principles are upheld in the corporate sphere.

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